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Currituck County Court Records
(Currituck County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions Minutes)


28 February 1814
Ordered that Henry Robbins be appointed guardian to Keziah?/Heziah? Hunt, orphan of Henry Hunt.
    Ordered Zilpha Hunt, daughter of Sidney Hunt deceased, bound to Samuel Padrick.

2 May 1814
    Ann West be allowed sum of 16 pounds for 2 years maintenance of a Bastard Child begotten on her body by David Old per Cur. Ct.
    Ordered that Ann West be allowed the sum of 30 pounds for the maintenance of a bastard child  __ years begotten on her body by John McCoy late dec'd.

29 August 1814
Ordered William Hunt and Polly Hunt, children of Sally Hunt, about or near 2 years old be placed and bound an apprentice until 21 to learn the art of a ship carpenter and Polly to learn a women’s employment. Bond posted by Asa and James Etheridge.
    Ordered that Asa Etheridge be appointed guardian to Stephen Weskitt, Bethany, William, Betsy, and Asa Weskitt orphans of Stephen Weskitt and Chloe Weskitt dec'd who entered into bond with James Etheridge and  John Brumsey securities in the sum of 500 pounds for each orphan.
    Ordered that Burket Guard have the right of admin on the estate of Priscillor Walker dec'd who qualified and  entered into bond with John Daniel and  Thomas Combs in the sum of 100 pounds.

Tuesday, 30  August 1814
The Last Will and Testament of Simeon Sawyer Esq. dec'd. was exhibited in open court and proved by the oath of William Owens a subscribing evidence at the same time Jacob Sawyer Junr Exr. therein qualified thereto.
    Ordered that Jacob Sawyer Junr. be appointed guardian to Daniel Padrick orphan of Danl. Padrick deceased who entered into bond with Daniel Lindsey and Thomas Sanderson securities in the sum of 500 pounds.
    Ordered that Thomas Poyner be permitted to qualify as a secondary Exor. to the said will of Spence Hall Esqr. dec'd. in room of Polly Hall the executor, who now are ______ by her intermarriage under restrictions in the said will &c of Spence Hall.

Monday, November 28, 1814
Ordered that Solomon Chaplin be appointed Guardian to Harriet & Mariah Toler orphans of Mathias Toler Junr. dec'd. who entered into bond with Jesse Barnard and Maxey Taylor securities in the sum of 1,500 pounds.
    Ordered that Joseph Ferebee be appointed G___  _______dentable to the heirs of Susanna Gallop in a suit of Ruth Mercer vs said Susanna Gallop heirs.

Tuesday, November 29 1814
    Ordered that Thomas Garrett, Caleb Forbes, Wm. Gray & Thomas Poyner or any 3 of them appraise and divide the negros belonging to the estate of Spence Hall dec'd. equally according to the said dec'd. Last will & Testament.
    Ordered that Isaac Lamb Sen'r. be appointed guardian to Sidney Hall orphan of Spence Hall dec'd. who entered into bond with John Lamb and Gideon Lamb securities in the sum of 3,000 pounds.  Also guardian to James G. Hall orphan of the said Spence Hall dec'd. re_akable on the return of Alfred M. Gatten who entered into bond with the same securities in the sum of 3,000 pounds.  Also guardian to Jordan Hall orphan of Spence Hall re___kable as afsd. with the same securities in the sum of 3,000 pounds.
    On request of Luke Lamb the elder who were appointed Exr to Tully Dozier his Grand Son and orphan of Lamb Dozier dec'd. He the said Guar'd. declined acting as Guardian relinquished the said Guardianship as the said ____ to Gideon Lamb under the sanction of the court wherein its ordered that Gideon Lamb be appointed Guardian to the said Tully Dozier orphan of the said Lamb Dozier dec'd who entered into bond with Isaac Lamb & John Lamb in the sum of 5,000 pounds.

These court records were abstracted, transcribed and submitted by Robert Britton and Jean Schroeder from microfilm of the original records.  No part of these records may be used for any commercial purposes. However, please feel free to copy any of this material for your own personal use and family research. If you find anything in these records that pertains to your families, I would strongly suggest that you look at the microfilm on your own to check for errors or possibly other additional and helpful information. Thank you!




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