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Currituck County, North Carolina
Deed Book 41

[Deed Book 41; pg. 182-183] September 17, 1892 - We Mrs. J.C. BRIGGS and W.H. BRIGGS her husband, for and in consideration of the sum of $91.00 paid to us by W.Y. JOHNSON of Norfolk County and State of Virginia for a tract of land in Poplar Branch Township, adjoining the lands of JOHNSON and others beginning at a cedar post and North River Shore various courses to Barnetts Creek various courses to Jeline MIDGETTs line thence with his line to North River thence binding North River to the beginning.   V.L. PITTS acknowledges that Julia C. BRIGGS was privately examined and signed deed freely and voluntarily without fear of said husband September 17, 1892.  Recorded July 19, 1893

[Deed Book 41; pg. 370-371]  This Marriage Contract made and entered into on this the 19 day of May 1894, between Joseph W. BEASLEY and Sarah Elizabeth WHITE, who contemplate in the near future of being united in marriage under the laws of the State of North Carolina and desirous that there shall be a full understanding as regards a certain property which will be hereafter described, we each bind ourselves that this agreement shall be in every sense carried out. The property that we wish to be in control of the said Sarah Elizabeth WHITE is that certain tract of land that was the property of Robert J. WHITE at the time of his death and whose widow is the said Sarah Elizabeth WHITE who now owns said tract by reason of a Will of said Robert J. WHITE situate in Poplar Branch Township, Currituck County N.C. bounded as follows: On the North by the land of Andrew PARKER, on the East by Currituck Sound, on the South by Daniel LINDSEY and on the West by N.A. DOXEY and others, containing 150 acres more or less. This includes all the real estate that belonged to the said Robert J. WHITE decd. whose widow the said Sarah Elizabeth WHITE now is. It is the intention of this contract or agreement and the parties do hereby declare that the property herein mentioned shall be in the entire control of the said Sarah Elizabeth WHITE and at the time of her death if she has not conveyed it by deed or devised it by Will then it, the said property shall be in the immediate possession of the said Sarah Elizabeth WHITEs heirs or assigns. By this agreement or contract the said Sarah Elizabeth WHITE does not relinquish the right to sell and convey said property.  The said Joseph W. BEASLEY fully understands this instrument and is thoroughly acquainted with its contents and does hereby bind himself his heirs and assigns that he will set up no claim to this property mentioned herein and that he will do no act to bar the heirs of the said Sarah Elizabeth WHITE from becoming in immediate possession of the same should it so happen that he the said Joseph W. BEASLEY should be living at the death of the said Sarah Elizabeth WHITE.  Witness our hands and seal this the 19 day of May 1894.  /s/ Joseph W. BEASLEY; S.E. WHITE.  Witness: G.W. Williams.  Registered: May 21, 1894  [MARRIAGE CONTRACT - see image]

Norfolk Co., VA Divorce Record -
Virginia - In the Circuit Court of the City of Norfolk on the 13th day of April 1904.

Sarah E. BEASLEY   Pltff
                   vs                                                  In Chancery
Joseph W. BEASLEY   Dft
     This cause which has been duly matured and set for hearing upon an order of publication duly issued published and posted according to law came on to be heard upon the plaintiffs; bill and exhibits, and depositions of the witnesses examined on behalf of the Plaintiff.  On consideration where of the court being of opinion that the charge of Willful desertion for a greater period than 3 years as alleged in the bill has been fully proven, doth adjudge order and decree that the bonds of matrimony heretofore solemnized and entered into between the Plaintiff and the Defendant be forever dissolved and annulled and that the Plaintiff Sarah E. BEASLEY be granted a divorce a vinculo matrimonii from the Defendant Joseph W. BEASLEY and she is hereby permitted to assume her former name of Sarah E. WHITE.  And nothing further remaining to be done in this cause it is ordered that the same be removed from the docket.

[Deed Book 41; pg. 398-399]  This Deed made this 27th day of July 1894 by C.L. GRANDY and Sarah his Wife of Currituck County and State of North Carolina of the first part, to Sarah WHITEHALL of Currituck County and State of North Carolina of the second part Witnesseth: That said C.L. GRANDY and Sarah his Wife in consideration of Seven Hundred ($700.00) Dollars to them paid by Sarah WHITEHALL the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged hath bargained and sold and by these presents do bargain sell and convey to said Sarah WHITEHALL and her heirs and assigns a certain tract or parcel of land in Poplar Branch Township Currituck County State of North Carolina adjoining the lands of Willis DOXEY, D.C. LINDSEY and others bounded as follows viz: on the North by the lands of Z.M. DOXEY, on the East by the main road, on the South by the lands of Mary LAND & John T. ONEAL and on the West by the lands of D.C. LINDSEY, containing Seventy acres more or less, It being the land purchased by Sarah ONEAL (now Sarah GRANDY) from Alexander ONEAL and John T. ONEAL as reference to said deeds will more fully show.  To have and to hold the aforesaid tract or parcel of land and all privileges and appurtenances thereto belonging to the said Sarah WHITEHALL her heirs and assigns to their only use & behoof forever. And the said C.L. GRANDY and Sarah his Wife covenant to & with the said Sarah WHITEHALL her heirs and assigns that they are seized of said premises in fee and have right to convey the same in fee simple, that the same are free from all incumbrances and that they well warrant and defend the said title to the same against the claims of all persons whatsoever.  /s/ C.L. GRANDY, Sarah GRANDY.  Registered: July 30, 1894.




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