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Mt. Zion Methodist-Episcopal Church Book

An Enrolment of the Members of the Methodist Episcopal Church at Mount Zion Meeting
House; Currituck County, North Carolina...Commenced in the year 1829

Number State Members Names Station No. of Class Remarks as to Deaths, Removals, Etc.
1 B Daniel Linsey C. L. M No. 1 Died in peace 1837
2 B Elizabeth Linsey M    
3 B Thomas Poyner W   Died in peace 1836
4 B Polly Woodhouse W    
5 B Mary Sanderson W    
6 B Rebecca Dowdy W   Died in peace 1832
7 B Matilda Barnard W   Withdrawn 1830
8 B Jesse Barnard M   Died in peace 1829
9 B Polly Saunders W   Died in peace 1833
10 B Lantelot Woodhouse W   Died in peace Feb 24th 1838
11 B Polly Woodhouse M   Died in peace 1829
12 B Jesse McClanning M   Removed in 1832
13 B Keziah Barker W    
14 B Dorcas Mercer M   Died in peace 1829
15 B Silas Mercer M    
16 B Mariam Dowdy M   Died in peace 1829
17 B Julia Dowdy M    
18 B Henry Martin M   Removed to Knott's Island 1829
19 B Polly Martin M   (ditto)
20 B Barbary Sanderson W   Removed 1830
21 B Lydia Sanderson S   Removed 1830
22 B Johnathan B. Linsey M   Expelled 1830
23 B Nancy Sanders M   Died in peace 1829
24 B Class 2...   No. 2  
25 B William Jarvis C. L. M    
26 B Betsey Jarvis M    
27 B Thomas Jarvis M    
28 B Sally Jarvis M   Died in peace 1835
29 B Alexander Whitehall M   Removed 1832
30 B Betsey Whitehall M   Removed 1832
31 B Thomas Forbes M    
32 B Dorcas Forbes M   Died in peace 1833
33 B Thomas Whitehall M   Died in peace 1830
34 B Sally Scarborough M   Expelled 1836
35 B Keziah Mercer M    
36 B Cloe Sawyer M   Married to Woodhouse 18 (sic)
37 B William Voliva M   Removed to the West in 1832
38 B Polly Bray M   Died in peace 1833
39 B William White M   Removed 1834
40 B Anny White M   Removed 1834
41 B Lydia Davis M   Died in peace 1833
42 B Mary Jarvis M   Died in peace 1830
43 B Polly Simmons M   Removed 1833
44 B Betsey Hobbs M    
45 B Elihu Hall M   Died in peace 1834
46 B Thomas Poyner C. L. M No. 3 Removed to the West in 1832
47 B Polly Poyner M   Ditto
48 B Seala Sanderson W   Died in peace 1830 or 31
49 B Abigail Hunnings W   Died in peace (ditto)
50 B Betsey Forbes S    
51 B Sally Sanderson M    
52 B Nancy Wroten W    
53 B Nathan Voliva S   Removed to the West in 1832
54 B Hadley Woodhouse M   ditto
55 B Abigail Woodhouse M   ditto
56 B Hessa Williams S   Married to Jas. Gibson
57 B Sabrina Williams S   Removed 1832
58 B Lydia Griggs M   Married to Silas Riggs
59 B Salley Voliva W   Removed to the West in 1832
60 B Sally Hunnings S   Removed 1832
61 B Director Dowdy S   Married to Mercer
62 B Nancy Dowdy M    
63 B Thomas Linsey M   Excluded 1829
64 B Cordelia Linsey M   Excluded 1829
65 B John Barnard M   Expelled 1834
66 B Susan Barnard M   Transferred to Moyock
67 B Richard Sanderson M   Excluded 1838
68 B Sally Mercer W    
69 B Sally Belangey W    
70 B Blair White M   Died in peace 1832
71 B Susan Godden W    
72 B Samuel Griggs M   Excluded 1829
73 B Jesse Hobbs M   Removed 1829
74 B Sally Hobbs M   Removed 1829
75 B Elizabeth Caffee W   Excluded 1829
76 B Amy Caffee W   Excluded 1829
77 B Charlotte Lutts M   Removed 1829
78 B Fanny Clark S   Excluded 1829
79 B Sally Jones M   Joined June 1830; Excluded 1838
  B Thomas Jarvis M   May 1832; Died in peace 1833
  B Ann Jarvis M   ditto ditto

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