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Currituck County, North Carolina
Deed Book 22 (1838-1840)

[Deed Book 22; pg. 21] Susan SALYEAR to Benjamin TAYLOR. November 10, 1838. Both of Currituck. One hundred dollars. Land in Currituck bounded by land formerly belonging to Francis SALYEAR and also bounded by land formerly belonging to Samuel SALYEAR. Twenty acres. /s/ Susan SALYEAR. Witnesses, John WILLIAMS, Saml. MCHORNEY. November Term, 1838. Registered, December 15,1838.

[Deed Book 22; pg. 39] Sept. 13, 1838 - I John WALKER for and in consideration of the sum of $10.00 paid to me by William McBRIDE for a parcel of land beginning as follows from line ditch to thence down a branch to Davis ANSELL line various courses to first station, containing 5 acres. Witness: T.B. FANSHAW.  Registered: December 15, 1838

[Deed Book 22; pg. 73] Joshua TAYLOR to William KINSEY. December 16, 1837. Both of Currituck. Fifty two dollars. Land a part of the land that John FORBES bought of Joshua TAYLOR lying in Cowenjock bounded by "Luke's gut", William KINSEY. Twenty acres. /s/ Joshua TAYLOR. Witnesses, J. FORBES, P. D. FORBES. February Term, 1839. Proved by the oath of John FORBES. Registered March 22, 1839.

[Deed Book 22; pg. 75] February 6, 1839 - This is to certify that I James FISK SEN. do grant and give to my friend Mathias ETHERIDGE SEN. For the love and affection I bear for him a certain water corse threw a certain part of my land for a ditch Four feet wide beginning at a certain corner black walnut post between James FISK a dividing line between us running towards the eastward to the main or public road which part of land I give and grant to the said Mathias ETHERIDGE. Witness: Thomas DALEY, Josiah W. FORMAN.  Registered March 22, (no year given)

[Deed Book 22; pg. 75-76] This indenture made October 10, 1838, I Frances SCOTT of County of Norfolk and State of Virginia for and in consideration of the sum of $600.00 paid to her by Josiah WILSON Jun. for a tract of land being in the district of Moyock near the Va. Line bounded on the land purchased by Henry WILSON from William WIGINTON and runing along said line to Wilson CORPREWs a Southerly course and thence along said Corprew line to William NORTHERN & thence along the line of said NORTHERN to James PARSONS and thence along said PARSONS line to Henry WILSONs and thence along line the beginning containing 55 acres.  Witness: Henry WILSON, Saml. SCOTT.  Registered March 22, 1839

[Deed Book 22; pg. 76-77] February 22, 1839 - I Samuel TILLITT, Louisa TILLITT, Avery TILLITT and William TILLITT, I above names for and in consideration of the natural love and affection which we bear unto our beloved Nece (sic) Caleb TOLER and for other diverse other causes and consideration we have given unto Caleb TOLER our rights in a tract of land lying on the North Banks adjoining Willis GALLOP, Edmund BEST, Ambers MOSE [Morse] & others which tract contains Twelve acres and a half.  Witness:  Ivy DOWDY, William TILLITT.  Registered March 22, 1829

[Deed Book 22; pg. 77] I Thomas AYDELOTT for and in consideration of the sum of$450.00 paid to me by Thomas B. TILLETT for a negro girl by the name of Welthy. January 15th 1839.  Witness: W. HARRISON, A.G. HARRISON

[Deed Book 22; pg. 79] John S. (?) POYNER bill of sale to Benjamin TAYLOR. January 23, 1839. Seven hundred dollars. Negro boy by the name of Spence. Witnesses, C. T. CHAPLAIN, Wm. S. CHAPLAIN. /s/ John S. POYNER. February, 1839 Term. Registered March 22, 1839.

