Currituck County Estates

 Jacob Baum - 1877, 1880 & 1908
[The1877 estate papers were misfiled in the Wilson Ballance estate folder.  The 1908 folder says "see also the A. Baum estate"]

5 Nov 1877 Princess Anne Co., VA - Samuel BAUM and Luther P. BAUM, orphans of Jacob BAUM, decd, being over the age of 14, make their choice of Ann W. BAUM as their guardian.  The Court appoints the said Ann W. BAUM as guardian to Lillie J. BAUM, also an orphan of Jacob BAUM and being under the age of 14.  Ann W. BAUM with Isaac B. BAXTER as her surety enters into bond in the sum of $800.  /s/ J.E. STRAWHAND, CC

not dated - Petition for Partition.  The petition of Ann W. BAUM, guardian to S.O. BAUM, L.P. BAUM, & L.J. BAUM, Wallace COX & wife Almeda, S.C. BROCK & wife Bettie, I.B. BAXTER & wife Lavina, A.O. BAUM & E.M. BAUM show that they are tenants in common of several tracts of land in Currituck County on Indian Gap Island & Hog Island and desire that commissioners be appointed to divide said land into equal shares.  /s/ not signed

2 Sept 1878 - Confirmation of Report of Commissioners.  Notice having been served on Ann M. BAUM, et al., to show cause why sale of land should not be confirmed.  It appears to the Court that the sale of  land is in all respects satisfactory and that the purchaser, John H. DIMON, has complied with the terms of sale by paying one third of the purchase money ($886. 662/3) in cash and gave 2 notes for the like amounts payable in three & six months.  It is decreed that the sale be confirmed and that the Commissioner T.J. POYNER proceed to collect said notes when they fall due and upon payment he shall make title to the purchaser.  /s/ A.O. DEY, C.S.C.

31 Dec 1879 - Letter from Starke & Martin, Attorneys at Law to H.B. ANSELL asking ANSELL for the Grant numbers.

not dated - A.O. BAUM, E.M. BAUM, S.O. BAUM, W.W. COX & his wife Almeda, S.C. BROCK & his wife Bettie, Isaac BAXTER & his wife Lavinia, Ann BAUM, L.P. BAUM and Lillie J. BAUM, the last 2 being infants under age 21 by their next friend W.H. COWELL - Amended petition to sell land for partition.

1.  The above named A.O. BAUM, E.M. BAUM, S.O. BAUM, Almeda COX, Bettie BROCK, Lavinia BAXTER, L.P. BAUM and Lillie J. BAUM are the children and only heirs at law of Jacob BAUM, deceased, and as such are seized in fee simple as tenants in common of a certain tract of land known as the Hobbs Tract situated on the North Banks in Currituck County containing 702 acres and embracing the lands covered by the deed of Jesse HOBBS to Joseph BAUM, and those covered by grants numbered 690 & 706 issued by the State of North Carolina to the said Joseph BAUM, grandfather of the petitioners.  The said land extends up to the North and Peter's Quarter or Peter's Quarter Beach and adjoins the lands of the Light House Club at Currituck Sound.

2. The petitioners are also seized of  undivided tracts on the North Banks:  First a tract of land containing 246 acres lying South of  Old House Creek and embraced by Grant #707 issued by the State of N.C. to Joseph BAUM on Aug. 11, 1845.  Second a tract of about 80 acres in North Piney Island.  Third a tract of land known as the Cooper Tract containing 25 acres surrounded by the Currituck Shooting Club.  Fourth a tract of land known as "Sal's Hammock" containing 54 acres lying on the North side of Poyner's Creek adjoining the lands of the Currituck Shooting Club, Josephus BAUM and others.

3.  The above named Ann BAUM is the mother of all the plaintiffs and is the widow of Jacob BAUM, their father, and as such is entitled to dower in the lands described.

4. Each of the plaintiffs has a estate of inheritance in the lands described of 1/8 part subject to the right of dower of their mother which has not heretofore been laid off to her.

5.  All the plaintiffs are desirous of the partition of the said land by a sale thereof and pray for a division and a distribution of the proceeds of such sale between the parties after the payments of the cost of this petition and the sale.
    /s/ STARKE & MARTIN, Attorneys for Petitioners

7 Feb 1880 - Special Commissioners Report.  L.D. STARKE, Special Commissioner appointed by an order entered in the above cause on the 1st day of January 1880 to make sale of the lands described in the petition and respectfully reports that after due advertisement he proceeded on Monday, Feb. 2, 1880 at the Currituck Court House to sell the lands at public auction to the highest bidder.  The first tract of land known as the "Hobbs Tract" containing 702 acres was bid off to the Currituck Light House Club of Currituck Sound (a corporation duly chartered) for the sum of $2626.00.  The second tract containing 246 acres was bid off to E.M. BAUM for $100.00.  The third tract, being one undivided half of what is known as the North Piney Island Tract containing 80 acres was bid off to E.M. BAUM for $10.00.  The fourth tract being one undivided half of the "Cooper Tract" was bid off to E.M. BAUM for $122.00.  The fifth tract being one undivided half of a tract known as "Sal's Hammock" containing 54 acres was bid off to E.M. BAUM for $5.00.  Total amount of sale was $2863.00.
    /s/ L.D. STARKE, Special Commissioner

20 Feb 1880 - We the undersigned petitioners in the above named petition are satisfied with the sale of the lands mentioned and ask for the confirmation of the same.  /s/ E.M. BAUM, A.E. BROCK, A.O. BAUM, A.P. COX, Anne W. BAUM, W.W. COX, Lavinia E. BAXTER, I.B. BAXTER, S.O. BAUM, W.H. COWELL, guardian ad litem to infant petitioners

1 Mar 1880 - Confirmation of Special Commissioner's Report - It appearing by a supplemental report filed by the special commissioner, that Joseph C. BAUM was a son and one of the heirs at law of Jacob BAUM but that he had by deed conveyed his interest in the lands described to his sister Elizabeth BROCK, wife of Swepson BROCK, whereby she became entitled to 2 shares in said lands and that the following persons are entitled to the lands in the following proportions: A.O. BAUM, E.M. BAUM, S.O. BAUM, Almeda COX, Lavinia BAXTER, L.P. BAUM & Lillie BAUM are each entitled to 1/9 part thereof and Bettie BROCK is entitled to 2/9 part, all subject to right of dower of Ann BAUM, widow of Jacob BAUM..  It further appearing that Ann BAUM is willing to take a child's part in said lands, it is therefore ordered that said land be divided into 10 equal shares. Bettie BROCK receiving 2/10 share.
    /s/ L.D. STARKE, Special Commissioner

[NOTE:  The 1860 Princess Anne Co., VA shows Jacob Baum age 38 born in NC, Ann W. age 38 born in Va., Almeda S. age 15, Ann E. age 12, Joseph T. age 10, Lavinia age 7, Allison O. (male) age 7, Edwin M age 4, and Saml. age 2.  All the children were born in Virginia.  In 1870 Jacob is not the head of house, having died in 1868.  The family is living in Pungo Twp. of Princess Anne County--Anne is head of household and is age 45, Almeda age 25, Lizzie age 22, Joseph age 19, Lavenia age 17, Oscar age 15, Edward age 13, Samuel age 10, Luther age 8, and Lilly age 3.]

[Source: Currituck County Record of Estates 1812-1926; Vol. Ashby-Brumsey (Microfilm G.030.1862908)]

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