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Charlie H. Simpson Cemetery
at the Carolina Golf Course in Grandy, NC

Photographed:  June 2012 by Lisa Boswood and Judy Brickhouse

Photo made in 2008 by Ben Bateman

Photo made by Lisa Boswood in June 2012

Photo made by Lisa Boswood in June 2012
Baum, Jacob C. Apr. 17, 1868 June 28, 1900 "Rest in Peace."
Baum, Jacob Elvin Oct. 9, 1916 July 12, 1918 Budded on earth to bloom in heaven.
Baum, Pearl Sept. 12, 1894 June 17, 1896  
[Evans, Milburn J. Jr.] Apr. 17, 1928 Apr. 17, 1928 Infant Son of Milburn & Frances Evans
[Death Certificate]
Simpson, Charlie H. Oct. 16, 1869 Oct. 12, 1941 He is not dead but sleepeth.  [Death Certificate] [another certificate]
Simpson, Charlie S. June 22, 1902 Oct. 2, 1902 Son of C.H. & P.L. Simpson - In remembrance of our baby.
Simpson, infant Dec. 16, 1909 Dec. 16, 1909 Infant of C.H. & P.L. Simpson
Simpson, Minnie June 6, 1906 Aug. 20, 190? Daughter of C.H. & Pattie L. Simpson
Simpson, Pattie L. Mar. 16, 1871 July 14, 1920 Wife of C.H. Simpson - In my Father's house are many mansions.  And to die is gain.  [Death Certificate]
Simpson, W. Santie Sept. 7, 1895 Nov. 24, 1900 Son of C.H. & P.L. Simpson - In remembrance of our Darling.  [back of stone]
Simpson, unknown     Lay me where our Minnie sleepeth. [I can only assume this is referring to Minnie Simpson who was born in 1906.]
Smith, Mrs. Mary B. 1928 1957 [no photo]

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