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Henry S. Simmons Cemetery
Barco, NC

This small cemetery sits on the west side of Hwy 168 about 1.5 miles south of Maple Rd. located in a field behind and to the right of Morris' Farmers Market about 500' from the highway.  Photographs were taken by Sallie Abraham on November 3, 2013.

Mercer, Clarence Norman Sep. 27, 1893 Feb. 6, 1915 Drowned - At rest.  [see death certificate and another death certificate]  Jr. O.U.A.M. Emblem
Simmons, Henry S. Sept. 26, 1848 Aug. 3, 1918 [Heny S. Simmons, son of John & Cassandra Simmons, married Hettie A. Cason, daughter of Wm. & Nancy Cason, in Currituck Co. on Sept. 26, 1871.  Henry's wife in 1900 was listed as Lydia An but her birth month & year were the same as Hettie's tombstone date.  Norman Mercer was living in the same house and was listed as a "ward" with a birth date of Sept. 1893.  Norman is still living with Henry & Hettie Simmons in 1910 and is now listed as "foster son".]
Simmons, Hettie A. Sept. 13, 1843 June 26, 1912 Wife of H.S. Simmons
Simmons, Missouri S. 1864 1948 Missouri Scaff, daughter of Frederick & Mary E. Scaff, married Henry Powers in Currituck Co. on May 30, 1886; she married H.S, Simmons in Currituck Co. in 1914, 2 years after his 1st wife, Hettie, died.  Missouri lived with her 1/2 brother, Luther Scaff in 1930 and with her brother-in-law, William Scaff, in 1940.

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