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W.T. (William Thomas) Beacham - 1911

23 Oct 1911 - Application for Guardianship.  The application of Mathias BEACHAM shows that John L. BEACHAM, age 13, Tom BEACHAM, age 5 years old, and Alton BEACHAM, age 16 months old, are minor children of W.T. BEACHAM, deceased, and are without guardian; that the said minor children are entitled to real & personal estate valued at $1300.00.  /s/ Mathias BEACHAM

23 Oct 1911 - Guardians Oath.  Mathias BEACHAM solemnly swears that as guardian he will administer all and singlular the goods, chattels, rights and credits of the said John L. BEACHAM, Tom BEACHAM & Alton BEACHAM.  /s/ Mathias BEACHAM 

11 Dec 1911 - Application for Letters of Administration.  Mathias BEACHAM states that W.T. BEACHAM, late of Currituck County, is dead and that he is the proper person entitled to Letters of Administration on the estate which is valued at about $250 and that Laura, John L., William Thomas, and Alton BEACHAM of Otilla, N.C. are entitled as heirs thereof.

11 Dec 1911 - Administrator's Oath.  Mathias BEACHAM states the he believes that W.T. BEACHAM died without leaving any last will and testament and that he will well and truly administer all and singular goods and chattels and credits of the said W.T. BEACHAM.  /s/ Mathias BEACHAM

not dated - Get certificate of Register of Deeds of Currituck County that it appears of record that Wm T. BEACHAM and Cassie DUNTON were married on the [blank] day of [blank] 18[blank] at the residence or place by a J.P or Minister of the Gospel attested by official seal.  Get duplicate Letters of Guardianship from Clerk of the Court attested by official seal.  /not signed/

NOTES from my personal files (kms):
William Thomas Beacham, Sr. was born Feb. 10, 1865 at Kitty Hawk, Currituck Co. (now Dare), NC and died Sept. 19, 1911.  He married Cassandra Williamson Dunton in Currituck County on July 10, 1890.  "Cassie" was born in Coinjock on Jan. 31, 1870 and died March 12, 1911.  Both are buried in the Austin Cemetery in Kitty Hawk, N.C.  They had 7 children:
    1. Laura Marena Beacham:  Sept. 8, 1891 - Dec. 26, 1965.  Married William Charles Perry.  Buried in Austin Cemetery in Kitty Hawk
    2. Ruth D. Beacham:  Sept. 26, 1896 - Dec. 5, 1896.  Buried in Austin Cemetery in Kitty Hawk
    3. John Leland Beacham:  Sept. 15, 1898 - Sept. 5, 1986.  Married Ruth Alma Dough.  Buried in Austin Cemetery in Kitty Hawk
    4. Cassie Ellen Beacham:  Jan. 10, 1903 - June 18, 1906.  Buried in Austin Cemetery in Kitty Hawk
    5. Wm. Thomas Beacham, Jr.:  June 10, 1906 - Apr. 7, 1995.  Married Irma L. Partridge.  Buried in Austin Cemetery in Kitty Hawk
    6. Infant Beacham:  born & died Mar. 6, 1909.  Buried in Austin Cemetery in Kitty Hawk
    7. Alden Litton "Bud" Beacham:  May 28, 1910 - May 5, 1975.  Buried in Austin Cemetery in Kitty Hawk

[Source: Currituck County Record of Estates 1812-1926; Vol. Ashby-Brumsey (Microfilm G.030.1862908)]

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