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Early Princess Anne Co., VA Deeds
(Currituck County family names & at times relationships mentioned)


Page 10
Nov. 12, 1691
SOLOMON WHITE of Knotts Island deed of gift to Sister Elizabeth now wife of STEPHEN SWAINE, 454 acres, bounded by land of father PATRICK WHITE, dec.
Wit: Patrick White, Patrick Angus.

Page 19
May 7, 1692
FRANCIS LAND, father of FRANCIS LAND and grandfather to EDWARD LAND, in his will dated April 15, 1654 left his son FRANCIS 150 acres; eldest son RENATUS LAND, father of EDWARD was to have 200 acres adjoining: RENATUS died and land reverted to Brother FRANCIS who now gives to EDWARD.
Wit: Malachy Thruston, Martha Thruston, Jean Porten

Page 20
May 10, 1692
ELIZABETH WHITE power of attorney to Son SOLOMON WHITE.
Wit: Evan Jones, Edward Jones

Page 21
July 6, 1692
SOLOMON WHITE, eldest son and heir of PATRICK WHITE—it was father’s desire that my brother PATRICK WHITE have 350 acres called Indian Creek Woods and 200 acres in Norfolk Co. on the North River.
Wit: Lemuel Phillips, Patrick Angus

Page 34
April 5, 1692-May 3, 1693
ELIZABETH WHITE of Knotts Island (Will)
Wit: William Boggs, John Sullivan, John Sandford

Page 38
July 5, 1693
ISABELL SPRATT, widow of HENRY SPRATT, deed of gift to son THOMAS of 300 acres upon Coratuck Bay called Nawney’s Creek; if he dies without issue then to son HENRY.
Wit: Malachy Thruston, Francis Sayer, Otho Russel

Page 41
September 6, 1693
ISABELL SPRATT, widow of HENRY, and son HENRY trade 300 acres to daughter ISABELL now wife to FRANCIS SIMPSON.
Wit: Malachy Thruston, Thomas Hall

Page 55
April 29, 1693
Administration of the estate of PATRICK WHITE granted to ELIZABETH WHITE, relict

Page 75
January 2, 1694/5
Inventory of the estate of FRANCIS LAND by John Richason, Adam Keeling, Henry Walston, and William Cathrill sworn to by KATHERINE HALL late widow of FRANCIS LAND

Page 78
Feb. 5, 1694/5
Sarah SANFORD deed of Gift to Sons Causon and Henry SANFORD
Wit. Edward ATWOOD, Horatio WOODHOUSE

Page 78
Feb. 5, 1694/5
Power of Attorney from Sarah SANFORD to Brother Henry WOODHOUSE
Wit. Horatio WOODHOUSE, William MOORE

Page 80
15 Oct. 1694
JOHN GODDARD—nuncupative will—Katherine GASKINS alias LAND

Page 91
June 8, 1695
CAPT. FRANCIS MORSE Deed of Gift to Son Francis MORSE 360 acres next to marshes of Knotts Island

Page 99
Sept. 4, 1695
Richard WICKER of Knotts Island to Daughter Mary BOOTH wife of George BOOTH 100 acres.
Wit. Edward JONES, Richard DRAPER, Patrick ANGUS

Page 138
August 8, 1694-May 5, 1697
Wife: FRANCES, executor
Wit: William Cornick, Martin Cornick

Page 144
February 22, 1696/7
FRANCES CAPPS power of attorney to brother RICHARD COX to obtain probate of late husband WILLIAM CAPPS.
Wit: Owen Sullivan, Patrick Angus

Page 251
Feb. 8, 1699/1700 - May 7, 1700
Son: HENRY and his wife FRANCES
Daughter: AMIE
daughter of HENRY WOODHOUSE and his wife AMIE
Son: THOMAS and his daughter AMY
Daughter: MARY wife of SOLOMON WHITE
Ex: son HENRY and son in law HENRY WOODHOUSE
Wit: Edward Moseley, Henry Chapman

Page 270
Nov. 12, 1700-Jan. 2, 1700 sic
Will of SARAH JONES of Knotts Island
Wit: Adam Broughton, Samuel Berrit, Ambros McCoy

Page 280
Sept. 21, 1696-May 1701
son of HENRY
daughter of EDWARD and SARAH
and his sister SARAH
Wit: William Simmons, John Walker

Page 284
Jan. 4, 1700-Jan. 30, 1700
Will of RICHARD WICKER of Coratuck in NC
Grandchildren: GEORGE BOOTH’s daughters ANNE and ELIZABETH
sons JOHN and JOSEPH
Wit: Anne Thomas, Peter Parker, Nathaniel James

