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Edmond Simmons Cemetery
Currituck, NC

Located on Courthouse Rd. very near the Pilmoor Methodist Church.  The cemetery is fairly clean but the headstones are broken and most can hardly be read.  Google Maps for this cemetery. Photographs were taken by Sallie Abraham & Patrick Paterson in December 2013.  Most of the information you see below is taken from Currituck County, North Carolina Cemetery Records by the Albemarle Genealogical Society 1995.  WPA records can be seen here but there are errors compared to surveys made in 1955 and again in 1988 by the Albemarle Genealogical Society.

Map by Patrick Patterson

Frost, Lydia Ann May 7, 1839 July 1873 [Daughter of Edmond & Sarah/Sally (Miller) Simmons; Married Thomas P. Frost in Currituck Co. on  Sept. 29, 1858]
Frost, Thomas E. Aug. 1859 Aug. 1860 Son of T.P. & Lydia Frost
Frost, Thomas P. c1832 May 1860 Age 28 years  [Closeup]
Granberry, Jane Simmons Feb. 1868 Feb. 1868 Daughter of Geo. and Sarah Granberry - Died at birth
Granberry, Sally Ann April 1866 March 1867 Daughter of George & Sarah Granberry
Granberry, Sarah Fletcher Jan. 1869 Sept. 1874 Daughter of George & Sarah Granberry
Granberry, Sarah Jane Simmons [Dec. 17, 1842] [Sept. 12?, 1911] Wife of George Granberry [footstone found next to her husband's grave but nothing else but broken pieces]
Granbery, W. George Feb. 5, 1828 Aug. 25, 1905 Father
Simmonds, Edmond Dec. 8, 1808 Feb. 16, 1875 In memory of  [Closeup]

Dear wife, farewell, I go to dwell
With Jesus Christ on high.
There to sing praise to my King
To all eternity.

Simmons, Edmond F. Oct. 1847 Sept. 1879  
Simmons, Sarah F.   Oct. 14, 1887 In memory of our mother - Aged 67 yrs 4 mo 9 da - Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord.  [Longshot]  [Closeup]
Simmons, Virginia Jan. 24, 1845 Sept. 10, 1853 Sacred to the memory of - Daughter of Edmund & Sally Simmons - Aged 8 years 7 months & 17 days
Simmons, Virginia Nov. 11, 1854 Aug. 20, 1855 Daughter of Edmund & Sally Simmons - Aged 9 months & 9 days

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