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North Carolina Colonial Records
Source: North Carolina Colonial Records; Vol. 2 (1713-1728)


Friday, Jan. 9, 1712/13 - Whereas information has been made to this Board that Benjamin TULL under the pretense of authority hath Impressd and Killd several Beefs of which he hath rendered noe account and hath in a Contemptable maner abused ye precinct Count of Corratuck and divers other matter of the like nature.  Whereupon it is Ordered by the Board that ye provost marshll or his deputy doe take ye said Benja TULL into his Custody untill he doe give good Security to appeare at ye next Councill to be holden at Capt Jno HECKLEFIELDs on ye third day of ye next Genll Court and in the meanwhile to be of his good behaviour.

Wednesday, Nov. 4, 1713 - Upon petition of Jno WHITBY Showing that his wife who was the Widdow & Relect of Thos RUSSELL Decd Obteyned Orders for Letters of Admtion on ye Estate of her said former husband in ye precinct Court of Corratuck by pretext of which ye said Court did exact security of his said wife in her widowhood and afterwards of him ye said Jno WHITBY Obliging him to returne an Inventory of ye said RUSSELL Estate to that Court of which he having failed the Deputy Marshall of the said precinct under pretext of an Order of ye said Precinct Court did break open his house & seize and carry away his household goods and also his cattle and other things as well of right belonging to him ye said WHITBY and what was of ye former Estate of the said RUSSELL contrary to Equity and Good Conscience.  Whereupon it is Ordered by this Board that the said John WHITBY have Letters of Admtion in right of his said wife on ye afsd Thos RUSSELLs Estate and that the said Deputy Marshall of Corratuck precinct doe returne all ye Goods & Cattle that he tooke under pretense of the afsd Order to the said John WHITBY at his own house with all convenient speed as he will answer contrary at his peril without any cost of ye said Jno WHITBEYs either for ye execution of the afsd Order or for the delivery again of ye said goods or of any proceeding that has been had thereon and that he returne an Inventory of ye said estate to ye Sectys Office pursuant to ye purport of his said Letters of admtion & his security given thereon.

Upon Petition of John WALKER of Corratuck precinct setting forth that he entered a tract of Land in Corratuck with Mr Tho SWANN Depty Surveyor in Novr last & lay'd rights in his hands and requested him to survey the same notwithstanding which he neglects so to do & has now entered the said land for another person and ye said WALKER having settled on the same land do therefore pray that a warrant may be directed on said SWANN commanding him to survey the same land for him pursuant to his former entry.  And it appearing to this Board that it has been wholly the neglect of the said SWANN that the afsd WALKER had not his land duly lay'd out unto him as of right he ought in due time and the the same do of right belong to him.  Whereupon it is ordered by this Board that John WALKER have the said land laid out for him & that a warrant be directed to the Surveyor for that purpose.

Chowan, NC; Dec. 1, 1713 - Letter from Giles RAINSFORD, Missionary, to General NICHOLSON -- I had the honor of a letter (which you were pleased to convey) from the Society delivered me by the hands of our most worthy President, Col. POLLOCK.  I understand my duty in part is to inform your Excellancy what Libraries there are of the Society's in general, and of my own in particular in this Government.  As to my own particular share of books, I received none except a parcel of small tracts with some prayer books which I dispose of where I see most occasion, and where the necessitys of the people require, and where I find they are ready to put them to the use intended by the Society.  I had an order of the Society's for the books of my predecessor, the Revd Mr. ADAMS who died in Curatack, amounting to the value of ten pounds, and now in the hands of Mr. Richard SANDERSON, but never received one, tho I often applied for them.  The place where I at present officiate is on the west shore of Chowan River, where there are a considerable number of inhabitants well disposed to the interests of our church am truly zealous in the defense of the country from the common enemy.  Thanks be to God we have no disturbance among ourselves, but all people hearts unite and every Member of the Government is as happy as the times will admit of under the wise and prudent administration of our good President.  I heartily thank your Excellancy that you were pleased to condescend to take notice of me in your Letter to the President, and shall readily shew my gratitude by a cheerful and submissive obedience to your commands.  There is a great want of school masters in this Government for the instruction of children, which I hope you will be pleased to lay before the Society as you in your wisdom shall think fit.  Please pardon this presumption, and look upon it as a branch of my duty which engaged me to let you know I received your commands, and how much I am (but with all due regard to the disturbance between us)  /s/ Giles RAINSFORD, mISSIONARY

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