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Currituck County, North Carolina
Deed Book 15 (1815-1822)

[Deed Book 15; pg. 18] Patent granted to Willoughby TAYLOR. Fifty shillings for every hundred acres. Sixteen acres. Lying in Currituck. Bounded by Amos GRAY, said Willoughby TAYLOR, and Thomas POYNER's patent. Entered 31 Jul 1816. By Command, Will. MILLER; Wm. HILL, Secretary Registered 7 Jun 1817.

[Deed Book 15; pg. 33] Patent granted to James DOXEY. Fifty shillings for every hundred acres. Bounded by James DOXEY and Benjamin TATUM. Seventeen acres lying in the County of Currituck near Currituck Inlet. Entered 16 Dec 1816. By command, John BRANCH; William HILL, Secretary.

[Deed Book 15; pg. 39] State of North Carolina to Isaac CASEY and Josiah TAYLOR. Fifty shillings per every hundred acres. One hundred thirty eight acres lying in CoinJock(sic) in Currituck County by Holoway BEASLEY corner. Entered 31 Dec 1816. By Command, John BRANCH, Wm. HILL, Secretary. Registered 25 Aug 1819.

[Deed Book 15; pg. 44] State of North Carolina to Thomas TAYLOR. Fifty shillings for every hundred acres. Twenty three acres in Currituck in Coin Jock District by Thomas TAYLOR new patent and Adam POYNER's patent. Entered 17 Dec, unclear year. By Command , John BRANCH; Wm. HILL, Secretary, Registered 26 Aug 1819.

[Deed Book 15; pg. 59-60] Hillary WHITE Bill of Sale To Jessa COFFEE. Jesse COFFEE of Hyde Co. $400. One negro woman by the name of Rachel and boy by the name of Joshua. February 5th 1819. s/ Hillary WHITE. Wit.: Malachi JONES, Joshua (his x mark) WHITE, Wm. WILLIAMS. Nov. Term 1819; Recorded July the 8 day 1820.

[Deed Book 15?; p. 62?] Richard DOUGH deed of gift to Susannah MURRELL. "In concideration of the love good will and affection which I have had and yet do have toward to and for my daughter SUSANNAH MURRELL wife of NATHAN MURRELL of the county and state aforsaid do grant give and convey unto my said daughter SUSANNAH MURRELL a certain negro girl by the name of Matilda." s/ Richard DOUGH; Witness: William CHAPLIN, Frederic H. MELVIN. April 14, 1821; May Term 1822. Proven in open court by the oath of Frederic H. MELVIN and S. SALYEAR. Registered January the 11th day 1823 Dennis DOZIER. [Note: I'm unsure of the location of this deed. Could be DB16 or 17.]

[Deed Book 15; pg. 72-73]  Mar. 1, 1820 - Isaac BAXTER Sheriff of Currituck County and Thomas TILLETT SEN. of Currituck. By a writ of Firie Fecias issued County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions held on the last Monday in May 1818, I was commanded that of the goods and chattels lands and tenements of Thomas BROWN decd., in care of the heirs at law of said decd. By Joseph FEREBEE chareman, I am to cause to be made the sum of Fifty Pounds with interest Luke BROWN recovered against them for damages as also the sum of Twenty Eight Pounds Two Shillings and Ten pence for cost and charges by him in his suit expended. Amount is to be rendered before Justices of Court of Currituck on last Monday in August.  /s/ I. BAXTER

