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Malachi Corbell - 1908

23 Sept 1908 - Renunciation of Right to Administer.  /s/ Sarah L. [her x mark] CORBELL

28 Sept 1908 - Application for Letters of Administration.  John E. MUNDEN states that Malachi CORBELL is dead without leaving a will and that he is the proper person to administer on the estate, the widow having renounced her right in his favor.  He further states that the value of the estate is worth about $1400.00 and that Sarah L. CORBELL, widow, of Deals, NC, Julia GRIMSTEAD of Hickory, VA, C.H. CORBELL of Galveston, Texas, Sally DOSHER of Deals, NC, Carroll WATERFIELD of Deals, NC, Gertrude WATERFIELD of Deals, NC and Melissa WATERFIELD of Hickory, VA are entitled as heirs thereof.  /s/ John E. MUNDEN

28 Sept 1908 - Order to Sell Personal Property for Cash.  J.E. MUNDEN, admr of Malachi CORBELL, decd, is given permission to sell the personal property.  /s/ E.W. ANSELL

not dated - Commissioners Report on Widow's One Year Support.  Commissioners allotted to Sarah CORBELL, widow of Malachi CORBELL, $400.00 out of the personal property of the estate.  The commissioners find that, exclusive of the widow, there is one in the family.  Commissioners allot $300.00 to the widow and $100.00 to the child.  /s/ E.D. BOWDEN, Alonzo ANSELL, F. BONNY, Commissioners

1908 - Oct 1909 - Final account of J.E. MUNDEN, administrator of M. CORBELL, deceased.  Mentions receiving $1000.00 from Phoenix Life Insurance Company, $522.99 from the sale of personal property, $1218.08 from National Bank of Commerce in Norfolk, Va. and various other listings.  The balance of the estate was $1784.21 which was distributed among the next of kin, namely: C.H. CORBELL $356.84; Julia GRIMSTEAD $356.84; Sally DOSHER $356.84; Carroll WATERFIELD $118.95; Gertrude WATERFIELD $118.95; Melissa WATERFIELD $118.95, the last 3 being the children of Melissa WATERFIELD, daughter of Malachi CORBELL, who is dead as is also Sarah CORBELL, widow of Malachi CORBELL.  /s/ J.E. MUNDEN

NOTE:  According to cemetery records Malachi Corbell died September 17, 1908 at the age of 67.  His wife is listed as "Sarah E. Snow, wife of Capt. Malachi Corbell" but has no dates on her tombstone.

[Source: Currituck County Record of Estates 1812-1926; Vol. Brumsey-Ferebee (Microfilm G.030.1862909)]

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