[Deed Book 22; pg. 81-82] October 16, 1838 - Henry LEE SEN., James BELL, Moses LEE, Daniel LEE, Henry LEE JR., Cary SPENCE, Linton SPENCE, Elizabeth SPENCE, Mary SPENCE and Joseph LEE for and in consideration of the sum of $900.00 paid to us by William McBRIDE for a parcel of land beginning at a holly at the corner of Willoughby WESTs binding on Israel FANSHAW and the heirs of Jesse LEE to Jordan BUNNELL, Sirdin BUNNELL corner thence along line thence to William BRIGHT & Moses LEEs corner thence binding on Moses LEE to the road thence along road to Willoughby WESTs line along his line to first station to contain 65 acres.  Witness:  David MORSE, Israel FANSHAW, D.L. DOZIER Registered March 22, 1839

[Deed Book 22; pg. 90]  This indenture made January the 15th 1830 between Samuel, Isaac, Thomas and Edward TILLITT and Isaac T. AYDELOTT sold to Thomas AYDELOTT for and in consideration of the sum of$400.00 paid to us by Thomas AYDELOTT for a certain piece of land the same being 100 acres lying in Powells Point the tract of land we heird by the death if Durant TILLITT known by the name of the BROWN tract. Commencing on the North line of Isaac T. AYDELOTT land to the swamp running North Eastwardly course with Isaac T. AYDELOTT line to Hodges GALLOPS line, thence a winding course with GALLOPs line along the land that formerly belonged to Richard DOUGH dec’d. to SaryGIBBONS line, thence South Westwardly course to the edge of the cutting sedge to first station.  Witness W. HARRISON, A.G. HARRISON

[Deed Book 22; pg. 96] Sally O'NEAL to Isaac BAXTER, SENIOR. January 31, 1839. Thirty three dollars and thirty three cents. My third of the land and plantation of my deceased husband Gideon WHITEHURST, situated in Indian Ridge on the Eastern side of main Road and bounded by lands of William FEREBEE, Isaac BAXTER. Ten acres. /s/ Sally O'NEAL. Witnesses, Samuel FEREBEE JUNIOR, John BRAY. February Term, 1839. Registered March 22, 1839. A second transaction for what appears to be the same land, by the same parties, on the same dates, appears on p. 104.

[Deed Book 22; pg. 129] Simon BROWN to William DOXEY. December 3, 1838. DOXEY of Currituck, BROWN of Norfolk County in State of Virginia. Seven hundred and twenty five dollars. Land in Currituck in Tulls Creek district bounded by William DOXEY, David WILSON, William BRAY. Ninety acres. /s/ Simon (x - his mark) BROWN. Witnesses, D. B. MORSE and Jesse W. DOXEY. May Term, 1839. Registered June 21, 1839.

[Deed Book 22; pg. 135] Hardy WOODHOUSE to Francis MORSE. May 14, 1839. Both of Currituck. Five hundred and eighty seven dollars and fifty cents. Land in Currituck bounded by Lemuel BELL, Hardy WOODHOUSE, James SPRY, William HOLOWAY, Samuel MCHORNEY, and Dempsey BURTON. Three hundred acres. /s/ Hardy WOODHOUSE. Witnesses, A. DOXEY, S. SPRY, A. B. DUNTON. May Term, 1839. Registered June 21, 1839.

[Deed Book 22; pg. 136] William W. TATUM to Peter PARKER. April 20, 1839. William W. TATUM and Harriet NICHOLSON of Currituck and Peter PARKER of Currituck. Eleven hundred dollars. Land in Currituck bounded by Currituck Sound, the heirs of Thomas BRUMSEY, James LAND, Patrick PARKER, John BRUMSEY. One hundred acres. /s/ William W. TATUM, Harriet (x - her mark) NICHOLSON. Witnesses, Demcey DOXEY, Daniel TATUM. May Term, 1839. Registered June 24, 1839.

[Deed Book 22; pg. 184] Alexander DOXEY and Dikeyann DOXEY to Horatio CRICKMORE. August 26, 1839. All of Currituck. One hundred dollars. Land in Tulls Creek, Currituck County, being one third part of the land and plantation that Caleb MORSE deceased owned which the said land Dikey Ann DOXEY heired from the death of her father Caleb MORSE. /s/ Alexander DOXEY, Dikey A. DOXEY. Witnesses, C. T. CHAPLAIN, J. HARRISON. August Term, 1839. She was examined separate and apart from her husband. Registered December 25, 1839.

