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 Dempsey Walker Cemetery
, NC

From Hwy 168 it is .5 miles on the left side of S. Currituck Rd. about 150' from the road.  Google Maps for this cemetery.  What's left of this cemetery was photographed March 4, 2014.  As you can see from the overview pictures, farming equipment has decimated most of the cemetery.  The land owner has given permission to stake it off and clean it up so that more headstones might be found.  No photos of the actual headstones have been taken yet but will be forthcoming after the cleanup is done.  The overview photos were taken by Donna Breda.  A lot of the stones look to be WPA type stones but no WPA record has been found for this cemetery.

Mrs. Margaret (Walker) Walker [1920-1991] gave most of the cemetery information used in Currituck County, NC Cemetery Records book but there are discrepancies between her version and those found when the cemetery was physically surveyed in 1988 and twice in 1993. We believe that Mrs. Walker used Bibles, obituaries and other records to enhance her records.  The 5th column is Mrs. Walker's notes on the decedents.  Several people have the same death date of June 5, 1873 which is supposedly when the Rotary steamer blew up and killed them, however, a news article that appeared in the Norfolk Virginian says that the event occurred on Friday, May 10, 1872.  Those with *** by their names are those that were killed that day.  Read "The Rotary Disaster".  Those named in the article specific to this cemetery are: Mr. William Walker, engineer of the boat; his wife Elizabeth (listed as "Jennie" in Mrs. Walker's notes and Eugeni & Virginia in census records) and their little 3 year old daughter (Mettamora); Elizabeth Crane (sister of Mr. William Walker & wife of David Crane who was engineer of a dredging machine in Hyde County)

Crane, A.E. ***
[see 1860 census]
Feb. 28, 1846 June 5, 1873 Consort of Daniel Crane Archann Elizabeth Walker - Consort of Daniel Crane
Feb. 25, 1846 - June 5, 1873
Crane, Daniel ***
[listed as David Crane in the Rotary news article]
    Age 30 years Died June 5, 1873
Walker, Dempsey
[see 1850 census]
[see 1860 census]
Mar. 21, 1813 Sept. 25, 1890   same information as the 1988 & 1993 surveys
Walker, Gideon M. Nov. 29, 1857 June 28, 1941 Father same information as the 1988 & 1993 surveys except his middle name is "Marchant"
Walker, Henoreta B.
[see 1860 census]
Apr. 30, 1826 Feb. 17, 1907 Consort of Dempsey Walker same information as the 1988 & 1993 surveys except her name is "Henrietta"
Walker, Isadora M. Dec. 3, 1873 May 15, 1944 Mother Isadora Lou Munden Walker - wife of Gideon M. Walker
Dates are the same
Walker, Jennie ***
[not found in 1988 or 1993]
    [Currituck marriage shows Wm. L. Walker marrying Virginia Walker, d/o Caleb & Polly Walker, on June 6, 1869]

[listed as Eugeni Walker in 1870 Currituck Co., age 21, which would make her birth year 1849.  William was age 28 which matches with his headstone]]

Jennie Walker - wife of William L. Walker
1843 - June 5, 1873
Walker, L. ?. Sept. 26, 1840 Nov. 5?, 1841 Son of Dempsey & Mary Walker William L.G. Walker - Son of Dempsey & Mary Walker
Sept. 26, 1840 - June 3, 1841 [death date differs]
Walker, Martha S. Jan. 11, 1867 Dec. 14, 1903 Wife of G.M. Walker Martha Susan Nicholson Walker - wife of Gideon Walker
Dec. 11 1867 - Dec. 14, 1903 [birth date differs]
Walker, Mary
[see 1850 census]
Mar. 14, 1822 June 11, 1841 Consort of Dempsey Walker same information as the 1988 & 1993 surveys
Walker, Mettamora ***
[not found in 1988 or 1993
    [Age 3 according to Rotary news article] Mettamora Walker - daughter of William L. & Jennie Walker
Died June 5, 1873
Walker, Susan
[see 1850 census]
[see 1860 census]
[stone broken in pieces]
May 20, 1849 ???, 25, 19??   Susan M. Walker - daughter of Dempsey & Mary Walker
May 20, 1849 - Feb. 25, 1912
Walker, William L. *** Aug. 8, 1842 June 5, 1873 Was killed and his wife Jennie and their child Mettamora William L. Walker
Aug. 27, 1842 - June 5, 1873  [birth date differs]

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