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Currituck County Court Records
(Currituck County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions Minutes)
NC State Archives Microfilm Reel #C.030.30003


Currituck Co., Monday, May 27, 1838
Justices present: Caleb Etheridge, Wm. S. Wilson, Davis B. Morse, John Humphries, Alfred Perkins, James Bell, John B. Jones, Henry White, John Forbes, William Ball, Caleb T. Chaplain, William A. Jarvis, Joseph Owens (?), Isaac Tillett, Joshua Harrison, Thomas Twiford, William Guard, Arthur Etheridge, and Adam Etheridge Esquires.

...proceed to the election of a Clerk to fill the the death of John W. Hughs decd. former Clerk when Benjamin T. Simmons appeared without opposition and was duly appointed...after taking the several oaths...and giving the...bonds required...entered upon his official duties.

...County Tax 30 cents on the Pole and 10 cts on each hundred dollars worth of land.

Parrish Tax 20 cts on the Pole and 10 cts on each hundred dollars worth of land, magistrates and freeholders to receive the list of Taxables and Hold Elections.

Moyock -- James Fisk Esqr., John W. Willson and Peter Barnard.
Tuls Creek -- Davis Morse, Wols Bray and Israel Fanshaw.
Indian Ridge -- Alfred Perkins, Samuel Etheridge and Tulley L. Dozier.
Court House -- Caleb Etheridge, James M. Land and Caleb Etheridge (sic).
Cowenjock -- William Ball Esqr., John Forbes and Samuel B. Dozier.
Narrows Shore -- Caleb T. Chaplin, Josiah Jones and John Bunnel.
Popular Branch -- William A. Jarves, Banester Jarves and Thomas Griggs.
Powels Pointe -- Isaac Tillett Esqr., William Harrison, Mathias Toller.
Roanoake Island -- Arthur Etheridge, John B. Etheridge and Tart Etheridge.
North Banks -- Thomas Twiford, William Guard and Aberh. Baum.

...Proceded to Ellect a commissioner Wrecks for the 2 district. Candidates William Woodhouse, Samuel Jarves & Thos. Williams...William Woodhouse was duely Ellected.

Ordered that Nancey Culpeper be allowed the usal allowance for the maintanance of a Bastard child begotten on her boddy by Duren Garret to be had quarterly.

Ordered that John C. Hetfield, James Williams, Davis B. Morse and Caleb Etheridge be audit and settle the a/c and vouchers of John Bunnill Administrator on the Estate of Jesse Lee and Report to our next County Court.

Ordered that Joshua Harrison, Alfred Harrison, Zachariah Owens and Caleb T. Sawyer be appointed to audit and settle the accounts...of Solo. Baum Admr. of Benjamin Baum and make report...

Ordered Adam Etheridge, John B. Etheridge and Arthur Etheridge be appointed Patrol comittee.

Ordered that Joshua Harrison, William Harrison and Hogges Gallop audit...accounts...of Zachariah Owens Administrator of Abel Owens...

Ordered that the Clerk Ishue no Si Fa against Joseph Grimstead Guardian to Betsey Ansell to compel him to renew his Guard. bond.

Ordered that John C. Hetfield Esqr., Davis Morse Esqr. and Hollo. Williams lay off and set apart to Mariah Lee her years provision out of the Crop and Stock of her Husbands Estate and make report...

Ordered that Isaac N. Baxter, Joshua Baxter, Thomas W. Hughs and James Williams be appointed Patrols for the Court House Dist.

Ordered that James Doxey (?) be exempt from Given in negro Slave by the name Andr. he being an idiott.

Ordered that William S. Wilson, John N. Wilson, William Northan and Peter Barnard audit...accounts...of William Jones Administrator of Henry Bright decd. & make report.

Ordered that John B. Jones Esqr., Henry White Esqr., Mala Ansel, Joshua Doser (?) and Caleb Ansell lay off and set apart unto Sally Waterfield widow of James Waterfield her years provision...

Ordered that Alexander Daley(?) be appointed Overseer of the Main Road on the Narrow Shore leading from John Bunnels Gate to Mason W. Parker north line with one half of the Larrell Swamp in room of William Woodhouse Jur. former overseer.

Ordered that Davis B. Morse, Tulley L. Dozier, Alfred Perkins and James Bell...audit...accounts...of Samuel Ferebee Admr. on the estate Thomas Baxter decd...

Ordered that Wilson Ballence be appointed guardian to James Ballence Ser. his father in Room of James Ballence Jur. and entered into bond with (blank) suretys for the sum of three thousand dollars it appearing to the satisfaction of the court that the said James Ballence is non compes mentus [non compos mentis: "Not of sound mind."]

Ordered that William Smith Esqr., John B. Jones Esqr., Jesse White & Henry White audit...accounts...of Zachariah Simmons Admr. on the estate of William Simpson decd....

May 1838
Ordered Ailen Dennis and Dinah Patterson who are bound to Richard Jarvis released from their indentures.

These court records were abstracted / transcribed by Robert Britton and Marty Holland from microfilm of the original records.  No part of these records may be used for any commercial purposes. However, please feel free to copy any of this material for your own personal use and family research. If you find anything in these records that pertains to your families, I would strongly suggest that you look at the microfilm on your own to check for errors or possibly other additional and helpful information. Thank you!




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