[Deed Book 22; pg. 225 – 226] Wilson REED & wife Elizabeth L. REED to Jonathan LINDSEY. April 20, 1840. Wilson REED & wife Elizabeth L. REED of the County of Perquimans... Jonathan B. LINDSEY of Currituck. Three thousand dollars. A tract of land to the said Elizabeth L. by a deed of this Currituck County and bounded as follows, on the North by the lands of Willowby DOWDY, on the East by Currituck Sound and Strait Creek, on the South by the land belonging to the heirs of William COFFEE and the West by the main road binding to Poplar Branch and by McHORNEYs line, it being the same land devised to the said Elizabeth L. by her father Daniel LINDSEY. /s/ Wilson Reed, Elizabeth L. Reed. Elizabeth privately examined by Richmond M. Pearson, Judge of the Superior Courts of Law & Equity for the State of North Carolina. Wilson REED & wife Elizabeth L. acknowledged their execution of the foregoing deed from them to Jonathan B. LINDSEY. Registered April 20th, 1840.

[Deed Book 22; pg. 228] Edward THOMPSON to David BRAY. June 22, 1829 (sic). States Edmund THOMPSON in body of deed. Both of Currituck. Forty dollars. Called "my father's land in said county" bounded by the "one piece where my father lived and died", bounded by Edmund BAXTER on the east and south, John BELL on the south and west, Edmund(?) BAXTER in the northwest. The other piece bounded by the lands of James DOXEY on the west, Joshua BAXTER on the north and east, John and Hillary MATHIAS. The two pieces containing forty acres. /s/ Edmund THOMPSON. Witness, W. BRAY. November Term, 1839. Registered, December 23, 1839.

[Deed Book 22; pg. 264] John BELL to Martin G. LEAVITT. January 13, 1840. Two thousand dollars. Land in Currituck on East Ridge bounded by Benjamin COWELL, Caleb ETHERIDGE Esq., Enoch FEREBEE, Joseph COWELL. One hundred and ninety acres. /s/ John (x - his mark) BELL. Witnesses, B. COWELL, John D. COOK, and Isaac BAXTER. February Term, 1840. Registered March 21, 1840.

[Deed Book 22; pg. 265] John WILSON, certificate of freedom. Caleb SIMMONS and Luke WHITEHURST being duly sworn they know the boy named John WILSON and his mother. He is now about twenty. Five feet five inches high. Dark complexion. /s/ Caleb (x - his mark) SIMMONS and Luke WHITEHURST. B. T. SIMMONS, C.C.C. affixes seal on November 25, 1839. Registered December 10, 1840.

[Deed Book 22; pg. 282-283] James CAFFEE deed in trust to John W. GRAY. May 25, 1840. Indenture between James CAFFEE of the 1st part... and Nancy GRAY ...of the 2nd part and John W. GRAY of the...3rd part who is chosen as Trustee by the other parties Witnesseth that I the said James CAFFEE for & in consideration of the sum of five dollars to me in hand paid by John W. GRAY trustee as bargain sell convey and confirm unto the Said J. W. GRAY trustee his heirs or assigns forever a certain tract or parcel of Land lying in Currituck County on the Narrow Shore road adjoining the Lands of David DUNTON which he heired in wright of his wife An the South & joining the Lands of Wm. CAFFEE on the North and the shore road on the West & the Bay on the East & being the Land formerly belonging to Wm CAFFEE and containing thirty three Acres more or less. Whereas the said James CAFFEE is justly indebted to the said Nancy GRAY in the sum of one hundred & nineteen dollars...and payment on or before the 25th day of May 1843 with lawful interest from the date and in order to secure the payment of the same hath consented and agreed to execute this conveyance. Now if the same James CAFFEE shall fail to pay the said Nancy GRAY the said sum of one hundred & nineteen Dollars with interest from date then & in that case the said J.W. GRAY his heirs or assigns in Trust at the request of her the said Nancy GRAY her heirs Executors Adms or assigns shall sell said Lands at public sale for ready money after advertising the same for 20 days in three public places in the county & convey the same to the purchaser thereof in fee simple & out of the money ariseing from such sale to pay to the said Nancy GRAY her heirs or assigns the amount of said sum of one hundred & nineteen dollars with interest to the said John W. GRAY for himself his heirs & assigns do covenant and agree with the said James CAFFEE his heirs and assigns that he will perform the trust hereby reposed in him or his representative whatever sum may be over the above debt interest & costs.  /s/ J. CAFFEE, Nancy (her x mark) GRAY, Jno. W. GRAY. Witnesses: C. T. CHAPLIN, C. T. SAWYER. Proved by the oath of Caleb T. CHAPLIN May Term 1840. Registered June 10, 1840.