[Deed Book 15; pg. 72-73]  Also two other Fi Fais at the instance of Isaac LAMB & wife us the heirs at law of Thos. BROWN decd. Of the same tenor and date issued 26th June 1818 of the sum of Fifteen Pounds Fourteen Shilling and a penny with interest etc. an Judgment and Twelve Pounds Twelve and Six pence tax, cost beside Shff fees etc. also one other Fi Fe at the instance of Bowen GREEN adms. The same tenor and date and issued as the latter for the sum of One Pound Eleven shillings and one penny Judgment with interest thereon & also one other Fi Fe at same instance B. GREEN admis. A. TILLETT plaintiff with the same date issued as the other for Thirteen Pounds Two Shillings and Three pence Judgement with interest thereon & Six Pounds Six and Three pence tax cost & Shff. Fees & one at the instance of Jasper PICKETT in the same of the same tenor date and issued for Six Pounds Five Shillings Judgement with same tenor & date and Six Pounds Eight Shillings and Three Pence tax cost besides Shff fees for this service . I,  Isaac BAXTER Shff in obedience of several writs Fe Fa did enter upon and take possession of a parsel of land whereon the said Thos. BROWN decd. lived, other sufficient property being not to be found. Said land is situated in Currituck bounded as follows: beginning in the dividing line between John C. DOUGH and the above mentioned land down in the swamp near the marsh beginning at a gum various measurements to a small red oak near James THOs? fence various measurements to a red oak at Richard DOUGHs fence various measurements to Joshua GIBBINS line back to first station containing 100 acres with all appertenances. After due and legal notice by advertising did expose the same to sale by way of publick vendue when and whare Thomas TILLETT appeared and bid the sum of (left blank) of per acre and was the highest and best bidder. In consideration of the sum of (left Blank) paid by the said Thomas TILLETT I did sell above mentioned land to him.  /s/ I. BAXTER  Recorded July 25, 1820.

[Deed Book 15; pg. 74-75]  Mar. 1, 1820 - John POYNER sold to Samuel FEREBEE SEN. both of Currituck, for $10,00, a parcel of land in Currituck beginning at said FEREBEEs corner of a ditch in his back or Northermost line of the land he bought of Jeremiah MERCER SEN. Decd. thence running a straight course with said ditch Eastwardly until it intersect FEREBEEs line and thence westwardly with said line to a beach a corner between said FEREBEE and POYNER as made in the division of the land formerly belonged to LINTONs heirs thence Northerly to the first station containing One acre, it being a part of the land that formerly belonged to Thos. MERCER, SEN., decd. and by him left in his will to Thos. MERCER & Ruth BELL and by Ruth BELL conveyed to the said John POYNER. /s/ John PINER.  Witnesses:  Phillip DOZIER, Jeremiah MERCER, Wm. BELL.  Recorded July 25, 1820.

[Deed Book 15; pg. 75-76]  Dec. 2, 1819 - Nicholas ALLISON sold to Patrick NORTHERN, both of Currituck, for $325.00, a tract of land of Olliff ALLISON decd. Bounded beginning at a post a dividing line between ALLISON and the children of Jeremiah SEXTON thence running down ALLISON lane to the main road thence down road to Patrick NORTHERN line thence down said line to a chinquapin post thence down SEXTON line to first station to contain 13 acres.  /s/ Nicholas ALLISON.  Witnesses:  Thomas LUFFMAN, Clemon WILLIAMSON.  Registered: July 25, 1820.

[Deed Book 15; pg. 76-77]  Feb. 29, 1820 - Clemon WILLIAMSON and Elizabeth WILLIAMSON sold to Patrick NORTHERN for $43.50, a certain parcel of land in Moyock beginning at a corner chinquapin post between Clemon WILLIAMSON and Gideon HAYMAN running South course to the back line between Clemon WILLIAMSON and the heirs of Thomas ALLISON, decd, thence down a line of marked trees to Patrick NORTHERNs line thence down said NORTHERN line first station containing 2 acres.  /s/ Clemon WILLIAMSON, Elizabeth WILLIAMSON.  Witness: T. BAXTER.  Registered: July 25, 1820.

