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Currituck County Court Records
(Currituck County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions Minutes)


Monday, February 29, 1808
Court meets and those present included Jesse Taylor and Leml Taylor.
Grand Jury sworn and impannelled, and included Benj. Taylor, Simon Wilson and Joseph Baxter
Ordered that Tho Sanders (Landers?), Jno. Lindsey, Andrew Duke, Leml Taylor be appointed comm with the xxx on the premises in dispute Tho William and Ben Taylor.
Ordered that Joseph Taylor orphan of John Taylor about 10 years old be bound an apprentice to Benjamin Taylor Sen. until he arrives at the age of 21 yrs.
Ordered that Negro prisoners Dick and Cuff be put into the light room above the jail to be sufficiently warmed.

Tues. March 1, 1808
Lemuel Taylor among five men listed as present.
The last will and testament of John Tatum sen. dec was exhibited in open court & proved by the oaths of Dory Douge & Demcy Doxy (sic) witnesses thereto and John Tatum --(?) qualified & --- act of sales & ---.
Ordered that Samuel Salyear have the right of adm on the estate of John Taylor dec who entered into bonds with Caleb Etheridge & Jesse Barnard in L500 and qualified.
Ordered that Saml Salyear Adm of John Taylor sell the perishable estate of said dec. and make return.
Ordered Winifred Etheridge, relic of Barnabee have the right of adm. on her dec. husbands estate who offered Abraham Baum & Frederic Davis securities in the sum of 1000 pounds.

2 Mar 1808
Joseph Ferebee vs. Th. Mercer, Senior
Ordered that Hannah Best orphan of James Best decd. be bound to Wm. Best  & wife until she arrives at the age of 17 years she being about 13 to learn the spinsters art.
Ordered that Simeon Sawyer have right of adm.on the estate of Stephen Weskitt estate with the will annexed, Chloe relic of said decd. having refused to qualify as extr. relinquished her claim in any form of said Simeon, who gave bond with Jehu Hall & Levi W. Hall in 1000 pounds.

Thurs March 3, 1808
Ordered that Wm. Doxy be appointed constable in Tulls Creek District he (?) giving bond with John Doxy & Sanford Doxy in the sum of 250 L.
Andrew Bates vs. Wm Etheridge. Juror #4. L. Taylor.
Demsey Douglas adm vs. Wms & Humphries. Juror #4. L. Taylor.
Ordered that James Doxey have leave to renew his tavern license who gave bond with Simon Matthias & William Brabble (?) of L100.
Ordered that Simon Mathias have leave to renew his tavern license who gave bond with J. Doxey & William Brabble of L100.
Ordered that Wm. Brabble have leave to renew his tavern license who gave bond with J. Doxey and S. Matthias of L100.
Ordered that James Etheridge and James Nicholson be patrolers in the courthouse district.
Ordered that Th. Poyner, L. Taylor, Will White & Hosea Ball or any three of them audit and settle the est. of Will & Max Taylor as exrs of John (Jona?) Taylor decd.

4 Mar 1808
Ordered that Philip Dauge and Peter Barnard be appointed commission in Indian Ridge District.
Joseph Ferebee signed as Justice of the Peace.
James Wilson as administrator of Tatum Wilson dec. Also Charity Wilson dec. And make return.

March 1808
Ordered that Sally Brunt be allowed $5.00 for the 5th years maintenance of a bastard daughter.
Ordered Dorcas Gordon, child of Sally Gordon, bound to William Bray until 21

Deeds exibited, proved and acknowledged in Feb. Term 1808
James Northern to Aaron Bright
Caleb Etheridge Sr. to Sam Ferebee
Chloe Reed to Philip Dauge Sr.
Sam Ferebee to Philip Dauge
Sam Ferebee to Mitchell Simmons

Feb Term 1808
Bill of Sales acknowledged
#4 William Taylor to Lemuel Taylor; jurat (witness?) Anthony Frame. May 31, 1808.
Ordered that Jesse Taylor, John White, Th Bray, and Wm Simpson set off to Mary Williams widow of John Williams of Knotts Isl one years provision for herself & family.
(next item) Ordered that the same persons appraise & divide the negroes of John Williams dec & make return.
Ordered that Wm Bray have leave to keep a tavern as his own house who gave bonds of L100 with Saml Salyear & Benj Taylor.
Ordered that Benj Taylor Sen be appointed guardian to Polly daughter of Edw Walker by her own choice who gave bond of L100 with Saml Salyear & William Gray.
Ordered that Dorcas Gordon, child of Lall(?) Gordon be bound to Wm. Gray & wife until she arrives to the age of 21 yrs who gave bond with James Douge & Ben Taylor in L500.
Leml Taylor and Jesse Taylor were present for the nomination of a Sheriff.
Ordered that Saml Salyear be guardian to Julia & Agnes, orphans of Benj. Taylor dec., he giving bonds with Th Poyner & Benj Taylor of L250 for each orphan.
Ordered that Taff the property of L. Taylor be sold out of the state by consent of his owner.
Ordered that Jesse Barnard be guardian to Barbara & Benj. orphans of Benj Taylor Snr dec who gave bond with Joseph Simmons or Edw Hardy of L250 for each orphan.

