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Avery J. Brinson - 1919

16 May 1919 - Notice of Confirmation.  A typed letter dated May 16, 1919 from the American Surety Co. of New York to the Clerk of Superior Court of Currituck Co., NC.  This Company is informed that there has been executed in its name an obligation of the following description:
    Date: on or about April 1, 1919 in the amount of $1000.00
    Name of Principal: Humphreys LEWARK
    Name of Obligee: State of North Carolina
    Name of Agent or Attorney by whom signed: G.R. LITTLE or M.B. SAWYER
    Name of Agent or Attorney by whom countersigned: E.L. SAWYER or R.L. TURNER
    Name of place at which executed: Elizabeth City, North Carolina
    Kind & Condition of obligation: Bond as Administrator of the estate of Avery J. BRINSON, deceased

    Said agent or attorney were not authorized to execute such obligation and the execution thereof by them was probably through inadvertence.  This company, however, hereby confirms and ratifies the Act of its said Agent and Attorney in executing said obligation and assumes the liability purporting to be assumed by it therein.  Nothing herein contained extends the authority heretofore conferred upon said Agent or Attorney or either of them, or shall in any way be deemed to constitute a precedent obligating this company to approve any other act which said Agent and Attorney or either of them may heretofore have assumed to do, or which they or either of them may hereafter assume to do, without authority, whether such act be the result of inadvertence or otherwise.
    In witness whereof this company has caused its name to be signed hereto and its seal to be hereunto affixed and attested by its duly authorized officers at the city of Washington, DC on this 16th day of May, 1919. [both signatures unreadable]

NOTE:  Currituck County cemetery records show Avery J. Brinson being born Sept. 28, 1888 and dying Jan. 23, 1919.  He married Pearl Lewark in 1913.  She was born May 20, 1895 and died Jan. 23, 1919.  They are both buried in the Gallop-Snow Cemetery in Powells Point.

E-mail from Roy Sawyer--Avery and his wife, Pearl Lewark Brinson, both died the same day in Norfolk, Va., from Spanish Influenza.  My grandfather, Emerson Sawyer, was a first cousin of Avery, and my grandmother prepared food for them while they were sick and delivered it to their apartment in Norfolk.  She would not go inside for fear of spreading the flu to my father, who was not quite six years old at the time.  My grandmother spoke of their deaths with great sadness, and she said that when they got to be terribly ill, that she was able to get some nurses from St. Vincent's DePaul Hospital to check on them and care for them.  My grandfather had their bodies shipped home to Powells Point on the North River Line steamboat.  There were no telephones then, so when the bodies arrived at Newbern's Landing, the freight agent summoned a messenger to go to the Brinson home and give them the news of the deaths and to make arrangements to get the bodies.  Antonio Maceo "Mackie" Gallop, whose family lived nearby, told me before his death in 1985, that he and his brother were summoned by the Brinsons to take the mule and cart and go to Newbern's Landing to bring the bodies home.  I do not know the address of the Brinsons in Norfolk, however, my grandparents lived on Wood St. and the Brinsons were nearby.  Wood St. was off Church St. near where the MacArthur Center is today, probably to the east.

[Source: Currituck County Record of Estates 1812-1926; Vol. Ashby-Brumsey (Microfilm G.030.1862908)]

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