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 Walker - Ross Cemetery
Waterlily (Churches Island), NC

This cemetery was formerly the Walker property at the south end of Waterlily.  The cemetery was copied in 1969 but in Oct. 1987 only one stone was readable and by Jan. 1990 all stones had been destroyed.  In 2015 the Pless family (Debra, Mike, Ryan & Taylor) and Mr. E.G. Swain decided to tackle the clean-up of the cemetery and reclaim as much of the stones as possible.  Sadly all stones had been broken and most of them showed signs of farming equipment damage. Plans are being made to surround the little cemetery with a fence.  Information in brackets is taken from Currituck County, North Carolina Cemetery Records by the Albemarle Genealogical Society, 1995.  Photographs by Debra Pless.

This is what it looked like in the 1990's but in 2015 there were saplings and briers that had to be dealt with.

Standing: Mike Pless - Kneeling: E.G. Swain Some of the stones pieced back together.
Melson, two children (no names) [no date] [no date] In the cemetery book it says that the initial survey in 1969 there was one stone that denoted two children of Joe & Nancy Beasley Melson. Other records show that Joseph Stephen Melson married Nancy O'Neal at Knotts Island on April 4, 1897. Joseph was born in Tyrrell Co., NC, the son of Wm. R. Melson & Permelia B. Mizell, on Sept. 25, 1872 & died in Norfolk, Va. on Jan. 3, 1935.  Nancy O'Neal was the daughter of Isaac O'Neal [see obituary] & Salinda Barco [see obituary].  She was born March 15, 1869 & died in Norfolk, VA on Oct. 1, 1965.  Joseph and Nancy are buried in Riverside Memorial Park Cemetery in Norfolk.  Census records show they had 3 daughters: Annie Murrell Melson born 1902, Eva Lucille Melson born 1904, and Pearl Leona Melson (1910-2009). The 2 Melson children have not been identified thru other records.
Ross, Wiley [Jan. 14, 1852] July 13, 1925 He is not dead but sleepeth.
Ross, Wiley Grady Dec. 24, 1898 Mar. 5, 1914 Our darling one hath gone before, To greet us on the blessed shore - Asleep in Jesus.
Walker, Julia A. Nov. 29, 1824 May 31, 1903 Wife of Wm. J. Walker - Asleep in Jesus
Walker, [Willi]am J. Feby. 12, 1824 Oct. 1, 1889 Dearest husband thou has left us, And thy loss we deeply feel.  But tis Jesus that's bereft us, He can all our sorrows heal.
[see Wm. J. Walker's photo page and will]

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