Part 2; Page 339
May 8, 1702

Part 2; Page 354 & 355
Oct. 20, 1691

Page 366
July 8, 1703
WILLIAM WHITE to PATRICK WHITE 100 acres in Knotts Island
Wit: M. Boush, Evan Jones, Jacob Johnson

Park 2; Page 377
Oct. 15, 1703

Page 382
Nov. 3, 1703
Wit: C. Cocke, Charles Sayes

Page 391
April 24, 1704
RICHARD JARVES of Coratuck power of attorney to RICHARD SANDERSON to receive legacies due him as marrying DINAH WOODHOUSE daughter of JOHN and RUTH Woodhouse

Page 398
June 7, 1704
JOSEPH SANDERSON of Coratuck power of attorney to Joell CORNICK to represent him in suits brought by EDWARD OLD and WILLOUGHBY MERCHANT against him as having married MARY TOOLY daughter of THOMAS TOOLY and Admnx of her sister JANE TOOLY, dec.
Wit: Christopher Burrough, John Carroway Jr.

Page 408
Sept. 7, 1703
WILLIAM RUSSELL and WILLIAM BELL of NC to THOMAS BODNAM for 30 lbs. 150 acres given to WILLIAM RUSSELL and his sister ANN now wife of WILLIAM BELL by WILLIAM HILLYARD.
Wit: John Richason, John Heldon

Part 2; Pages 415, 416
May 4, 1704

Page 416
May 2, 1704
RICHARD SANDERSON of Corrituck who married GRACE daughter of JOHN WOODHOUSE power of attorney to JOEL CORNICK
Wit: John Richason, William Moseley

Page 419
March 17, 1704/5
SOLOMON WHITE  to RICHARD SMITH for 70 lbs. 150 acres known as Rich Neck in Blackwater precinct patented by PATRICK WHITE father of said SOLOMON
Wit: Thomas Mason

Part 2; pg. 433
April 27, 1705

Page 436
June 7, 1705
RICHARD CHURCH to granddaughter ELIZABETH THOROWGOOD daughter of ARGALL THOROWGOOD deed of gift of a mare in the care of ELIZABETH's father-in-law THOMAS TREVATHAN
Wit: Richard Corbitt, Robert Burrough

Page 438
Sept. 3, 1705
RICHARD CHURCH of Norfolk Co. power of attorney to son-in-law RICHARD CORBITT

Part 2; Page 461
Sept. 7, 1706

Part 1; Page 465
May 5, 1706

Part 2; Page 465
Dec. 23, 1706

Part 2; Page 467
Nov. 8, 1706

Part 2; Page 477
Feb. 5, 1708

Part 2; Page 482
Feb. 26, 1708

Part 2; Page 483-484
Feb. 26, 1707/1708

Part 2; Page 484
Mar. 2, 1707

Part 2; Page 484-485
Mar. 2, 1707/08

Part 2; Page 490
Apr. 5, 1708

Page 491
April 8, 1708
KATHERINE HALL deed of gift to daughter MARTHA HALL daughter of THOMAS, MARY LAND, son FRANCIS LAND, son JOB GASKINS
Wit: M. Boush, Solomon Jones, Conner Callahan

Part 2; Page 494
Oct. 1, 1707

Page 497
March 5, 1706/7
MICHALL JONES deed of gift to daughter MARY SIMMONS wife of MALBONE SIMMONS  50 acres in Knotts Island
Wit: Thomas Spratt, Joel Cornick, Reodophus Malbone

Part 2; Page 503-504
Mar. 5, 1707/08

Part 2; Page 505
Oct. 31, 1707

Part 2; Page 506
Apr. 29, 1692


Page 10
last day of August 1708
WILLIAM LURRY indenture of bargain and sale.  WILLIAM LURRY of Coratuck precint & of Albemarle County in ye government of North STEPHEN BURGESS...with consent of my wife DINAH...two hundred and fifty acres & is scituate lying & being in ye upper precinct of ye Eastern Shore of Lynhaven Parish in Princess Ann County in ye government of Virga as aforsaid & is lying on ye eastern side of ye north river of Corrotuck between ye land of RANDOLPH LOVETT...DANIEL LAND...RICHARD DRAPER.  /s/ William [his W mark] LURRY.  Witnesses: C. COCKETT, Adam THOROUGOOD, William CAPPS

Page 14
Jan. 21, 1706
RICHARD BONNEY---Sons—John, Richard, William and Edward; Daughters Sarah FRANKLIN, Mary DAUGE, Constance CURLON, Phebe LAND, Margaret McCLALLAN and his wife DINAH. Ex. Son JOHN.
Wit. John JAMES, Edward JAMES

