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[Sandford] Edwin Doxey - 1883

10 Aug 1883 - Notice to Susan DOXEY, widow of Edwin DOXEY, Zech DOXEY, & Mrs. Sarah DUNTON, next of kin of said deceased, that Sandford DUNTON, creditor of said estate, has applied for letters of administration on the estate of Edwin DOXEY, dec'd., and you are hereby notified to appear at the office of the Probate Judge within 20 days and show cause why said applicant should not have letters granted.  /s/ H.B. ANSELL, Probate Judge

31 Aug 1883 - Administrator's Oath given to Z.M. DOXEY.  [Apparently Sandford Dunton did not qualify as administrator.]

5 Sept 1883 - Petition to Sell Land.  Z.M. DOXEY, administrator of Edwin S.E. DOXEY against Susan DOXEY, S.J. DUNTON, Betsy DOXEY, A.B. WILLIAMS, all of full age, and Louis, Emma Jane, John, Ella and Christine DOXEY, infants, all heirs at law of Edwin DOXEY.  The petitioner shows 1) that Edwin DOXEY died intestate domiciled in Currituck County on the __day of __ 1882; 2) that the petitioner has qualified as administrator; 3) that all personal property has been expended in allotting to the widow; 4) that the debts outstanding against the estate amount to about $1400.00; 5) that said Edwin DOXEY was possessed of a tract of land adjoining Peggy DOXEY, Thomas JARRED, and others which contains about 150 acres in which the said Susan DOXEY is entitled to dower.  Whereupon the petitioner prays for an order to sell said tract of land to make payment of debts.  /s/ T.G. SKINNER, Atty for Petitioner

21 Nov 1883 - Appointment of Guardian ad litem.  Z.M. DOXEY, adm'r. of S.E. DOXEY against S.J. DUNTON and others.  It appears that the defendants Louis, Emma Jane, John, Ella, and Christine DOXEY are infants without guardian.  It is ordered that J.H. DOZIER be appointed guardian ad litem.  /s/ H.B. ANSELL, Clerk Superior Court

14 Dec 1883 - Order of Sale.  It appearing that the personal estate of S.E. DOXEY has been all taken and allotted to Susan DOXEY for her one year's support and that no other property is left to pay debts except the land described in the petition, it is therefore ordered that Z.M. DOXEY, adm'r., have license to sell.  /s/ H.B. ANSELL, Clerk Superior Court

9 Feb 1884 - Report of Sale of Land.  /s/ Z.M. DOXEY, adm'r. of S.E. DOXEY

13 Mar 1884 - It appears that on Feb. 4, 1884 Z.M. DOXEY sold at public auction to S.D. DUNTON, the land described in the petition at the price of $505.00 upon the following terms: 1/3 cash and the balance on 12 months credit and title to be retained until paid in full subject to the dower or homestead of Mrs. Susan DOXEY.  After payment Z.M. DOXEY shall execute a deed to the purchaser of said land.  /s/ H.B. ANSELL, Clerk Superior Court

    1850 Poplar Branch - S.E. Doxey age 33; Susan age 33, Grizell age 7, Wilson age 4, David age 8 mos.
    1860 Poplar Branch - Sandford E. Doxey age 42; Susan age 41; Grazelle age 17; Wilson R. age 14; Thomas E. age 6; Georgiana age 4
    1870 Poplar Branch House 126 - Alexander Doxy age 60; Christine age 26; Emma age 2; Lewis age 3.
    1870 Poplar Branch House 132 - Edwin Doxy age 54; Susan age 53.
    1880 Poplar Branch House 4 - Alexander Doxey age 69; Christine age 36 wife; Louis age 12 son; J. Emma age 11 daughter; Elwood age 6 son; Ella age 6 daughter; John age 3 son; Christine age 3 mos. (born in March) daughter
    1880 Poplar Branch House 51 - E. Sandford Doxey age 64; Susan age 63 wife

According to Ancestry, Alexander A. Doxey was born c1811 and died in Currituck Co. in 1881.  He was the son of Sanford Doxey & Elizabeth Morse and brother of Sandford Edwin Doxey, Zachariah M. Doxey, Sarah Doxey (married Dennis W. Dunton), Elizabeth "Betsy" Doxey & Julia DoxeyAlexander A. Doxey was married twice--1st to Abby ??? and 2nd to Christina Harris (1844-1930).  Alexander A. Doxey's will can be seen here.

[Source: Currituck County Record of Estates 1812-1926; Vol. Brumsey-Ferebee (Microfilm G.030.1862909)]

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