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Willoughby Boswood - 1869

Spring Term 1869 - Petition for Year's Provision.  Cordelia BOSWOOD states that her husband, Willoughby BOSWOOD died intestate on or about the 1st of March 1869 leaving her wholly unprovided for; that he left a personal estate of some value consisting of hogs, cattle and other personal property out of which said Cordelia is entitled to one year's maintenance according to law.  She asks the Court to appoint commissioners to allot to her enough provisions for one year.  /s/ P.H. MORGAN, Atty for Petitioner

13 May[sic] 1869 - Sheriff's Summons to 4 commissioners to set off to Cordelia BOSWOOD, widow of Willoughby BOSWOOD, one year's support for herself & family and make a report within 15 days.  /s/ J.B. LEE, C.S.C.

26 Mar 1869 - Commissioners Report of Year's Support to Cordelia BOSWOOD.  /s/ J.W. BAXTER, B.T. SIMMONS, Peter D. FORBES, John SIMMONS

26 Mar 1869 - Account of sales of the estate of Willoughby BOSWOOD, decd, sold by Joseph B. MORGAN, administrator.  Various buyers were Isaac BOSWOOD, Julia HEATH, Emeline BAKER, Frank BARCO, and the widow who bought a good portion of the items.  Total sale $472.54.

6 Jan 1870 - Widow's Dower.  Commissioners met and laid off to Cordelia BOSWOOD, widow of Willoughby BOSWOOD, 452/3 acres of cleared land and with the ROBINSON tract as her portion of woodland.  /s/ Joseph WILSON, Jos. C. BELL, Wilson FORBES, S.G. SQUIRES

not dated - Petition for Partition of Land.  Isaac BOSWOOD vs Cordelia BOSWOOD, guardian of Grandy & Adelia BOSWOODIsaac BOSWOOD asks that commissioners be appointed to lay off the lands of Willoughby BOSWOOD containing 160 acres adjoining the lands of Margaret D. BAXTER, Sarah BELL and others so that he can have his share in severalty.  /s/ P.H. MORGAN, Atty for Petitioner

30 Oct 1872 - Report of Commissioners on Division of Land.  After having the land surveyed a partition was made between Isaac BOSWOOD, Grandy BOSWOOD & Adelia BOSWOOD, tenants in common of the lands descended to them as children and heirs at law of Willoughby BOSWOOD, deceased.

    Lot #1 to Isaac BOSWOOD 44 acres
    Lot #2 to Grandy BOSWOOD 44 acres
    Lot #3 to Adelia BOSWOOD 44 acres

The above plat and divisions are of the cleared land only & the woodland was not surveyed, it being covered with water at the time, but the commissioners being well acquainted with the woodland appropriated the said lands.
    1. To Isaac BOSWOOD 15 acres of swamp land adjoining the lands of Caleb BELL & others and purchased by Willoby BOSWOOD SR. from Saml. FULFORD & wife.
    2. & 3. To Grandy & Adelia BOSWOOD to be held in common until a proper division may be made, the piece of woodland adjoining the North end of said farm adjoining the lands of James BELL & others of about 27 to 30 acres.

15 Jan 1879 - Citation to Renew Bond.  Cordelia BOSWOOD, guardian of Adelia & Grandy BOSWOOD has failed to renew her guardian bond and to make returns.  She is to appear in the Currituck Court within 20 days of this citation and make her bond and show her returns.  /s/ H.B. ANSELL, Probate Judge

