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North Carolina Higher Court Minutes
Source: The Colonial Records - Higher Court Records (1670-1696)
Editor: Mattie Erma Edwards Parker


8th day of Aprill 1696.  Upon Information of Mr. Forster JERVIS that Major WATKINS seated a certain plantation in Currituck precinct and is deceased having no heir nor any person to make Claim. Ordered that the Honorable Danl. AKEHURST esqr. Escheator Cause Mr. Rich. SANDERSON JUNIOR, Mr. Tho. VANDERMULEN, Thomas TAYLOR, Robert KITCHING and Mr. Richard HARRIS or any three of them to apprise the labour and improvement done upon the said Plantation and returne therof to make to the next Palatines Court.  /s/ W. GLOVER  Clerk

25th day of June 1696.  Wheras it hath been the practice of divers persons in this Government contrary to law to enter upon the Estates of persons deceased by virtue of an order of the precinct Court without commission of administration or Probat of Wills whereby it happens that neither security is Given nor Inventory returned according to law whereby such estates are in danger of being Imbezeled and Creditors and poor orphans defrauded for preventions wherof for the future.  Ordered that if any person for the future having such order for administration doe not sue out their respective Commissions at the next Palatines Court after such order Granted upon such neglect administrations shall be Granted to the next person qualified according to law that shall sue for the same and if any Executor of will and testament Doe not sue out their probat at the next Palatines Court after proofe of such Will is made such Executor shall be Cited to appear at the next Palatines Court after such default and it is further ordered that the Clerk of every precinct Court doe forthwith returne into the Secretarys office Certificate of every administration that is Granted and of every will that is proved in their respective Courts.  /s/ W. GLOVER  Clerk

 September the 9th 1696.  Mr. GLOVER, Ser after my Kinde Love to you and your Good wife these few lines aier to aquaint you that I left a noat with Mr. John BARROW for you but I suppose that you did not Come that way back if you have not Given out the summonses all Redy Pray Give them to this Barror John CLARKE thaier must be one summons for Henry SLADE and one for Richard SANDORSON Juner and one for Thomas YONGE it is in a diforance between the Lords proprietors and Amy JONSTON and to appear the second day of the General Court you may in Close them in a pece of papor and derect it to the Deboty Marchall of Coretock pray faill me not so I rest your Humbell Sarvant.  /s/ Anthony DAWSON

Permission kindly given by Donna E. Kelly, Administrator Historical Publications Section N.C. Office of Archives and History Department of Cultural Resources, Raleigh, NC.  Be sure to visit their publications site at:  These records were submitted by Judy BrickhouseNo part of these records may be used for any commercial purposes. However, please feel free to copy any of this material for your own personal use and family research.




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