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J. [Joseph] S.  Dey - 1869

Fall Term 1868 - Petition of Harriet Ann DEY, widow of Joseph S. DEY for her 1 year's support.  Harriet Ann DEY states that her husband died intestate in Currituck County in the month of November 1868 and that letters of administration have been granted to Apollos DEY.  She states that she desires her 1 year's support and asks that one justice of the peace and 3 freeholders view deceased said estate and set apart support for her and her family.  /s/ P.H. MORGAN, Atty of Petitioner

30 Nov 1868 - Commissioners allot to Harriet Ann DEY, widow of J.S. DEY, her one year's support.

21 Dec 1868 - Account of Sales of the chattle property of J.S. DEY, dec'd., sold by A.O. DEY, adm'r., on 6 months credit.  [this was a lengthy sale] Various buyers were: H.A. DEY, George PITTS, P.H. MORGAN, Caleb BALLANCE, & Thomas GRIGGS.  /s/ A.O. DEY, Adm'r.

23 Mar 1869 - Petition of A.O. DEY, adm'r. of Jos. S. DEY, dec'd.  A.O. DEY states that from the best information he has been able to obtain, the debts due from the deceased amount to about $12,000; that the charges of administration will amount to about $1000.00; that the personal estate is worth about $1100.00; that at the time of said deceased death he was seized in fee simple of a tract of land situated in Currituck County adjoining the land of E. SIMMONS containing about 115 acres valued at about $8.00 per acre; that he also owned one piece of 94 acres adjoining the land of E. MURTON?, Augustus BRUMSEY, and others valued at $1.00 per acre; that at his death this land descended to his only heir, A.O. DEY.  He further states that a sale of the whole land is necessary in order to pay his debts & charges of administration.  /s/ Wm. B. SHAW,  Atty. of Petitioner.

5 June 1869 - A.O. DEY, Adm'r. of Jos. S. DEY, deceased, sold 115 acres to [no first name entered] MARTUS? & [no first name entered] RODGERS of Norfolk, Virginia for $2700.00.  He sold the second piece of land to Marshall PARKS of Norfolk, Virginia for $205.00

[Source: Currituck County Record of Estates 1812-1926; Vol. Brumsey-Ferebee (Microfilm G.030.1862909)]

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