May 30, 1808
Ordered that Winney Etheridge be guardian to Winney, Wm., Nancy & Seth orphans of Barnaby Etheridge who gave bond with Solomon Ashbee & James Etheridge in the sum of 1000 pounds for each orphan.

June 2, 1808
Ordered that Hannah Best orphan of James Best decd. who was bound Feb 1808 to Wm. Best & wife be released from her indenture.

June Term
Thos Garat(?) vs. Wm. Taylor.
Ordered that Dorcas Gordon, child of Pale Gordon, be bound to William Gaylord and his wife.
State versus Negroes Cuff and Dick - (indicted for murder) brought to the bar, arraigned, both pled not guilty and were found not guilty by a jury. Both were ordered to be sold out of state.
Ordered that David Daniels advertise and sell on a credit of six months, a Negro man named Luke, in order for a division of the lawful representatives of P. Pugh.
Ordered that Mary Poyner, administrator of Lydia Poyner, sell Negroes Malachi and David to make a division.

Monday, August 29, 1808
Ordered that Edw. Taylor be overseer of the road from Poplar Branch to deep branch.
Ordered that Thos. Sanderson adm to (?) sell all the remainder of the negroes belonging to estate of Ben Taylor dec. for the pay of said dec accts(?).
Ordered that James Nicholson renew his tavern license who gave Dory Douge & James Etheridge sec for L100.

29 Aug 1808 Monday
Ordered that Willis Gallop have the right of administration the estate of Damcy Daugh, Polly the Widow of said dec. having relinquished her right.
Ordered that Willis Gallop be guardn. of Susanna Gallop orpn. of John Gallop agree to her own choice who gave bond with Jehu Hall & Aaron Ballance in the sum of 200 pounds.
Ordered that Leml. Wilson, Edw. Bunnell, Simon Wilson, and Jos. Ballentine or any 3 of them audit and settle the acts of Peter Ballentine adm. of Elisa Ferebee dec. And divide the estate of said dec.
Ordered on motion & by consent of parties that Burkett Guard be guardian to Sally, John & Thomas orphans of Chas. Williams dec. instead of Daniel Williams who gave bond with D. _____ous & Wm. Twiford in 100 pounds.

Deeds exhibited Aug 1808
Sam Ferebee to Ch. Herbert
Fred Nprthern to Simon Wilson

Jurors drawn for Nov Term 1808 include: #5 Ben Taylor.
Ordered that Th Poyner, Th Williams, Th Baxter & Leml Taylor or any 3 of them audit the acts of Th Sanderson, adm of Ben Taylor.
Ordered that Th Sanderson, Saml Ferebee, Saml Salyear Sen, Jos Ferebee, and Wm Tatum be comm(ittee) with the car(?) meet on the premises in dispute between Th. Williams & Ben Taylor Jun & establish the lines & boundaries by sd parties.
Ordered that Jesse Taylor, Dennis Simmons, Thomas Bray & John White to comm to set off to Mary Carroll widow of David Carroll decd so much of the stock so as shall sufficient for her maintenance & family one year.
Ordered that Jesse Taylor privately examine Lydia wife of Michael Waterfield concg a deed given by her & husb to R. Waterford(?).

Tuesday, Nov. 29, 1808
The last will & testament of Isabella Poyner was exhibited & proved by the oath of James Nicholson a subscribing evidence & Tully Flannagan exc therein named qualified.
David Jones vs. Thomas Harry(?). A juror was Ben Taylor.

28 Nov 1808 Monday
Ordered that William Brickhouse have the right of administration on the estate of Caleb Bell dec. Who gave bond.
Ordered Betts Fulford (girl of color), child of Polly Fulford, formerly bound to Eliza Jarvis who is now dead be acquitted from her indenture.

29 November 1808
Ordered Polly Case Owens (10), daughter of Franky Owens, bound to Luke Barnard and wife to learn the trade of a spinster.
Ordered that Daniel child of Dan'l Padric be bound apprentice to Jacob Sawyer his grandfather to learn the trade of a cordwinder, the child being about 9 years old

These court records were abstracted / transcribed and contributed by the following persons: John Laird, Kay Midgett Sheppard, Janice Billy, Robert Britton, Jean Schroeder from microfilm of the original records.  No part of these records may be used for any commercial purposes. However, please feel free to copy any of this material for your own personal use and family research. If you find anything in these records that pertains to your families, I would strongly suggest that you look at the microfilm on your own to check for errors or possibly other additional and helpful information. Thank you!




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