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James Caffee - 1869
[There were several more documents in this folder but they seemed to be repetitious so they are not included here.]

Feb Term 1868 - Petition for Partition of Land.  William SIMPSON and wife Wealthy Ann, Morton CAFFY of full age, and George Wilson CAFFY & Eliza CAFFY, infants by their next friend Morton CAFFY, show that they are tenants in common with James LAMBERT [listed as LAMBORNE in another record] and Elizabeth his wife, and George CAFFY, of a parcel of land containing 431/2 acres adjoining the lands of the late James CAFFY on the North, Barbara POINER and others on the South, Ed. DOWDY on the West and Currituck Sound on the East, it being 1/2 of a tract of land which descended to petitioners from their aunt Eliza CAFFY and that they are entitled to 1/4 each in said land.  They also state that James & Elizabeth LAMBERT and George CAFFY are non-residents of the State of North Carolina.  They ask the Court to appoint commissioners to divide the land in equal shares.  /s/ Wm. F. MARTIN, Sol. for Petitioners

26 Jan 1869 - Commissioners appointed.  /s/ J.B. LEE, CSC

28 Mar 1869 - Commissioners Report on Division of Land.  We, the undersigned commissioners, proceeded to divide and make partition between and among William SIMPSON & wife W.A. SIMPSON, Morton CAFFEE [Eugene Martin Caffee], George W. CAFFEE and Eliza CAFFEE, heirs of James CAFFEE, decd, and James LAMBERT and wife Elizabeth, and George CAFFEE, heirs of William CAFFEE, a parcel of land that formerly belonged to Eliza CAFFEE, deceased.
    Lot #1 to James LAMBERT & wife Elizabeth, and George CAFFEE, heirs of William CAFFEE, beginning on the Narrow Shore Road and joining Dowdys Bay, containing 23 3/4 acres.
    Lot #2 to William SIMPSON & wife W.A. SIMPSON, Morton CAFFEE, George CAFFEE & Eliza CAFFEE, heirs of James CAFFEE, deceased, joining Lot #1 & Dowdys Bay, containing 23 3/4.

[Note from Ben Bateman This partition of land is for the estate of Elizabeth Caffee who was the sister to James Caffee and William Caffee.  From this document it appears that Elizabeth never married, and since both of her brothers are dead [James and William] their children are entitled to inherit her land.  I believe that this is part of the land [134 acres] that George Caffee bought [Deed Book 7 pages 243 - 244] from Thomas & Elizabeth Barnard. When George Caffee died in 1799, the land was divided between his two children, William and Wealthy.  [Deed Book 14 page 59] Wealthy Sawyer of Camden sold her half back to her brother William in 1816.]

[Source: Currituck County Record of Estates 1812-1926; Vol. Brumsey-Ferebee (Microfilm G.030.1862909)]

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