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Stephen D. Bunnell - 1900

13 Aug 1900 - Petition for Partition.  Ann Matilda GRAY & husband J.F. GRAY, Anne B. FULFORD & husband W.L. FULFORD, Zeta S. POWERS & husband O.M. POWERS, Bettie B. NORTHERN & husband W.P. NORTHERN make the following statements:
    1. That Anne B. FULFORD, Zeta S. POWERS & Bettie B. NORTHERN, subject to Ann Matilda GRAY's right of dower, are tenants in common in 1/3 of the following tracts of land all being in Moyock Township.  1) A tract known as the BARNARD tract joining John BARNARD's back ditch, Thomas SANDERLINE's line and the main road, containing 200 acres more or less.  2) A tract bound on the north by the lands of Alfonso MERCER, east by H.J. WILSON, south by Malachi BELL and west by the main road leading from the Virginia line to Shingle Landing, containing 65 acres more or less.  3) A tract beginning at Simon WILSON's corner line and running down Philip NORTHERN's line to F.D. COX's line then down her line to John WHEATLY on Jury Road, then down Jury Road to the main road, then to the first station, containing 25 acres more or less.
    2. That the petitioners are all over 21 years of age and that Ann Matilda GRAY was the widow of Stephen D. BUNNELL, decd, who died intestate and left him surviving Annie B. FULFORD, Zeta S. POWERS and Bettie B. NORTHERN who are his only heirs.  Petitioners allege that Stephen D. BUNNELL during his marriage to Ann Matilda GRAY (now married to J.F. GRAY) was seized in fee simple of the above 3 tracts.  Petitioner Ann Matilda GRAY desires to have her dower in said land set apart to her and Annie B. FULFORD, Zeta S. POWERS, & Bettie B. NORTHERN desire to have their shares in severalty.  Petitioners ask that commissioners be appointed to make partition of land.  /s/ A.M. SIMMONS, Atty for Petitioners

13 Aug 1900 - Commissioners appointed to make partition of land.  /s/ E.W. ANSELL, CSC

6 Sept 1900 - Report of Commissioners on Division of land belonging to Stephen D. BUNNELL. Obedient to a summons of the Sheriff of Currituck County, we the undersigned Commissioners, assembled on the premises in Moyock Township on the 6th day of Sept. 1900 and proceeded to partition 2282/3 acres among the tenants in common according to their respective rights and interests therein.

Commissioners allotted to the widow, Ann Matilda GRAY, her dower and thirds in the lands of Stephen D. BUNNELL and found in the two tracts 130 acres of cleared land which gives her 43 acres including the dwelling house together with a privilege of the woodland.

Plat No 1 - To Bettie B. NORTHERN, nee BUNNELL, one half of the BARNARD tract, better known as the Stephen D. BUNNELL tract containing the buildings and bounded on the east by the main road, on the north and west by Thos. L. JARVIS, and on the south by the share allotted to Annie B. FULFORD, containing 571/2 acres and valued at $705.00.  Also 101/3 acres of woodland adjoining E.W. HOLT on the east, the main road on the south, and the share of Annie B. FULFORD on the west, and valued at $103.00.

Plat No 2 - To Annie B. FULFORD, nee BUNNELL, one half of the BARNARD tract, better known as the Stephen D. BUNNELL tract, containing 571/2 acres, and bounded on the east by the main road, on the south by E.W. SANDERLIN, on the west by Thos. L. JARVIS, and on the north by the share allotted to Bettie B. NORTHERN, and valued at $683.00.  Also 101/3 acres of woodland bounded on the west by Daniel WHITE, on the north and east by the share of Bettie B. NORTHERN, and south by the main road.  Plat #2 is to have $125.00 paid to it by Plat #3, which is the portion allotted to Zeta S. POWERS.

Plat No 3 - To Zeta S. POWERS, nee BUNNELL, the tract of land lying on the main road between Moyock, N.C. and Northwest, Va., bounded on the north by T.B. JONES and Jacob POYNER, on the east by Frank CHARLES estate, on the south by L.B. JONES, and on the west by the main road, containing 621/3 acres, and valued at $935.00.  Said plat which is alloted to Zeta S. POWERS is to pay to Annie B. FULFORD $125.00.










20 Nov 1900 - Confirmation of Commissioners Partition of Land.  /s/ E.W. ANSELL, CSC

18 Dec 1900 - Confirmation and plats registered in Book No 44 on pp. 285, 286, 287, and 288.  /s/ G.W. WILLIAMS, Reg. Deeds

[Source: Currituck County Record of Estates 1812-1926; Vol. Brumsey-Ferebee (Microfilm G.030.1862909)]

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