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Currituck County, North Carolina
Deed Book 1 (1756 - 1773)

[Deed Book 1, pg. 10] A deed from Evan MILLER to Thomas MILLER, dated November 13, 1761, was witnessed by Jonah NICHOLSON in Currituck County. Also witnessing was Mel (?) DOUGLAS. Recorded the first Tuesday in January, 1762.

[Deed Book 1, pg. 22] On October 7, 1761, Josiah NICHOLSON and Willis ETHERIDGE witnessed a deed from William CHITTIM to John CHITTIM. "Signed, sealed, and delivered in the presence of Willis ETHERIDGE and Josiah NICHOLSON."

[Deed Book 1, pg. 27] On December 25, 1761, Josiah NICHOLSON (he signed his name while others used an X), witnessed a deed from Evan MILLER, SENIOR to Evan MILLER, JUNIOR. The other two witnesses were Grace POYNER and Elender (x - her mark) ETHERIDGE.

[Deed Book 1, pg. 37] On May 30, 1768 Christopher O'NEAL, planter of Currituck County, sold to Thomas OLIVER of Currituck County, for 50 pounds proclamation money, 100 acres on Hatteras Banks near the plantation where said Thos. OLIVER now lives.  Wit: William B. QUIDLEY, John WHIDBEE.

[Deed Book 1, pg. 57] On December 20, 1762, Josiah NICHOLSON and Thomas PARKER witnessed a deed from Evan MILLER to Thomas MILLER. The property was bounded by John BALLANCE and CHITTEM's line. 238 acres. Registered October 10, 1763.

[Deed Book 1, pg. 61] On May 3, 1762, Josiah NICHOLSON, JUN. and Solomon ETHERIDGE witnessed a deed from Evan MILLER and his wife Dinah to Thomas PARKER. The deed references the "great swamp", and Thompson's Corner. "Signed, sealed, and delivered in the presence of Josiah NICHOLSON, JUN. and Solomon ETHERIDGE."

[Deed Book 1, pg. 71] On January 3, 1763, Josiah NICHOLSON witnessed a deed from William WARD to Joseph Poyner. One hundred pounds. Surveyed and patented by Samuel SIMMONS, late of Currituck. Bounded by D. POYNER's land, and S. PATTEN. Also witnessed by Hilary SIMMONS. Registered, July 16, 1763.

[Deed Book 1, pg. 80-81] William MEEKINS, planter of Currituck Co.,  "for and in consideration of the love and affection and divers other good causes and consideration me therefore moving, have given, granted, made over and confirmed unto my well beloved son Jacob MEEKINS" a parcel of land lying on Chicknacomack Banks in Currituck County containing 50 acres, it being one-half of the land that I purchased of Christopher BUTLER?, son of Jacob BUTLER?, who purchased the said land of Thomas ONEAL and this 50 acres hereby given is the northernmost part of said land.  This deed of gift was made March 28, 1763.  /s/ William [W] MEEKINS.  Witnesses: Josa. CAMPBELL; Jemima [her mark] MEEKINS.  Registered: June 27, 1763.

[Deed Book 1, pp. 101 and 103] James ODOWDY, SR. to Robert WHITEHALL, SR. both of Currituck. Robert WHITEHALL is identified as "Collector of His Majestys Customs"; 20 pounds; October 8, 1762; Land in Currituck in the Grant of Earl Granville heretofore given and granted to Robert WHITEHALL, SENR. & assigned to the said James ODOWDEE, SENR. by the said Robert WHITEHALL by deed March 10, 1762; containing 200 acres as expressed in the receipted indenture and the bounds therein mentioned; & the said James ODOWDY hath granted bargained and sold the 200 acres to Robert WHITEHALL, SENR.; signed James (his "CF" mark) ODOWDY; witnesses: James ODOWDY, JUNR., Robert WHITEHALL, JUNR., Joseph (his "I" mark) BURNET, Thos. JARVES. Proved by oath of Thomas JARVES and registered July 27, 1763; Wit.: Wm. MEARNS C.C.   Image available

[Deed Book 1, pp. 104 and 105] On February 15, 1763 Christopher NEAL of Craven County sold to Henry CLARK of Currituck County, for 5 pounds proclamation money, 50 acres of land on Hatteras Banks bound on the east by James C ____AL, on the west by the line of the land sold by said NEAL to Stephen BROOKS, being part of a patent for 200 acres formerly granted to the said NEAL.  Wit: Stephen BROOKS, Jacob FARROW.  Registered: July 27, 1763

[Deed Book 1, pg. 164] On September 9, 1763, John NICHOLSON entered an indenture with Reuben BALL for ninety-nine years of rents on land in Currituck bounded by John EADY, Nathan POYNER, and Joel POYNER. This deed was witnessed by Josiah NICHOLSON and Bethiah NICHOLSON. In the October Court 1763 this was proved by the oath of Josiah NICHOLSON, and registered May 15, 1764.

[Deed Book 1, pg. 186] There was a deed dated January 27, 1764 from William WILLIAMSON to his daughter Elizabeth, witnessed by Josiah NICHOLSON. The land was bounded by John THOMPSON.

[Deed Book 1, pg. 194-195] John MANN of Currituck County, sold to John PAINE of Currituck County, for 20 pounds proclamation money, a parcel of land situated on the N.W. end of Roanoke Island in Currituck County adjoining Johns Ridge, containing 50 acres.  This indenture was made Sept. __, 1766.  /s/ John MANN; Mary [x] MANN.  Witnesses: Thomas RUSSELL; Joseph MANN.  Registered: June 2, 1767.





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