20 Mar 1905 - Petition for Sale of Land.  Grandy & Isaac BOSWOOD and Rosa L. GRAY, plaintiffs, vs. Walter GRAY & Adelia GRAY, defendants.  Grandy & Isaac BOSWOOD state that their sister, Adelia BOSWOOD, heired 2 tracts of land from their father, Willoughby BOSWOOD, said tracts were subject to the dower interest of Cordelia BOSWOOD, widow of Willoughby BOSWOOD.  One tract known as Buckhorn is bound on the north by the lands of Gid FEREBEE, on the east and south by the Mark GREGORY property, and on the west by the lands of Ada CARTER & Gid FEREBEE, containing about 126 acres.  The 2nd tract is bound on all sides by the lands of Gid FEREBEE containing 16 acres.  That their sister Adelia married the defendant Walter GRAY and is now dead leaving 2 children, Rosa L. GRAY (one of the plaintiffs) and Adelia GRAY (one of the defendants); that said Adelia GRAY died before her mother, Cordelia BOSWOOD, who is also dead; that plaintiffs and defendants are tenants in common of the above tracts of land; that the interest of Grandy & Isaac BOSWOOD is each 1/3 in fee simple; that the interest of Walter GRAY in said tracts is 2/9 for life, being 2/3 of the remaining 1/3; that the interest of Rosa L. GRAY & Adelia GRAY is each 1/6 of said tracts in fee simple, subject to the life estate of their father Walter GRAY, in 2/3 of each of their interest; that Rosa L. GRAY & Adelia GRAY is a minor over the age of 14 without guardian.  Plaintiffs desire to hold their interest in said 2 tracts or the proceeds thereof in severalty.  Plaintiffs ask the Court to appoint some competent person to sell the 2 tracts of land after due advertisement, with the lowest bid to be no less than $900.00.  They also ask that some suitable person be appointed as guardian ad litem for Adelia GRAY  /s/ A.M. SIMMONS, Atty

20 Mar 1905 - Appointment of Guardian ad Litem.  The Court appoints Walter GRAY guardian ad litem to his daughter, Adelia GRAY, who is under the age of 21.  /s/ E.W. ANSELL, Clerk Superior Court

1 May 1905 - Commissioners Report of Sale.  After due advertisement of the 2 tracts of land described in the petition, A.M. SIMMONS proceeded to sell the land at public auction wherein J.Q.A. WOOD became the highest bidder at $900.00.  /s/ A.W. SIMMONS, Commissioner

22 May 1905 - Decree.  A.M. SIMMONS shall first pay all costs of this proceeding out of the proceeds from the sale of the 2 tracts of land then the balance shall be paid as follows:  Grandy BOSWOOD 1/3 part; Isaac BOSWOOD 1/3/ part; Walter GRAY, who is age 45, shall have the present value of 2/9 part; Rosa L. GRAY & Adelia GRAY each 1/2 of the balance of the 2/9 part and each 1/2 of 1/9 part.  /s/ E.W. ANSELL, CSC

NOTE:  Cemetery records & records from my personal files show the following:
    Willoughby Boswood:  Oct. 28, 1821 - Feb. 28, 1869
    Cordelia Taylor Boswood (wife of Willoughby): Apr. 14, 1824 - Mar. 25, 1904
    Isaac Boswood (s/o Willoughby & Cordelia Boswood): Aug. 12, 1848 - May 22, 1934
    Grandy Boswood (s/o Willoughby & Cordelia Boswood): Sept. 15, 1859 - Mar. 14, 1930
    Walter Gray:  c1860 - Dec. 21, 1942 in Norfolk, Va. [info from 1942 obituary]
    Adelia Boswood Gray (1st wife of Walter Gray & d/o Willoughby & Cordelia Boswood): May 3, 1861 - Mar. 5, 1886
    Annie May Scott Gray (2nd wife of Walter Gray): c1870 - June 3, 1964 Norfolk, Va. [info from 1964 obituary]
    Rosa Lee Gray Drinkwater (d/o Walter Gray & Adelia Boswood): 3 Mar. 1884 - Dec. 16, 1952 [married Alpheus Walton Drinkwater]
    Adelia Gray Roberts (d/o Walter Gray & Adelia Boswood): Feb. 27, 1886 - Nov. 2, 1929 [married C.C. Roberts in 1909]

[Source: Currituck County Record of Estates 1812-1926; Vol. Ashby-Brumsey (Microfilm G.030.1862908)]

This estate was contributed by Kay Midgett Sheppard. No part of this document may be used for any commercial purposes. However, please feel free to copy any of this material for your own personal use and family research. If you find anything in these records that pertains to your families, it is strongly suggested that you look at the original record on your own to check for errors or possibly other additional and helpful information. Thank you!




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