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James Bell - 1858

May Term 1858 - Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions - Petition of Caleb BELL & wife Sarah and Edmond F. DOZIER & wife Nancy against Jason BELL, for division of slaves.  The plaintiffs state that they are tenants in common of the following slaves: Spence, Aaron, George, Monroe, Lawson, Isaac, Samuel, Chloe, Anne, Lucy, Jenny, Eliza, Lucinda, Rose, Savanah, Huldah, Nancy, Chlotilda, Cortney, Judith, Mary, Amanda, Penny, Sarah & Hester which said negroes came to them by the death of James BELL, the father of the said Nancy, Sarah and Jason.  Plaintiffs wish to hold their share of said slaves in severalty and desire that a subpoena issue to Jason BELL to appear at next term of court to show cause, if any, why partition should not be made.  A copy was delivered to Jason BELL on Aug. 16, 1858.  /s/ Wm F. MARTIN, Sol. for Petitioners.

August Term 1858 - Commissioners appointed by the Court to divide the slaves and set off to the petitioners their slaves in severalty & make report.   The commissioners were summoned and sworn in on Oct. 5, 1858.  /s/ J.W. BAXTER, CCC

November Term 1858 - Commissioners Report - Commissioners met on the premises on Oct. 5, 1858 to make partition between Caleb BELL & wife Sarah, Edmond F. DOZIER & wife Nancy and Jason BELL, children and heirs art law of James BELL, deceased.

Lot #1 is assigned to Jason BELL in severalty and valued t $4805.00
    Aaron valued at $700.00
    Isaac valued at $645.00
    Eliza valued at $925.00
    Lucy, Sam, Amanda, Sarah & Elizabeth [Elizabeth not listed in original petition] valued at $1225.00
    Lawson valued at $900.00
    Chloe valued at $135.00
    Mary valued at $275.00

Lot #2 is assigned to Edmond F. DOZIER and his wife Nancy in severalty and valued at $4875.00
    Monroe valued at $1200.00
    Lucinda valued at $925.00
    Ann valued at $400.00
    Spence valued at $275.00
    Judy valued at $550.00
    Nancy valued at $775.00
    Rose valued at $800.00  [this adds up to $4925, not $4875.00]

Lot #3 is assigned to Caleb BELL and his wife Sarah in severalty and valued at $4887.00
    Jane, Courtney, Penny and Hester  valued at $1600.00 [Jane not listed in original petition]
George valued at $1112.00
    Savana valued at $900.00
    Hanah valued at $775.00 [probably same as Huldah in original petition]
    Clotilda valued at $500.00

To make equitable division Lot #2 is to pay to Lot #1 the sum of $19.33 and Lot #3 is to pay to Lot #1 the sum of $31.33.  /s/ Jos. B. MORGAN, Philip NORTHERN, B.C. BELL, J.S. DEY, Commissioners

Since the division above was made, Monroe valued at $1200.000 has died, & it having been agreed on the day of the division that in the event of the death of any of the negroes before report was confirmed, the loss should be mutual, therefore we report that the other parties each pay to E.F. DOZIER $400.00, it being their proportional share of the loss.  /s/ Philip NORTHERN, J.S. DEY

I do not remember distinctly the agreement alluded to above but the negro having died before the confirmation of the report, I agree with the other commissioners that the other parties pay to Mr. DOZIER their proportional share of the loss. /s/ Jos. B. MORGAN

November Term 1858 - Commissioners Report made.  Appeal prayed for and granted  /s/ J.W. BAXTER, CCC

6 May 1859 - Commissioners Report Confirmed

9 May 1859 - Summons to the Sheriff of Currituck Co. to summon G.C. MARCHANT and Geo. FERRALL to appear in court in March next to testify in behalf of Edmond F. DOZIER wherein Geo. W. BELL is the plaintiff and E.F. DOZIER is the defendant.  /s/ H.B. ANSELL, Clk.

NOTE:  The 1850 Currituck Slave Census shows James Bell having 21 slaves ranging in ages from 0 to 53.  The 1860 Currituck Slave Census shows Jason Bell with 14 slaves ranging in ages from 2 to 52; E.F. Dozier with 12 slaves ranging in ages from 5 to 60; and Caleb BELL with 29 slaves ranging in ages from 2 to 65.  See the James Bell tombstone here.

[Source: Currituck County Record of Estates 1812-1926; Vol. Ashby-Brumsey (Microfilm G.030.1862908)]

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