Page 56
Oct. 5, 1709
ADAM FARGISON & ELIZA FARGISON of nuce [Neuse?] in North Carrolina ...sold to...SOLOMON WHITE of Princess Ann County, for 70 pounds sterling, 221 acres lying on the southside of Black Water Creek in Princess Ann County which was granted to Jno. VAUGHAN on Oct. 9, 1675 and by his last will & testament given to his wife Eliza: COMINGS, now the wife of said FARGISON.  /s/ Adam [his A mark] FARGISON and Elizabeth [her E mark] FARGISON.  Witnesses: James HAYNES, Ricd. CORBITT, Jos. WICKER, Patrick JONES

Page 142
15th day of May 1711
THOMAS and MARY PERRY of Cedar Island in Princess Ann Co., VA to TIMOTHY IVES, JUNr of Carrotuck in ye Southward Government in Virga...100 acres on Knotts Island commonly called MASONs Land bounding unto RICHARD JONES on ye so side & likewise unto WILLIAM WHITE on ye North side.  /s/ Thom. [his mark] PERRY and Mary [her mark] PERRY.  Witnesses: Cornelious JONES; Robt. HUTCHINSON


Page 234
2d May 1718
North Carolina
     Know all men by those presents that I DENNIS RIORDANE of Currytuck in ye province aforesd do make ordaine constitue & appoint my loving wife SARAH RIORDANE to be my lawfull attorney for me & in my name & stead to enter into one plantation & tract of land (lying in princess Ann County in ye Colony and Dominion of Virga & bounding on ye northwest river containing by estimation one hundred & twenty two acres) or any part or parcell of ye said land & plantation in ye name of ye whole & in my name and stead to expell & put out all other person or persons & full & peacable posission & seisine of ye sd land and plantation for me & in my name & stead to take and after such seisin & posession so thereof had and taken fully & in my name & stead to deliver over unto SOUTHWOOD DANBY to hold to him & his heirs to ye only use of him & his hears for ever according to ye true intent & meaning of those presents and afterwards to appeare in princess ann court in ye colony & Dominion aforesaid & then & there for me and in my name & stead in open Court to acknowledge all my right title & interest of ye aforesaid land & plantation unto ye said SOUTHWOOD DENBY according to ye form & effort of an assignment on the back of ye pattent ratifying allowing & holding for firm whatsoever my said attorney shall doe in & about ye promises In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seale this 2d day of May anno 1718.

Signed Sealed & ded in ye presence of                                 /s/ Denis RIORDANE & Seale
     Thomas SWANN    John WEBSTER
     Mary (her M mark) DENBY   Sam:l SIMMONS
Princess Ann: At a Court held ye 6th of May 1719 then ye above power of attorney was proved in Court by ye oaths of Samuel SIMMONS & Mary DENBY & order sd to be recorded

Page 261
April 23, 1719
June 3, 1719
Henry WOODHOUSE Elder---eldest Son Phillip, younger Son William, Wife Elizabeth, Daughter Mary. Ex. Wife

Page 275
Sept. 1, 1719
RICHARD SMITH Elder to Son Thomas 100 acres in Blackwater
Wit. Willoughby MERCHANT, Richard CORBETT, Sarah SOLLEY

Page 275
April 15, 1719
Sept. 2, 1719
JAMES DAUGE----Sons- John, Richard, and William (New Plantation) Daughters Mary, Macena and Nowdina, Daughter Jacqueline CANNON; Sons James and Peter (land in Currituck), Wife Mary. James’s share to go to Richard and Peter if he doesn’t come to claim it within 6 years. Ex. Wife and her Brother John BONNEY
Wit. William BONNEY, Edward BONNEY

Page 276
May 13, 1719 - Aug. 5, 1719
Will of JOHN DAULEY—Sons John (land in Muddy Creek called George’s Quarter), William (Sasafras Ridge), Thomas (land on Broken Ridge and White Oak Plain), Henry and Dennis. Daughters Elizabeth WOODHOUSE, Mary FOUNTAIN and Margret; Granddaughters Mary FOUNTAIN, and Mary WOODHOUSE, Wife Mary. Executrix. Wife.
Wit. Edward A. CANNON SR., Robert HUTCHINSON

Page 336
August 1, 1720

Know all men by those presents that I William DAVIS & Mary my wife of ye presinct of Coratuck in ye County of Albemarle & province of North Carolina do by those presents make ordaine constitute & appoint our friend Willoughby MERCHANT of Princess Ann County in Virga: to be our  true & lawfull attorney for us & in our names to acknowledge our deed of sale of land to Daniel GLASCO JUNR: for a certaine parcel of land as by ye said deed is manifest & whatsoever our said attorney shall lawfull doe in & about ye premises we doe by those presents hold for firm & valid as tho: we ourselves were personally present at ye doing thereof as witness our hands & seales this 1st day of August anno Dom: 1720.