[Deed Book 15; pg. 77-78]  Dec. 2, 1819 - Nicholas ALLESON sold to Clemon WILLIAMSON for $35.00, a certain parcel of land which Thomas ALLESON decd. Purchased of Aaron BRIGHT decd adjoining the lands of said Aaron BRIGHT decd and Olliff ALLASON, decd.  /s/ Nicholas ALLASON.  Witnesses: Thomas LUFFMAN, Patrick NORTHERN.  Registered: July 25, 1820

[Deed Book 15; pg. 78-79]  Feb. 14, 1820 - John T. HAMPTON sold to  WILLIAM BALL for $300.00, a certain parcel of land bounded as follows beginning at a white oak at the main road Ann POYNERs corner thence running Northwardly with the main road to Hosea BALLs line thence with his line West to main Deep Swamp thence South binding Main Swamp on the West side of Beach Ridge and Oak Ridge to Samuel POYNERs line thence running Eastwardly with said line to Malachi FORBES line thence running North binding of said FORBES and Ann POYNER line to the costway road then binding said road to the first station containing 150 acres.  /s/ John T. HAMPTON.  Witness: E. BALL, Lemuel BALL. Recorded July 27, 1820.

[Deed Book 15; pg. 79-80]  June 28, 1819 - William HOLT and Sarah HOLT his Wife of Princess Anne Co., Virginia sold to James,  John & Nathaniel P. TATUM of the County of Norfolk State of Virginia for $1400.00 paid by TATUM for a certain parcel of land situate in County of Currituck beginning at a post at the intersection of Kedar T. MERCHANTs line with the Province line and running due West to a post standing in the line of the lands held by the heirs of Colos. Josiah BUTT decd thence turning and runing Southwardly by said BUTTs line to the percoson near the Beaver Dams thence various courses of and binding on said percoson crossing the causeway leading to slab piece landing to the afsd Kedar T. MERCHANT line thence running nearly a North course up Kedar T. MARCHANT line to the first beginning containing 400 acres together with 250 acres of percosen and marsh land attached to and adjoining the above mentioned tract of land and bounded Southwardly by the North West River.   /s/  William HOLT, Salley HOLT.  Witnesses: Joab LOREY, George CORPREW, Fredrick MUNDAYRecorded: July 27, 1820.

[Deed Book 15; pg. 100] Hollowell THOMPSON to Samuel THOMPSON. 1 Mar 1820. One hundred and ? dollars. Land in Currituck in the division of the lands of Jesse HALSTEAD; lands he transferred to James DOXEY; to Unice HALSTEAD. /s/ Hollowell THOMPSON, Alice(?) (x-her mark) THOMPSON. Witness, David JONES. February Term 1820. Registered 11 Aug 1820.

[Deed Book 15; pg. 108] Enoch STEPHENS to William THOMSON. 28 Dec 1819. Both of Currituck. One hundred and fifty dollars. Land in Currituck formerly belonged to John STEBISON (?). Bounded by Samuel ONEAL; James POYNER; John FISHER. Eleven acres. /s/ Enoch STEVENS. Witness, Hugh WILLIAMSON. February Term 1820. Registered 26 Aug 1820.

 [Deed Book 15; pg. 111] Edward HARDY & ux Bill of Sale To Jessa COFFEE & M. J. WHITE. Edward HARDY and Lydia HARDY admst. on the Estate of Thomas BRAY decd. publeak Sale on the 25 day of September in the Year of our Lord 1819 ... one negro man Jack belonging to the Estate of Said decd. and Jessa COFFEE and Malachi J. WHITE came forward and bid the Sum of four hundred and fifty dollars for said negro Jack. s/ Edward HARDY, admst. in write of Law, Lydia HARDY admst. Wit.: Henry WHITE, JUN., C. W. HARDY. Feby Term 1820; Recorded August 27, 1820.

[Deed Book 15; pg. 116] Willoughby STEVENS power of attorney to Mitchell SIMMONS. 23 Nov 1819. /s/ Willoughby STEPHENS (sic). Witnesses, Jas. NICHOLSON, Sinthia SIMMONS. February Term 1820. Registered 28 Aug 1820.

[Deed Book 15; pg. 151] Major WHITEHURST Bill of Sale to Jesse COFFEE. Both of Currituck. Two hundred dollars. One negro girl by the name of Judy. 6 May 1820. /s/ Major WHITEHURST  Witness, Henry WHITE, JUN. May Term 1820. Recorded 20 Nov 1820.

