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Oliver Dowdy - 1886

13 Sept 1884 - Petition of Wm. E. DOWDY by Abram BAUM, his next friend, vs. O.W. DOWDY & T.H. DOWDYAbram BAUM states that Wm. E. DOWDY is an infant under the age of 21 whose mother and father are both deceased and that the respondents, O.W. DOWDY & T.H. DOWDY, reside within the county of Currituck and he believes they are of full age although he doesn't rightly know their ages and asks the Court to make inquiry concerning the same and take such steps as may be necessary.  He further states that they are tenants in common of a piece of land situated in Poplar Branch Township adjoining the lands of Geo. DOWDY on the south, the heirs of Elijah Lanty? POYNER on the north, the North River Swamp on the west, and M.E. WOODHOUSE and James ROOTS on the east.  He states that the two respondents are now in possession of the land and have been for some time and are committing waste thereon greatly savaging said land to the loss and injury of this petitioner wherefore he prays that commissioners be appointed to divide said land.  /s/ W.E. DOWDY, by his next friend A. BAUM.

10 Oct 1884 - Order for the Appointment of Commissioners to Divide Land.  Wm. E. DOWDY by A. BAUM, his next friend vs. O.W. DOWDY & T.H. DOWDY.  It is ordered that Elijah EVANS, Thomas ONEAL and J.M. WOODHOUSE allot to the petitioner, Wm. E. DOWDY, one share thereof & to allot to each of the defendants O.W. DOWDY and T.H. DOWDY one share thereof in severalty.  /s/ H.B. ANSELL, Clerk Superior Court

3 Oct 1885 - Partition of Land by Commissioners.  411/2 acres of land was divided between Trimigan H. DOWDY, Oliver W. DOWDY and Wm. Edmond DOWDY which descended to them as children of Oliver DOWDY, deceased.  [Metes & bounds given but not included here.]

    Lot #1 is assigned to William Edmond DOWDY in severalty.  Beginning at the corner of James ROOKS and G.W. DOWDY's line and containing 13 98/100 acres.
    Lot #2 is assigned to Trimigan H. DOWDY in severalty.  Beginning at James ROOKS line at share #1 and containing 13 98/100 acres.
    Lot #3 is assigned to Oliver W. DOWDY in severalty.  Beginning at the swamp at the POYNER line and containing 13 70/100 acres.
/s/ J.M. WOODHOUSE, Elijah EVANS, Thomas ONEAL

30 Mar 1886, Poplar Branch - "Mr. H.B. ANSALL clirk of Superior Court of Currituck Co.  Dier Sire you will pleas confirme the devision of Land Maid by J.M. WOODHOUSE, Thomas ONEAL & Elijah EVANS of the land and Esstate of Oliver DOWDY dest [deceased] By so deoing you will graitly oblige the undersign Heirs of Oliver DOWDY dest as we are fully Satisfied and content and to fully Satisfy you we and each of us Set our hand and Seal to the Same.  Atest: M.E. WOODHOUSE.  /s/ William E. [x] DOWDY, Oliver W. [x] DOWDY, Trimagin H. [x] DOWDY"

24 May 1886 - Petition for Report of Confirmation of Partition.  Wm. E. DOWDY by A. BAUM, his next friend vs. O.W. DOWDY & T.H. DOWDY, heirs at law of Oliver DOWDY, dec'd.  Since the petition was filed in this cause the Court has learned that Wm. E. DOWDY, the infant plaintiff, has arrived at full age & he and the defendants are before the Court and being satisfied with the division and the Court finding the division made to be a fair and just one, it is therefore ordered that the report be confirmed.  /s/ H.B. ANSELL, Clerk Superior Court

[Source: Currituck County Record of Estates 1812-1926; Vol. Brumsey-Ferebee (Microfilm G.030.1862909)]

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