Currituck County Estates

Levi Ballance - 1871

not dated - Petition of James PARKER & wife Nancy, W.T.  SANDERSON & wife Polly, John BALLANCE & wife Jane, John B. JARVIS & wife Synthia, and Ann Mariah BALLANCE, heirs at law of Levi BALLANCE, decd., and W.C. STONE - James PARKER, Admr in right of his wife, and W.C. STONE show the Court that they are all tenants in common in a certain tract of land in Currituck County adjoining the lands of the heirs of Levi WALKER, decd, and the A&C Canal containing 3 acres & valued at about $150; that W.C. STONE desires a division of the said land so that he may have his share in severalty but that the same cannot be actually divided without injury to all the parties; that the money from the sale of the said land will pay much better interest than the lands now pay.  Petitioners ask the court to grant an order to James PARKER under his admr bond to sell said land upon such terms as the Court may decree and that the proceeds be divided amongst them according to their shares.  /s/ P.H. MORGAN, Atty for Petitioners

not dated - J.W. BAXTER & Wiley MATHIAS are well acquainted with the land mentioned and described in the petition and truly believe that the same cannot be actually divided without serious injury to all the parties and further believe it will be of interest to all parties to sell the land.  /s/ J.W. BAXTER & Wiley MATHIAS

not dated - Order to Sell - It is ordered and decreed by the Court that Jas. PARKER be appointed Commissioner to sell the said land mentioned in the foregoing petition after having advertised the same in a Norfolk paper for the space of 4 weeks and at the Court House door and 3 other public places for 30 days then sell to the highest bidder for one-third cash, the balance on a credit of six and twelve months.  Deferred payments to bear interest from day of sale.  /s/ A.O. DEY, C.S.C.

not dated - Report of Sale of Land - In accordance to a decree of the Superior Court of Currituck I exposed for sale at the Court House door on Saturday the 7th day of October 1871 the store lot &c. of Levi BALLANCE, decd, & W.C. STONE on the following terms, 1/3 cash and balance on a credit of 6 & 12 months with interest from day of sale with title retained until all purchase money is paid.  At which time W.C. STONE was the last and highest bidder at the sum of $505.00 which was a generous bid for the same, and the said W.C. STONE has complied with the terms of sale.  /s/ James PARKER, Commissioner

1872 - Confirmation of Sale - The special commissioner James PARKER, having made report of sale & filed said report showing that on the 7th day of October 1871 he sold the lands specified in the petition for $505.00 to W.C. STONE upon the terms prescribed in the order of sale and the court deeming the sale fair and at a just price and with good security, it is ordered that the said report & sale be confirmed and that the court allow James PARKER 5% commission for making sale and make title when the purchase money is paid.  /not signed/

14 Jul 1871 - 31 May 1877 - The Estate of Levi BALLANCE in account with Jas. PARKER, administrator - It appears that after all debts were paid the total amount of the estate was $547.91.

[NOTE:  Cemetery records show that Levi Ballance was born Dec. 24, 1831 and died May 14, 1871.]

[Source: Currituck County Record of Estates 1812-1926; Vol. Ashby-Brumsey (Microfilm G.030.1862908)]

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