[Deed Book 22; pg. 287] Trimegan TAYLOR to Edmund SIMMONS. March 18, 1840. Trimegan TAYLOR and Alexander SPEER and Edmund SIMMONS, all of Currituck. Two hundred twenty-five dollars. Payable before March 18, 1842 with lawful interest. One dollar in hand to Trimegan TAYLOR. Land in Currituck in the backwoods the tract whereon my father Thomas TAYLOR formerly lived and owned containing eighty acres bounded by Adam POYNER, Enoch STEPHENS, William SANDERLING, Isaac CASEY, Holo. BEASLEY and James TAYLOR, as reference . . . to the said Thomas TAYLOR's deceased my father's will. . . Thirty acres. /s/ Trimegal (sic) TAYLOR, Alex SPEER, Edmund SIMMONS. Witnesses, B. T. SIMMONS, Thomas SIMMONS. March 18, 1842. Registered September 15, 1840.

[Deed Book 22; pg. 296] Grant to Benjamin TAYLOR. State of North Carolina, Currituck County. "These plats represents these small vacant islands of marsh land known by the name of Morgans Island. They being and lying in the County and State aforesaid" in Currituck Sound between Narrows Shore, Whales Head and bounded as follows, beginning at the south point of the Middle Island (map in deed). Containing nine acres of vacant marsh land. Entered by him the 28th of June, 1839 and surveyed the 15th of July 1840. Chain bearers, Francis SALYEAR, Jessey BARKER. By C. J. ETHERIDGE C. S. State of North Carolina No. 685. Five dollars for every hundred acres. Benjamin TAYLOR granted a tract of land containing thirty two and a quarter acres.

[Deed Book 22; pg. 334] Riland CAPPS to Jesse W. DOXEY. September 14, 1839. Riland CAPPS of the State of Indiana and County of Vigo and Jesse W. DOXEY of Currituck County. One hundred twenty six dollars. Land in Currituck known by the names of Frost and Capps Land, bounded by BRIGHT's line, William BRIGHT, James COWELL, Tully C. DOZIER. Sixty four acres. /s/ Riland (x - his mark) CAPPS. Witnesses, John LAW, E. M. HUNTINGDON. Sworn in the state of Indiana on October 9, 1839. E. M. HUNTINGDON. David WALLACE, Governor the state of Indiana. Wm. J. BROWN, Secretary of State. Currituck February Term, 1840. Registered March 21, 1840.

[Deed Book 22; pg. 341-342] January 24, 1840 - I Franky LEE for and in consideration of the sum of $50.00 paid to me by William McBRIDE for a parcel of land it being all my right and title in the land formerly belonging to Linton LEE. Beginning at a holly standing in the Duck Pound thence South West with Willoughby WEST line various courses to the main road thence along Moses W. LEE line to a hickory in Wm. BRIGHT line to Jordan C. BUNNILL thence along the land of Jesse LEE deceased, to first station containing 3 ˝ acres.  Witness:  M.W. LEE, Daniel LEE.  Registered March 21, 1845

[Deed Book 22; pg. 345] Trimegan TAYLOR to Riden SAWYER. February 13, 1840. Both of Currituck. Twenty seven dollars. Land in the Back Woods, which I bought of John ACKLIN. Bounded by said SAWYER's line. Five acres. /s/ Trimegan TAYLOR. Witness, B. T. SIMMONS. February Term, 1840. Registered March 21, 1840.

[Deed Book 22; pg. 349] Martin G. LEAVITT to John D. COOK and Isaac BAXTER. Deed states the "fifteenth day" (but omits the month), 1840. Martin G. LEAVITT agrees that if he should fail to pay John BELL two thousand dollars, wherein John D. COOK and Isaac N. BAXTER are sureties, that John D. COOK and Isaac N. BAXTER shall have and hold the piece of land under this deed of trust, which Martin G. LEAVITT purchased of John BELL. /s/ Martin G. LEAVITT. Witnesses, B. COWELL, John (x - his mark) BELL. February Term, 1840. Registered March 21, 1840.

