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Currituck County, North Carolina
Deed Book 40

[Deed Book 40; pg. 377-378] November 17, 1891. E. W. DOWDY and Florence V. DOWDY his wife (the latter of whom is a daughter of Virginia F. MATHIAS and granddaughter of John DOXEY deceased) to Joseph SIMPSON, his heirs and assigns. One dollar. All the right title, claim, and interest, of the parties of the first part and especially of the above named Florence V. DOWDY in and to that certain tract of land in Currituck County, N.C. which was conveyed to said Joseph SIMPSON by John DOXEY (the grandfather of the said Florence) and others by this deed bearing date on the 2nd January 1882 and duly recorded in deed book No 36 page 449 in the Registers office of Currituck County, NC and which said deed is referred to in the will of said John DOXEY duly of recorded in Currituck County aforesaid. E.W. DOWDY and Florence V DOWDY both of full age.  /s/ E. W. [x] DOWDY, Florence V. DOWDY.

W. B. MARTIN, commissioner of Norfolk, VA certifies that E.W. DOWDY and Florence V. DOWDY his wife personally appeared before me this day and acknowledged the due execution of the annexed deed of conveyance; and the said Florence V. DOWDY being by me privately examined... 17th day of November A.D. 1891.  /s/ W. B. MARTIN Commissioner. Registered in Currituck Dec. 21, 1891 by H. B. ANSELL Clerk Superior Court. Recorded Dec. 26, 1891 by G. W. WILLIAMS Register of Deeds.

[Deed Book 40; pg. 425-426]  This deed made this the 23rd day of January 1892. I William H. ABBOTT of the City of Norfolk, Norfolk Virginia for and in consideration of the sum of$600.00 paid to me by W.A. MERRELL for a tract of land beginning at the main road and joint to the North of the residence of the late William A. JARVIS various course to the waters of Deep Creek or Currituck Sound whichever it may strike thence Northwardly along the margin of said waters various courses to the land and line of Josephus BAUM and thence Westwardly along the land of said BAUM to the main road and thence along the said main road Southwardly to the beginning. The same being the land bid off by Thos. J. POYNER at the sale of the lands of the late William A. JARVIS and said to contain 150 acres more or less and conveyed to the said William H. ABBOTT by C.B. NYE by deed of date March 12, 1888 duly recorded saving and reserving therefrom however to the said William H. ABBOTT for the term of Four years the exclusive use of the Fish House on the back of said farm hereby conveyed with the right to pass and repass for himself employees, team and vehicles for said term to and from said Fish House, over the said land and the grantee to have in common the use of the landing together with every other privilege belonging to the said tract of land, the fish house reservation for the term aforesaid.  Witness: J.H. BRUMSEYRegistered February 23, 1892

[Deed Book 40; pg. 512-513]

The above plat represents a certain tract of shoal water land on Currituck Sound Poplar Branch Township Currituck County North Carolina containing (2) Two and 4/5 acres surveyed April 11, 1892 for William A. MURRILL by virtue of accompanying warrant and entry No. 1743 and dated 16th day of March 1892. Various courses amongst lines of William A. MURRILLExtended for Wharf purpose.  Know ye that we for and in consideration of the sum of $1.00 for every acre hereby granted and paid into the Treasury on 20th day of April 1892 by William A. MURRILL hath bargained and sold unto him 2 4/5 acres.  Registered June 14, 1892.

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