[Deed Book 15; pg. 152] Major WHITEHURST Bill of Sale to Hillary WHITE. Both of Currituck. Three hundred dollars. Negro woman by the name of Lydia. 19 Apr 1820. /s/ Major WHITEHURST  Witnesses, Jesse COFFEE, Henry WHITE, JUN. May Term 1820. Recorded 20 Nov 1820.

[Deed Book 15; pg. 156] Leven BALLANCE deed of gift to Willoughby White BALLANCE.  Leven of Currituck. Love, good will and affection I have for my son Willougbhy White BALLANCE. Land in Currituck, one hundred address. Bordered by William B? line; James WHITE line; Even MILLER's patent; Leven BALLANCE line. /s/ Leven (x-his mark) BALLANCE. Witnesses, Benjamin C. KALLAM, Major WHITEHURST. May Term 1820. Recorded 20 Nov 1820.

[Deed Book 15; pg. 157] Sarah TAYLOR Bill of Sale to Willis D. BARNARD. County listed as Pasquotank County, Recorded 25 Oct 1820. Two hundred fifty dollars. Two negro men, Abraham, Lamb. /s/ Sarah (x-her mark) TAYLOR. Witness, Timothy (x-his mark) GREGORY, William MARPHALAY(?). 6 Nov 1820 (Recorded?) No Court Term mentioned.

[Deed Book 15; pg. 171] Permelia CAPPS deed to James COWELL. 28 Jun 1812. Both of Currituck. Thirty nine dollars. Land in Currituck near the head of Cowells Creek bounded by said CAPPS corner; said COWELLs line that he bought of Caleb SEARS. Thirteen acres. /s/ Permelia (x-no mention of his or her mark), Peggy CAPPS. Witness, Caleb GLASGOW, Solomon BRIGHT, JUN. August Term 1820. Recorded 28(?) Dec 1820.

[Deed Book 15; pg. 197] Daniel WHITEHURST and William STONE to Dennis SIMMONS. WHITEHURST and STONE of Princess Ann County, Virginia and SIMMONS of Currituck. 11 Sep 1820 ? hundred dollars. Certain indenture bearing the date of 10 Feb 1818. /s/ William STONE. Witnesses, J.J. (?) BURROUGHS, Samuel BEASLEY, B.C. KALLAM. November Term 1820. Records 16 Feb 1821.

[Deed Book 15; pg. 209] Dory DAUGE Deed to Lemuel TAYLOR. 20 Sep 1820. One hundred fifty dollars. Land in Currituck "beginning at a chinquipin a corner tree between Dory DAUGE and Lemuel TAYLOR"; also bounded by Evan SOLES. Fifteen acres. /s/ Dory DAUGE. Witnesses, Thos. MORSE, James BRABBELL. November Term 1820. Recorded 21 Feb 1821.

[Deed Book 15; pg. 210] James CHAPLIN attorney of Bethany TAYLOR deed to Samuel SALYEAR, JUN. All of Currituck. 12 May 1820. "James value of an power attorney given him by Bethina TAYLOR of the County aforesaid of the one part and Samuel SALYEAR JUN..."  (Her name is written variously as "Bethany," "Bethena" and "Bethire" in the deed.)  Six dollars. Land in Currituck being one undivided fifth part of the land belonged to my father John TAYLOR reference to his last will..." containing 10 acres of land." [right part of page not filmed]. /s/ James CHAPLIN. Witnesses, Powers POYNER, Jesse POYNER. November Term 1820. Recorded 21 Feb 1821.

[Deed Book 15; pg. 218] State of North Carolina to Mary TAYLOR. Ten dollars per every hundred acres. Sixty seven and a half acres. Land in Coinjock. No adjoining property owners appear to be listed. /s/ J. FRANKLIN By Command: Wm. HILL, Secretary. Mary TAYLOR relinquishes patent to Isaac CASEY. /s/ Mary (x-her mark) TAYLOR. 15 Jan 1820(?). Recorded 21 Mar 1821.

[Deed Book 15, pg. ?] Mary & John TAYLOR to Isaac CASEY - Jan. 15, 1821. Mary & her brother, John TAYLOR sell 67 acres to Isaac CASEY bordering BURTON's line. Wit. E. BALL. Jurat: Spence ONEAL. __ BAXTER CC. Dennis DOZIER PR.

