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Currituck County Estates

John Cox - 1867

Fall Term 1868 - Petition of Harriet COX, widow of John COX.  Widow states that her husband died intestate and that no letters of administration have been granted to anyone on his estate.  She further desires to have her one years support out of the estate and asks the Court to appoint Commissioners to make the said allotment  /s/ Harriet COX

3 Dec 1868 - Appointment of Commissioners to make one years allotment to Harriet COX, widow of John COX

7 Dec 1868 - Commissioners Report - Commissioners allotted to Harriet COX, widow, various items amounting to the sum of $500.00  and also allow $375.00 to be paid to her out of any debts owed to the estate.  /s/ commissioners did not sign

7 Sept 1882 - William C. MERCER, plaintiff,  vs. Jeanette STARKIE, etal., defendants - The plaintiff states that John Thomas COX of Currituck County was seized of a tract of land situated in Currituck County for which he gave and delivered the deed to him in 1867; that said deed was given for the consideration of $500.00; that the said land was an undivided tract of swamp land in Currituck County, 1/4 of which descended to John Thomas COX from his grandfather, Major John COX, and 1/4 of the share descended to John Thomas COX from his aunt, Sarah DAILEY (being 1/8 of the whole) which he heired at her death and contains all 3/8 of the entire undivided tract.  Said land begins at the old swamp road and adjoins the lands belonging to the heirs of Moses POWERS, Alfred RUDDER, Wilson CORPREW (deceased), the Camden County line, David PRITCHARD, Eliza CONNERS, the FOUNTAIN patent, and William C. MERCER, containing 4000 acres.  The plaintiff states that the deed was lost before registration but within the last 5 years and that the said John Thomas COX is now dead leaving a widow and several infant children; that the widow Jeanette is now the wife of Thomas STARKIE and resides in Norfolk, Virginia with the infants Sallie T. COX, Ada COX & John COX, Ann Amanda FEREBEE, wife of Jett FEREBEE and Carrie COX are residents of North Carolina.  Plaintiff asks that publication be made in the newspaper for 6 weeks and that a guardian might be appointed for the infant children.  /s/ William C. MERCER

13 Nov 1882 - Affidavit of publication in the Elizabeth City Falcon newspaper wherein William C. MERCER is the plaintiff vs. Jeanette STARKIE, Thomas STARKIE, Sallie T. COX, Ada COX, & John COX are the defendants.  The above named defendants are to appear in Court on the first Monday in March 1883 to set up a lost deed made by John  Thomas COX to William C. MERCER for real estate lying in Currituck County.  /s/ Frank E. VAUGHN

14 Nov 1882 - Appointment of Special Guardian.  William C. MERCER asks the Court to decree title to land, the original deed having been lost and that Thomas SANDERLIN be appointed guardian ad litem to represent Ann Amanda FEREBEE, Sallie T. COX, Ada COX, Carrie COX, & John COX.  /s/ H.B. ANSELL, Clerk

Note: The 1880 Norfolk Co., VA Census shows the following (5 boarders also lived in the home):

Starkey, Thomas Head 30 Huckster NJ NJ NJ
Starkey, Jeanette Wife 38 Housekeeper VA VA VA
Cox, Sallie C. Step-Dau 18 Milliner NC NC VA
Cox, Ada Step-Dau 13 School NC NC VA
Cox, J.T.  Step-Son 10 School NC NC VA
Starkey, Lillie Daughter 2   VA NJ VA
McPherson, Ada Niece 13 School NC VA NC

[Source: Currituck County Record of Estates 1812-1926; Vol. Brumsey-Ferebee (Microfilm G.030.1862909)]

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