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William P. Creekmore - 1905; 1911
[These records were found in 2 separate folders--one entitled W.P. Creekmore 1905 and the other erroneously entitled W.P. Creekman 1911. 

15 Sept 1905 - Letters of Administration.  Addie CREEKMORE states that W.P. CREEKMORE is dead without leaving a will and that she is the proper person to administer on his estate.  She further states that the value of the estate is about $5000.00 and that William Preston CREEKMORE & Ethel Louise CREEKMORE,who live in Moyock and are minors, and Addie CREEKMORE of Moyock are the persons entitled as heirs thereof.  /s/ Addie CREEKMORE  [Her administrator's oath followed]

15 Sept 1905 - Petition to Sell Personal Property for Cash.  Addie CREEKMORE, administratrix of W.P. CREEKMORE, decd, states that it would best serve the interests of the heirs of the estate to sell goods, wares, & merchandise at private sale.  /s/ Addie CREEKMORE  [The Court ordered that such sale should take place after 20 days notification.]

20 Jan 1911 - Application for Guardian.  Mrs. Addie KILPATRICK states that William Preston CREEKMORE, age 16, and Ethel Louise CREEKMORE, age 9, are minor children of W.P. CREEKMORE, decd, and are without guardian and that the children are entitled to real and personal estate valued at $15,000.00  She therefore asks the Court to issue Letters of Guardianship to her.  /s/ Addie KILPATRICK  [Her guardian's oath followed wherein she states that the value of the estate is worth about $25.00 and the value of the rents & profits of the real estate is worth about $500.00]

20 Jan 1911 - Petition.  Addie KILPATRICK states that she is the guardian of William Preston CREEKMORE, age 16, and Ethel Louise CREEKMORE, age 9, and that said minors are the heirs at law of the late W.P. CREEKMORE and as such are entitled to a large estate of real and personal property in this state and in the state of Virginia; that the said real estate is worth some 15-18 thousand dollars and the personal estate is worth about $3000.00; that the rental value of said estate will be over $400.00 per annum after paying taxes and keeping up repairs; that up to this time it has taken all of the rents from the estate to put the property in repair, especially the real estate in Currituck County on account of excessive rains for the past 4 years, the said land has yielded but little rent and the necessary ditching repairs on the same have exhausted about all the rents from the said property.  She further states that William Preston CREEKMORE was taken with appendicitis in October 1909 and it was necessary to have an operation to save his life and the medical bills amounted to $154.25 and also he has been attending the Brigham School for the past 2 years for which she has expended $600.00, all of which she thought she had a right to do but she is now informed that she had no right to do so without an order of Court and that she is unable to bear the said charges out of her own estate and respectfully asks the Court to grant an order to repay herself out of the minor's estate an to pay for his future schooling up to $500.00 per annum.  She further states that Ethel Louise CREEKMORE is 9 and is now going to the graded school in Moyock but she will soon be old enough to attend college and she asks the Court to allow her to pay for her schooling so long as it doesn't exceed $300.00 per annum.  She state that some of the rental property are houses & lots in Elizabeth City, some are in Moyock and one is in Portsmouth, Virginia.  /s/ Addie KILPATRICK

13 June 1912 - Final Account of Addie KILPATRICK, administratrix of W.P. CREEKMORE, decd.  Amount of estate was $3723.07.  Balance of $979.10 due to Addie KILPATRICK as her distributive share; balance of $979.10 due to W.P. CREEKMORE as his distributive share; balance of $979.10 due to Ethel L. CREEKMORE as her distributive share.

NOTE:  Cemetery records indicate that W.P. Creekmore was born April 15, 1847 and died July 5, 1905.  His widow, Addie, age 40,  is found in the 1910 Moyock Twp. married to Shockley J. Kilpatrick, age 32.  They have been married for 3 years.  Living with them are William P. & Ethel L. Creekmore.

[Source: Currituck County Record of Estates 1812-1926; Vol. Brumsey-Ferebee (Microfilm G.030.1862909)]

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