Signed sealed in presence of                                                         /s/ Wm DAVIS & Seale
     David DUNCAN                                                                  /s/ Mary DAVIS & Seale
     Thomas (his mark TE) ELKS
At a court held ye 3d August 1720 then ye above Power of attorney was proved by ye oaths of boath the witnesses and ordered to be recorded

Following this Power of Attorney of William & Mary DAVIS there is a deed between William DAVIS of Albermarle County (doesn't mention a precinct) in ye province of North Carolina of ye one part and Daniel GLASCOK JUN: of Princess Ann County in Virga: of ye certain parcel of land scituate lying & being on ye north side of ye Northwest River in Princess Ann County in Virginia, 100 acres of land.

Page 413
June 6, 1722

Then came before us Col: Edward MOSELEY of ye County of princess Ann & Depon'd upon ye holy Evangelist that William WEST who now liveth at ye North River of Coratuck Bay in Said County is ye reputed Son of William WEST SENr: Decd & Susannah his wife daughter of Wm Chickester ye pilot & that he ye Said Wm WEST SENr: dyed at ye plantation where he ye Said William WEST JUNr: his Said reputed Son now Liveth.  Given under my hand this Sixth day of June anno Dom 1722.  Sworn to ye 6th June 1722 & ordered to be Recorded
                        /s/ Edw: MOSELEY

Then came before us Arthur BLAKE of ye County pf princess Ann & Depon'd upon ye holy Evangelist that William WEST is ye reputed Son of William WEST SENr who formerly lived in North Carrolina at ye plantation of Perquimans who returned to ye plantation of William WEST JUNr: his Said Son where he now liveth going by ye Name of North river of Coratuck Bay in Said County and there Dyed.  given under my had this Sixth Day of June anno Dom: 1722.  Sworn to ye 6th June 1722 & ordered to be Recorded
                        /s/ Arthur BLAKE

Then came before us George BOOTH of ye County pf princess Ann & Depon'd upon ye holy Evangelist that William WEST who now liveth at ye North river of Coratuck Bay in Said County is ye reputed Son of William WEST SENr Decd who formerly lived at North Carolina at ye plantation perquimans & that Eliza: BOOTH Decd: ye mother of me ye Said Deponant brought too? bed? Susanah WEST mother of ye Said William WEST about ye year 1683: & baptised about a month after ye Decease of his Said father William WEST.  Given under my hand this 6th day of June 1722.  Sworn to ye 6th June 1722 & ordered to be Recorded
                        /s/ George [his mark] BOOTH

Pages 460-461
August 7, 1722

This indenture made the seventh day of August in the year of our Lord one thousand seaven hundred twenty & two & in ye ninth year of ye reign of our Sovereign lord Geo: King over great Britain & between Timothy IVES of Coratuck presinct in ye county of Albermarl & in ye province of No Carrolina of ye one part & Andrew PEACOCK of knots Island of princess ann county in Virga: of the other being on Knots Island in ye county of princess & is part of a pattent granted unto Rachel CORNELIUS bearing date ye 20th day of Aprill 1682: & bounded as followeth beginning at a pine on a bay Ely from this land & running W: by N: three hundred twenty p: by marked trees dividing this land & ye lands of Patrick White to a maple then S: by W; fifty p: then E: by S: three hundred p: to a pine on ye bay then N: by E; fifty p: to ye first station being by estimation one hundred acres more or less...


Signed sealed & ded in presence of us

     Cornelius JONES

     Richard (his marke RI) JONES


At a Court held ye 5th September 1722 then came Timothy IVES into Court & acknowledged ye within deed to Andrew PEACOCK at whose reqt. ye same is ordered to be recorded

     Timothy [TI] IVES & Seale

     Rachell [R] IVES & Seale

Page 485-486

To all Christian people to whome those presents shall come I James HEATH of princess ann County in Virginia sends greeting in our Lord God everlasting  & know yee that I ye said Jas: HEATH for many and good reasons & considerations and thereunto moving but more especially for ye fulfilling of my fathers last will & testament have given granted & confirmed & do hereby give grand and forever confirm unto my brother Robert HEATH of Coratuck presinct in the County of Albermarl in ye provence of North Carrolina one certain tract ... of princess ann aforesaid being part of the devidend of land wheron I now live commonly known by the name of Eagles nest ridge containing by estimation two hundred acres or thereabouts as specifyed in my fathers last will...

