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John Daily - 1880

15 Jan 1877 - Receipt to William MINCE, adm'r. of John DAILY, for $2.00 for legal _____.  /s/ C.W. GRANDY, Admr'.

20 Feb 1877 - Account of Sales of John DAILY, deceased, sold by William MINTZ, adm'r.  Various buyers at this small sale were: Malachi PRITCHARD, E. OVERTON, John HUMPHRIES and Anne COX.  Total sale amounted to $55.08.

13 Mar 1879 - Citation to Administrator to Render Accounts.  To William MINCE, adm'r. of John DAILY, deceased: Whereas it is enacted that an executor or administrator may be required to file his final account for settlement in the Court of Probate at any time after 2 years from his qualification, at the instance of any person interested in the estate, and you have failed to filer you final account for settlement.  Therefore at the instance of W.B. SHAW, Atty. for the persons interested as distributees in said estate, you are hereby cited to file your final account for settlement.  /s/ H.B. ANSELL, Probate Judge

4 Aug 1879 - Doubtful debts against Peter MILLER, Sam'l. HUMPHRIES, Jno. J. OVERTON, Jerry BROCKETT and Henry OVERTON.

6 Sep 1880 - Petition to Sell Land for Assets.  John SANDERLIN, administrator of John DAILY, dec'd., vs. Margaret Ann MINTZ, Robert E. MINTZ and David SIKES, heirs at law of John DAILY, dec'd.  Petition states that John SANDERLIN was appointed administrator on July 5, 1880 and duly qualified as such; that the outstanding debts of the estate amount to $300.00; that the value of the personal estate is worth nothing; that said deceased died intestate seized of two tracts of land (1) 60 acres commencing at the lane between the BRIGHT farm and the Providence tract and joining Phillip GARRETT's line, the WILSON line and the main road.  (2) one-fourth interest in an undivided tract commencing at the Old Swamp Turnpike joining the main road, Phillip GARRETT's line, the Brickhouse COX line, and the William COX line, containing 100 acres.  Each tract being valued at about $3.00 per acre; that the said real estate descended to the defendants whose ages and whereabouts are unknown; that a sale is necessary to pay debts.  /s/ John W. SANDERLIN

6 Sep 1880 - Summons for Relief.  Summons to the Sheriff of Currituck County to bring the 3 defendants before the Judge of Probate on Nov. 22, 1880 to answer to the complaint.  /s/ H.B. ANSELL, C.S.C

5 Jan 1881 - Report of Sale of Real Estate.  On Jan. 3, 1881 at the Currituck Court House the two tracts of land described in the petition were sold to William C. MERCER.  The first tract of 60 acres sold for $105.00 and the second tract for $100.00.  /s/ John W. SANDERLIN, Adm'r.

6. Jan 1881 - Notice to File Exception to Report.  John SANDERLIN, adm'r. of Jno DAILY, versus Margaret Ann MINTZ, Robert Lee MINTZ, and David SIKES.  To A.O. DEY, guardian ad litem of the defendants, you will take notice that the report of the sale of the lands has been filed in my office this day.  /s/ H.B. ANSELL, Clerk of Superior Court

6 Mar 1883 - John W. SANDERLIN, Adm'r. of John DAILY, in account with the intestates estate.  Mentions sale of 85 acres to William MERCER.

[Source: Currituck County Record of Estates 1812-1926; Vol. Brumsey-Ferebee (Microfilm G.030.1862909)]

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