Currituck County Estates

Lamuel Ashby - 1886

We the under signs haveing been duly summonesed and sworn to act as apraises of the Personal property of Lamuel AASHBY decase of moyock towship Currituck County to Lay of [off] the year's provision for Nancy ABASHEY Decase widow of the deceased giveing by law we have viewed and appraised at the values and annexed the following articles of personal properity selected by the said nancy ASHBY widow of Decies.  5 Children in the family under 15 years of age.

No 1 one bed 15.00
No 2 one bed 10.00
one sewing machine 5.00
7 chairs 3.25
haues hold and kitchen furniture 5.00
old iron and curtars? 1.00
Lumber 10.00
10 head of Poltry 2.00
barlay and fix? try except wheals 3.00
one boat and creek sain 20.00
one boat and creek sain 20.00
one lot of trumpry empy bbls 1.00
one yoke of oxen 65.00
[total] 175.25 [addition is off]

3 in family besides widow

give under our hand and seal this 21 Day of august 1886
    /s/ John L. FLOID          Seal
    /s/ Wm. H. LEE              Seal
    /s/ Burtron FULFORD   Seal

[Source: Currituck County Record of Estates 1812-1926; Vol. Ashby-Brumsey (Microfilm G.030.1862908)]

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