... set my hand & seale this first day of Aprill 1723                             Princess Ann - At a court held ye 3rd of Aprill 1723

Signed sealed & D? in prenes of                                                                Then came James HEATH into Court and

Richd EILAND                                                                                       acknowledged ye above deed to his brother Robert                                                 James HEATH & Seale

And: PEACOCK                                                                                     HEATH at whose request ye same is ordered to be recorded               


Page 49
Sept. 29, 1725

Know all men by those presents that I Joseph WICKER of the precinct of Corotuck in the County of Albermall & in ye province of North Carolina do ordain constitute nominate and appoint & in my place & stead put & deputed my loving friend Mr. Reodolphus MALBONE of princess an county to be my true and lawfull attorney for me & in my name to aknowledge a tract of land which lyeth on Knots Island in princess ann county aforesaid containing two hundred acres unto Levi CRESSEY his heirs or assigns & use over my said attorney shall lawfully do therein I do by those presents promise to hold for good & valid in ye law as tho: it been actually done by myself in witness my hand & seale ye 29th day of September Dom: 1725.

/s/ Jo:s WICKER & seale

Signed and sealed  In Presence of
     And: PEACOCK
     Cornel:s JONES
     Ebenezer HARKER
     Evan JONES
     Wm DAVIS

Princess Ann: at a court held ye first xber [October] 1725 then ye within power was proved by ye oaths of Andrew PEACOCK & Cornel:s JONES & ordered that ye same be recorded.

[NOTE:  In Wicker's lease to Levi Cressey on May 7, 1725, Wicker is listed as being from "ye presinct of Cartret in ye county of Bath & provence of No Carrolina"]

Page 390
Feb, 6, 1732/3

Know all men by those presents that I Francis Morse of Coratuck presinct in ye provence of No Carrolina yeom: have & by those presents do ordain constitute & appoint by trusty friend John Connyer of ye county of princess ann & Dominion of virg: my true and lawful attorney for me & in my name & to my use authorized by power from Mr Samuel Gardner of Boston in New England as in & by the said power of attorney lodged in ye office of sd county of princess ann may appear to ask & sue for leavy recover & receive of Geo: Purdy his heirs exors adms: or assigns ye sum or just ballance of a bill or promi:y note under ye hand of said George Purdy bearing date 13th day of January 1729/30: giving full power & authority to my said attorney to do or cause to be done all & every such act & acts thing or things in ye law whatsoever as if I were personally present or might or could do by virtue of ye aforesaid recited power of att:y to me directed in recovering ye said debt or ball: due ratifiying & allowing firm & stable what my said att:y shall lawfully doe in the promises in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seale this 6: Feby 1732/3.

/s/ Francis Morse & seal

Signed Seald & deld in the presence of
Henry Spratt

Presented in court the 7th of March 1732 and ordered to be recorded

Page 439
July 4, 1733
JOHN DAUGE Deed of Gift to Daughters MARY and JOAN land in NC and VA

Page 439
July 4, 1733
Wit. Solomon WHITE Jr., John BUCKNER, Josiah MORRIS

Page 499
March 11, 1733/4 - April 3, 1734

Page 500
April 15, 1734
Will of JOHN DAUGE – Wife ELIZABETH, Sister NOWDINA HENLEY, Grandson JOHN WHITEHURST, Brother WILLIAM’s son JOHN, FRANCIS WOODHOUSE, all my Brothers and Sisters. Ex. Francis WOODHOUSE
Wit. John BONNEY, William DAUGE


Page 17
April 1, 1740
CASON BUSKY and Wife Mary (only Daughter of John and Elizabeth CANNON and one of two Sisters (?) and coheirs of Edward LAND, JR.) to Anthony WALKE for 5 shillings 670 acres where on Mary’s Grandfather EDWARD LAND lived.

Page 19
April 1, 1741
BENJAMIN DAUGE of Currituck in NC to John FENTRESS, JR., for 5 shillings 130 acres (same land James DAUGE gave to his Son Richard in his Will)
Wit. Anthony WALKE, John KEMPE, John FENTRESS, Michael FENTRESS


Page 307
March 17, 1752
JAMES DAUGE Deed of Gift to Brother RICHARD DAUGE 45 acres, part of plantation our father WILLIAM divided before PETER MALBONE and CORNELIUS HENLEY
Wit. John BONNEY, SR., Cornelius HENLEY

Page 311
March 17, 1752

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