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Thomas Berry - 1889

23 Jul 1889 - Commissioners Report on Petition for Year's Support.  V.L. PITTS, Justice of the Peace, and Major E. WOODHOUSE and John W. FISHER, commissioners, allotted to Carrie BERRY, widow of Thomas BERRY, various items amounting to $291.50, there being a deficiency of $8.50.  The commissioners find that the number in the family of said widow, exclusive of herself, is none.  /s/ V.L. PITTS, M.E. WOODHOUSE, J.W. FISHER

28 Sept 1891 - Caroline BERRY, widow of Thomas BERRY vs. Norris D. OWENS, Barbara TATEM, Thadeus TATEM, Jesse EVANS (20 years), Thomas EVANS, Barbara SMITH, Dempsey SMITH, Daniel EVANS, Sarah O'NEAL, Thomas O'NEAL, Francis PARKER, John PARKER and Maggie EVANS (12 years), heirs at law.  Caroline BERRY states that her late husband died intestate in Currituck County during the year 188_ leaving the parties above named as his only heirs at law and of whom Jesse EVANS and Maggie EVANS are infants without guardian.  Further she states that her said husband was seized in fee simple and possessed of 43 acres of land situated in Poplar Branch Township bounded on the west by Joshua HARRISON & Walter FISHER, on the south by Julia FORBES, on the north by John FORBES and on the east by Norris D. OWENS.  Petitioner desires to have her dower of 1/3 part in said lands allotted to her.  She also asks that a proper guardian be appointed for Jesse EVANS and Maggie EVANS in this case.  /s/ E.H. LAMB, Atty for Petitioner.

16 Nov 1891 - G.W. WILLIAMS appointed as guardian to Jesse & Maggie EVANS.  /s/ H.B. ANSELL

27 Nov 1891 - Dower-Order for Jury.  Upon hearing the above petition it is ordered that a writ be issued to the Sheriff commanding him to summon a jury of not less than 5 nor more than 12 free-holders to allot the petitioner her dower in the lands of her late husband Thomas BERRY.  /s/ H.B. ANSELL, C.S.C.

12 Dec 1891 - Report of Jury Allotting Dower.  Caroline BERRY was allotted 7 acres including the buildings valued at $210.00.

NOTE:  Cemetery records show that Thomas W. Berry was born Jan. 4, 1851 and died July 15, 1889.

[Source: Currituck County Record of Estates 1812-1926; Vol. Ashby-Brumsey (Microfilm G.030.1862908)]

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