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North Carolina Higher Court Minutes
Source: The Colonial Records - Higher Court Records (1697-1701)


July 9 1700.  Mr. Godfrey SPRUILL Chururgion Plaintiff versus Abraham LEWIS Mariner of Curratuck Defendant in a plea of Debt and complains that the said Abraham LEWIS stands Justly Indebted to the plaintiff in the sum of Twenty Eight pounds Eleven shillings and Nine pence (as by Bill under hand and seale my appeare) and which to render he Doth refuse to the plaintiffs Damage fifty pounds sterling for which he brings his Action and prays Judgment for same with Costs of sute and shall pray etc.

August 1st 1700.  Mr. Wm. BRAY Comes by Mr. Rich. PLATER his Attorney to prosecute his sute against James TOOK and John TOOK Executors of the Last Will and Testament of Joseph COMANDER Deceased And says the Estate of Joseph COMANDER stands Indebted to the plaintiff in the sum of (blank) and the Defendants Comes By Mr. John PORTER theire Attorney and saith that the said BRAY his action ought not to have for and that The same action was brought by the Plaintiff against the Defendants in the precinct Court of Pascotank and that the Plaintiff then and there became Nonsuite and the Nonsuite being not yet satisfied they pray to be Dismist. Ordered that the action be dismist and the plaintiff pay Cost alias Execution.

August 6 1700.  On Petition of Wm. BRAY Ordered that James TOOKE and John TOOK pay to Wm. BRAY the sum of seaven pounds with Costs as soon as they shall have Assetts alias Execution.

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