[Deed Book 22; pg. 350] Tully BELL to Olivia WHITEHURST. January 10, 1840. Wherein at Spring Term, 1838, John LEARD and others filed this petition to sell the land described in said petition which is in these words. To the Honorable Judge of the Court of Equity, the petition of John LEARD of full age, Simmons O'NEAL, William O'NEAL, Julia Ann O'NEAL, Nathan O'NEAL, Mary O'NEAL, infants by their guardian John FORBES & (?) John DOXEY an infant by his next friend Alexander DOXEY, William ETHERIDGE and wife Lydia of full age, Samuel O'NEAL and wife Sally of full age, Sally WHITHOUSE (sic), Polly and Betsey WHITHOUSE infants by their next friend Isaac BAXTER, James WHITHOUSE of full age Will (?) and my wife Sally Williams STEWARD(?) and wife Nancy Enoch WHITEHOUSE, of full age, Polly WHITHOUSE an infant by Isaac BAXTER her next friend, Betsey, Peter and Sally WHITHOUSE by their guardian Olive WHITHOUSE and Peter WHITHOUSE show your honor that they are tenants in common of a tract of land in Currituck being on Indian Ridge adjoining the lands of Isaac BAXTER on the North Ridge, Thomas TAMPLIN(?) heirs, and William FEREBEE. Fifty two acres. At Fall Term 1838 ordered that Petition be amended by including a tract of land on East Ridge adjoining the lands of John SEARS and James SEARS, WHITHOUSE heirs, and the Main Road containing eight acres, which being duly advertised was offered for sale at auction on the fourth day of January 1839, where Isaac BAXTER appeared and bid the sum of fifty six dollars for Olivia WHITHOUSE guardian to Peter, Betsey, and Sally WHITEHOUSE, which was the greatest and best bid. Witnesses, Jno. FANSHAW, W. BRAY. /s/ J. BELL. February Term, 1840. Registered March 21, 1840.

[Deed Book 22; pg. 353-354] February 21, 1840 - I Frankey LEE for and in consideration of the sum of $40.00 paid to her by Henry W. LEE for a parcel of land  beginning various courses to binding of WILSONs marsh, to a line of marked trees in PARSONs plough line to first station containing 50 acres it being my Sixth of said tract of land containing all of my right and title in the land.  Witness:  M.W. LEE, Daniel LEE Registered March 21, 1840

[Deed Book 22; pg. 369 - 370] James COFFEE To Samuel COOPER. April 22, 1840. Fifteen dollars. Land lying on the banks at Peters Quarter in Said State and County aforesaid and bounded as follows: beginning at the Sound Side, thence and East course to the shore down Joseph BAUMs land, thence a Northerly course along Said Sea Shore. far enough to contain fifty acres of land, thence a South West course to the first Station Sand Side, thence a Southerly course to the first Station. It being the land that I bid off at Josiah DAUDAYs Vandue.  /s/ James COFFEE. Winesses: S. POYNER, David DUNTON. Proved by oath of David DUNTON at May Term 1840. Registered June 16, 1840.

[Deed Book 22; pg. 379] Hugh WILLIAMSON to John SIMMONS. May 14, 1840. Both of Currituck. One thousand dollars. Land in Currituck bounded by William WALKER, Isaac BAXTER, Joseph BAXTER. One hundred acres. /s/ H. WILLIAMSON. Witnesses, Moses CAPPS, Eugene MORTON. May Term, 1840. Registered June 16, 1840.

[Deed Book 22; pg. 390] John CURLS to John J. TOLER. In body of deed, states Thomas T. TOLER as buyer. Both of Currituck. Fifteen dollars. Land on the south side of Enoch FORBES, by John FORBES. October 19, 1839. /s/ John (x - his mark) CURBY (sic). Witnesses, Thos. TWIFORD, Mathias TAYLOR (sic). May Term 1840. Registered June 16, 1840.

No part of these deed abstracts may be used for any commercial purposes. However, please feel free to copy any of this material for your own personal use and family research. If you find anything in these deeds that pertains to your families, I would strongly suggest that you either order a copy of the deed from the county or look at a copy of the microfilm on your own to check for errors or possibly other additional and helpful information.




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