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Jason Bell - 1899
[Lengthy estate]

1 Mar 1899 - Year's Support for Widow.  Commissioners met on the premises and allotted to Jane BELL, widow of Jason BELL, deceased, $260.60 out of the articles on hand.  There was a deficiency of $139.40 which is to be paid by the personal representative.  /s/ W.D. BARNARD, E.S. LEARY, W.H. COWELL

15 Mar 1899 - Petition for Dower.  Jane BELL vs Elizabeth MOODY & husband W.A. MOODY, Fannie DeCORMIS & husband J.L. DeCORMIS, W.J. SNOWDEN, J.R. BELL and others - On motion of E.F. AYDLETT, Atty for the plaintiff, the plaintiff is entitled to her dower in the homeplace of the late Jason BELL containing 360 acres.  /s/ E.W. ANSELL

16 Mar 1899 - Renunciation of Right to Administer.  Jane BELL renounces her right to administer on the estate of her husband, Jason BELL, deceased, in favor of James R. BELL.  /s/ Jane BELL

16 Mar 1899 - Application for Letters of Administration.  James R. BELL, states that Jason BELL is dead without leaving a will or testament and that the value of the said estate is worth about $300.00 and that Betty MOODY, Fannie DeCORMIS, E.C. BELL, George BELL, Mamie SNOWDEN, Charles SNOWDEN, Willie SNOWDEN, George SNOWDEN, Edward SNOWDEN and James R. BELL are entitled as heirs thereof.  /s/ James R. BELL  (Administrator's Oath followed)

19 Mar 1900 - 26 Jan 1901 - Final account of J.R. BELL, admr of the estate of Jason BELL, deceased.  /s/ J.R. BELL

15 May 1899 - Petition for dower and guardian ad litem.  Jane BELL state that she is the widow of Jason BELL who died on the 11th day of Feb. 1899 without leaving a will and that at his death he was seized of a tract of land in Currituck County, Crawford Township, containing 360 acres, it being known as the Home Place bounded by the lands of A.M. WILLEY, Isaac SNOWDEN heirs, George SNOWDEN heirs, W.H. BRAY, & others; that Jason BELL left surviving him as his children & heirs at law the following: Elizabeth BELL who had intermarried with W.A. MOODY, Fannie BELL who had intermarried with J.L. DeCORMIS, J.R. BELL and E.C. BELL, all of the age of 21 years, and G.S. BELL who is about 11 years of age & without any guardian; that Jason BELL left 5 grandchildren who were the children of Sarah BELL who had intermarried with W.J. SNOWDEN who is now living, the grandchildren being Mamie about 14, Charles about 12, William about 10, George about 8, and Edward SNOWDEN about 4, all without guardian; that W.A. & Elizabeth MOODY are non-residents of the State of North Carolina.  Petitioner asks the Court of appoint a guardian ad litem and that she shall have issued a writ of dower having the Sheriff set apart to her the dower in said lands.  /s/ E.F. AYDLETT, Atty. for Petitioner  (J.R. BELL was appointed guardian at litem at the same time)

29 July 1899 - Dower of 65 acres is laid off to Jane BELL, widow of Jason BELL

2 Mar 1903 - Report of Commissioners (a detailed description of each lot and a plat were included in this document)
    Lot #1 allotted to Mamie, Chas., Wm., George, and Ned SNOWDEN, children of Sarah SNOWDEN
    Lot #2 (subject to widow's dower) allotted to E.C. BELL & George BELL, share and share alike
    Lot #3 allotted to Betty MOODY
    Lot #4 allotted to J.R. BELL
    Lot #5 allotted to F.B. DeCORMIS, wife of J.L. DeCORMIS

[Source: Currituck County Record of Estates 1812-1926; Vol. Ashby-Brumsey (Microfilm G.030.1862908)]

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