[Deed Book 15; pg. 221] Bethia TAYLOR power of attorney to James CHAPLIN. TAYLOR of Currituck. Appoints James CHAPLIN my true and lawful attorney. Any money still may remain due to me [Bethia] from Mr. Edward HARDY my former guardian. All parts or parcels of land or property as may belong to me.25 Apr 1820. /s/ Bethear (x-her mark) TAYLOR. Solomon CHAPLIN witnessed. Registered April 1820.

[Deed Book 15; pg. 225] William COFFEE Bill of Sale to Samuel DOWDIE. Feb. 27, 1821. Three hundred and Twenty Five Dollars. One negro woman by the name of Vilett and her child by the name of Grace. Vilett aged forty five years or there abouts the child named Grace aged ten years or there about. /s/ Wm. COFFEE. Witness: J. WHITEHALL. Acknowledged Feb. Term 1821. Registered May 12, 1821.

[Deed Book 15; pg. 225-226] June 20, 1814 - John BRUMSEY sold to Benjamin RUSSELL, for $270.00, for one negro woman by name of Tallecan and child by name of George.  Witness: S. Sawyer, J. LindseyRegistered: May 12, 1821.

[Deed Book 15; pg. 226] John W. HUGHS Bill of Sale to William DOXEY. HUGHS of Currituck. James WILLIAMS involved in a complaint of debt. Twenty five dollars and five cents. 19 Mar 1819. Judgment 19 Jan 1820. John W. HUGHS constable. David MORSE mentioned. William DOXEY bid for said negro boy Jack the sum of twenty five dollars.  Witness, S. FEREBEE. 27 Nov 1820. November Term 1820. [some microfilming so poor after this section, unclear what the deeds say]

[Deed Book 15; pg. 229] Jesse COFFEE Mortgage Bill of Sale to Malechi JONES. Jesse COFFEE of Hide [Hyde] County. One Thousand Eight hundred dollars as is Specified in a deed of Trust by me made to me in hand paid by Malechi JONES planter... two negros one woman named Rachel and her Son a boy named Joshua ... provided always that if I the Said Jesse COFFEE ...cause to be paid unto the Said Malechi JONES his heirs and assigns the Sum of one thousand Eight Hundred dollars on or before the 10 day of August in the year of 1820 as is Specifed in a deed of Trust by me made to Said JONES for redemption of the negro Rachel and Joshua then this present Bill of Sale to be void ... 10th day of February 1819. /s/ Jesse COFFEE {Seal}. Wit.: Jno B. JONES, Leven WATTERS, John SIMMONS. Feb. Term 1821; May 15, 1821.

[Deed Book 15; pg. 233] January 11, 1821 - We Thomas EVERTON, Charles GRIGGS, Peter PARKER have jointly entered into agreement respecting the premises on the Land Beach whare Mr. Thomas EVERTON patented and whare the Salt Water is fit for making salt. We do mutally agree that we and our heirs are to make use of the Salt Water jointly and for neither of us to put more vats for the purpose of making Salt, one more than the other but to boil what each one of us can & neither of us to settle any family on the premises without the concent of the others. The person or heirs failing this agreement shall forfeit to the others the sum of $2000.  Witness Thos. POYNER; Recorded May 17, 1821

[Deed Book 15; pg. 253] Mary and John TAYLOR Deed to Isaac CASEY. January(?), 13(?), ? Unclear. /s/ Mary(x-her mark) TAYLOR, John (x-his mark) TAYLOR. Witnesses, ? BALL, Spence ONEAL. February Term 1821. Recorded May(?) 1821.

[Deed Book 15; pg. 254] Frances and James NICHOLSON deed to Thomas MILLER. NICHOLSONs of Currituck. Fifty dollars. Frances (?) (x-her mark) NICHOLSON James NICHOLSON. Witnesses, Maxey WALKER, Isaac GALLOP. February Term 1821. Recorded 22 May 1821 (much of deed text unclear).

