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 Walker-Scurr Cemetery
Listed in the 1936 WPA Cemetery Survey as the E.E. Walker Cemetery
Currituck, NC

Directions: This cemetery sits on the Wilson Snowden property and is about 170' west of Pilmoor Memorial United Methodist Church.  Google Maps for this cemetery.
Photographed:  In January 2012 by Judy Brickhouse and her daughter, Lisa Boswood, who said that there is a thick briar patch that some of the stones might have been hidden in, although they couldn't see any.  One stone was mashed against a tree and could not be read from any angle....this was the Elizabeth Scurr headstone You can still see bricks which were seen in a 1988 survey where there were 5 bricked unmarked graves.  WPA Records list Scurr as "Scarr".  In November 2013 Judy Brickhouse and her cousin, Brenda Merrell Laughinghouse, revisited this cemetery and discovered a few of these stones buried but were able to unearth them for photos.

Davis, Maria Scurr [Feb. 10, 1828] Feb. 27, 1829 Infant daughter of Doct. William F. & Melissa Davis; Age 1 yr & 17 days
[William F. Daves listed in 1830 census]
Gould, Elizabeth [Oct. 18, 1821] Oct. 13, 1823 Daughter of Emerson & Melissa Gould; Age 1 yr 11 mos 25 days
Gould, Emerson
[stone lying flat on the ground and partially buried]
[possibly born in MA]
September 1st 1823 Sacred to the memory of inestimable departed Worth; to unrivaled exelence and virtue Emerson Gould whose remains are deposited here and whose etherial part became a scrape.; in the 29th year of his age

Forgive, blest shade, the tributary tear;
That mourns thy exit from a world like this,
Forgive the wish that would have kept thee here,
And stayed thy progress to the seats of bliss.
[Epitaph taken from online gravestones but believed to be the epitaph on this stone.]  [see another photo]

[Said to have married Melissa Land.  Witnessed the 1819 will of Gideon Bonney.]

Gould, Sarah     Daughter of Emerson & Melissa Gould
[Sarah Scarr listed in the WPA Records may possibly be Sarah Gould]
Johnson, George L. Dec. 5, 1860 Nov. 6, 1903 Sacred To The Memory of
A precious one from us has gone, A voice we loved it stilled,
A place is vacant in our home, That never can be filled.
Scurr, Elizabeth Oct. 8, 1801 Oct. 8, 1807 Daughter of John & Elizabeth Scurr; Age 5? years
Scurr, Mr John 10th June 1775 31st January 1810 Sacred to the Memory of; in the 35th year of his age  [Closeup]

Beneath a MASTER MASON lies
Who holds a Mansion in the Skies
With swift desire his steps pursue
And take the prize prepared for you.

Scurr, Prudence February 11th 1810 June 3rd 1814 Sacred to the memory of; daughter of John & Elizabeth Scurr; aged 4 years 3 months & 23 days
Snowden, Grace  W. [Jan. 23] 1904 [June 23] 1985 Mother  [double with William H. Snowden]
Snowden, William H. [Henry] [Nov. 13] 1901 [Oct. 18] 1979 Father  [double with Grace W. Snowden]
Spence, Jack 1848 [Jan. 19] 1923 [death certificate states birth as Oct. 10, 1846 and name as Jackson Spence]
Walker, Caroline M. Feb. 26, 1840 July 29, 1912 Thy trials ended, thy rest is won.
Walker, E. [Ernest] Leslie [Aug. 9] 1902 [July 1] 1931 [see death certificate]
Walker, Elizabeth     Wife of John Walker [no dates - WPA data]
Walker, Ernest E. [Eugene] [June 1] 1879 [Aug. 6] 1924 [see death certificate]
Walker, Gertrude B. [Brumsey] [Apr. 23] 1877 [June 24] 1963 [see death certificate]
Wilkes, Elizabeth [Dec. 14, 1783] 27th March 1821 In Memory Of - Wife of John Wilkes - aged 37 years 3 months & 13 days

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