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Tully Bell - 1869
[also see the Penelope Bell estate here]

June Term 1869 [A large portion of this document was too dim to read] - Petition to divide land.  George F. BELL, James M. BELL, F.J. BELL, Isaac SNOWDEN & wife Elizabeth (who was Elizabeth BELL), George SNOWDEN & wife Huldah (who was Huldah BELL), Joseph WILSON & wife Amelia (who was Amelia BELL), Napoleon SMITH & wife Sarah (who was Sarah BELL), William OLDS & wife Lucretia (who was Lucretia BELL), [unreadable] FANSHAW & wife Alcesta (who was granddaughter of Tully BELL), and Marietta BELL (also granddaughter of Tully BELL), the last 2 being daughters of Samuel BELL, decd, son of Tully BELL, decd.  The said Marietta BELL being an infant is represented by her next friend George F. BELLTully BELL died on or about the year 1843 leaving a last will and testament by which he devised the whole of his estate to his wife Penelope for her lifetime provided she remain unmarried.  Petitioners state that the said Penelope remained unmarried and died in 1867 and that after her death the estate descended to the petitioners as heirs at law.  That at the time of Tully BELL's death he was seized of 373 acres of land in Currituck County adjoining the lands of B.M. BAXTER, the lands of the heirs of G.C. MARCHANT, decd, (known as Indian Town), the lands of the heirs of Grandy BARNARD, decd, the lands of James COWELL, and others.  This land being the tract on which Tully BELL resided at the time of his death.  Petitioners as the Court to divide the land.

14 Aug 1869 - Account of sales of the land of Tully BELL, decd, sold on August 14th 1869 on a credit of one and two years interest from date.  /not signed/
    1. Edwin BELL tract to B.M. BAXTER Margaret D. BAXTER - $600.00
    2. Home tract to T.L. SANDERSON - $550.00
    3. Old BELL tract to S.P. WILSON - $600.00

Jan Term 1870 - Report of  J.B. Lee, CSC.   He states that after due advertisement he proceeded on the 14th day of August to sell the lands mentioned in the said petition in 3 tracts according to the plats filed [boundaries given] and they were severally set off as follows:
    1. The Edwin BELL Tract was bid off by Margaret D. BAXTER (wife of B.M. BAXTER) for the sum of $600.00.
    2. The Home Tract was bid off by T.L. SANDERSON at the sum of $550.00.
    3. The old BELL tract was bid off by Stephen P. WILSON at the sum of $600.00.
He further reports that the said Margaret D. BAXTER and the said T.L. SANDERSON have complied with the terms of sale, and that he believes the prices are just, fair, and reasonable.  The price bid by S.P. WILSON for the tract bid off to him was also just, fair and reasonable but the said WILSON has failed to comply with the terms of sale by paying the cash payment required and giving his bonds for the deferred payment.  He therefore recommends that the sale of the tract of land bid off by Margaret D. BAXTER and T.L. SANDERSON be confirmed and that the tract bid off by S.P. WILSON be again exposed to sale upon the same terms and conditions as prescribed in the former sale.  /s/ J.B. LEE, C.S.C.

not dated- Geo. F. BELL & others petition to sell land for partition.  In this case, the sale coming up for confirmation, the sale is set aside, it appearing that S.P. WILSON, the purchaser at the first sale, was ready and willing to comply with terms originally prescribed.  The said S.P. WILSON paid the sum of $40.00 cash and filed bonds in this office for the deferred payments.  /s/ M.V.B. GILBERT, Clerk Superior Court, Currituck County

not dated- Geo. F. BELL & others petition to sell land for partition.  The undersigned Clerk of Court reports that in obedience to a decree of Court granted at its January Term 1870, he duly advertised the sale of the "old BELL tract" mentioned in the above decree, and offered the same at public auction to the highest bidder on the 5th day of April 1870 on a credit of one and two years whereas B.M. BAXTER appeared and bid the sum of $350.00.  The said BAXTER complied with the terms of sale by paying the required amount of cash & filed his bonds in this office for the deferred payments.  This sum bid is deemed a just and reasonable price for the land.  /s/ M.V.B GILBERT, Clerk Superior Court, Currituck County

[Source: Currituck County Record of Estates 1812-1926; Vol. Ashby-Brumsey (Microfilm G.030.1862908)]

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