[Deed Book 15; pg. 264-265] Jesse COFFEE Deed in Trust to Malachi JONES. Feb. 10, 1819. Jesse COFFEE of Hyde Co. $1,800. All that messuage and tenement and all the land which the afsd. Jessa COFFEE purchased of him the Said Malachi JONES as bounded in a deed from JONES to COFFEE baring date the tenth of February 1819. On Knotts Island...upon condition that if COFFEE pays Malechi JONES $1,800 by the tenth of August 1820...s/ Jefse COFFEE. Wit.: Jno. B. JONES, Leven WATTERS, John SIMMONS. Feby Term 1821. Recorded May the 23 day 1821.

[Deed Book 15; pg. 291] Robert WHITE to Benjamin TAYLOR. 2 Jun 1821. Both of Currituck. five hundred and twelve dollars and fifty cents. Land bounded by Thomas GRAY line; Benjamin TAYLORs line. Fifty and one fourth acres. /s/ Robert WHITE. Witnesses, E. BALL, S. ONEAL. August Term 1821. Recorded 30 Jan(?) 1822.

[Deed Book 15; pg. 306] Lemuel TAYLOR and Sarah his wife to Nathan ROBERTSON. 27 Nov 1819. Lemuel TAYLOR and Sarah his wife of Roan (sic) County. ROBERTSON of Currituck County. One hundred fifty dollars. Land in Currituck near Coinjock Bridge. By Courtney NICHOLSON's line. Further description of boundaries illegible. /s/ Lamb TAYLOR. Sarah (x-her mark) TAYLOR. Witnesses, Benjamin TAYLOR, John T. (?) BROOK(?) February (?) Term 1822. Proved in open court by the oath of Benjamin TAYLOR. Unclear registration date.

[Deed Book 15; pg. 317] Major WHITEHURST to William BONNY. 25 Aug 1821. Both of Currituck. One hundred silver dollars. Land on Knotts Island bounded by said BONNEY; LINDSAY; Caleb DUDLEY; Cornelius JONES. Five acres. /s/ Major WHITEHURST. Witness, Henry ANSELL. November Term 1821. 9 May 1822.

[Deed Book 15; pg. 331] Gideon BONNEY to James WHITEHUST. 19 May 1821. Both of Currituck. Forty five dollars and fifty cents. Land on Knotts Island bounded by Michael WATERFIELD. Three acres. /s/ Gideon BONNEY. Witness, William BONNEY SEN. (?), Benj. C. KALLAM. November Term 1821 (?). Registered 15 May 1822 (sic).

[Deed Book 15; pg.  343] Joseph SIMMONS et al to Joshua TAYLOR. 2 Nov 1821. From Joseph SIMMONS, Thos. SIMMONS, Lydia POYNER, Charlotte SIMMONS, Samuel SIMMONS, Samuel ONEAL and Edney his wife, Maximillon FISHER and Sarah his wife and Nathan ROBERTSON and Julia his wife, all of Currituck, and Joshua TAYLOR of Currituck. Three hundred dollars. Land in Coinjock adjoining land of Joshua(?) FISHER, Caleb ETHERIDGE, Coinjock Bay, and the main road. Forty acres. part of the land that fell to them by the death of John SIMMONS(?), deceased. /s/ Edney (x) ONEAL, Maximillion (x-his mark) FISHER, Sarah FISHER, Nathan ROBINSON, Julia (x-her mark) ROBINSON, Lydia (x-her mark) POYNER, Joseph SIMMONS, Thomas SIMMONS, Charlotte (x-her mark) SIMMONS, Samuel SIMMONS, Sarah FISHER, Samuel ONEAL. Witness, Spence ONEAL. November Term 1821. Registered 22 May 1822 ends at p.354

No part of these deed abstracts may be used for any commercial purposes. However, please feel free to copy any of this material for your own personal use and family research. If you find anything in these deeds that pertains to your families, I would strongly suggest that you either order a copy of the deed from the county or look at a copy of the microfilm on your own to check for errors or possibly other additional and helpful information.




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