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Simmons Cemetery
Currtituck, NC

Directions: East of the Courthouse and 300' north of SR 1242 not far from Currituck Sound and surrounded by the Mathias Farm which is now owned by the Taylor family.  GPS coordinates are: 36.4507489 [36°27’2.694”] N; -76.0153225 [-76°0’55.1622] W

Most stones are WPA type and are difficult or impossible to read.  This cemetery originally had an iron fence around it but it was removed by the land owner and replaced at odd angles with 4x4 posts and chicken wire which was partially knocked down by farming equipment.  The bottom photos shows some clean-up being done by the descendants.  The old wire fencing was taken down and the debris was ready to be hauled off.  This cemetery is perhaps just a decade away from being obliterated from the face of the earth.  To begin with, the headstones were made from inferior quality materials, the ground is sandy and unstable, and the fact that it sits just yards away from the Sound does not help.  Farming equipment has also played a major role in the deterioration of this cemetery.  In 1992 an attempt was made to have these graves removed to another cemetery as seen in the Legal Section of the Elizabeth City Daily Advance - Monday, May 11, 1992 newspaper article.  There are date discrepancies between the newspaper and the actual tombstones and, contrary to what the newspaper says, there are still living descendants of those buried there.  The descendants have been in touch with the archeology department in Raleigh to see what can be done to save this cemetery. This is not what a "last landscape" for our ancestors should look like!  UPDATE Feb. 2014: The Archaeology Department in Raleigh has now named this cemetery as a historical period site giving it a site number of 31CK345**.  The 31 is for where North Carolina falls alphabetically within the states, CK is Currituck’s abbreviation, 345 makes it the 345th site recorded in the county, and the two asterisks tell us it’s a historic period site.

Photographed:  Top row of photos taken May 2013 by Marla Walker Beasley.  Next row of photos taken by Patrick Patterson on December 19, 2013.  Seventh photo by Donna Breda in Dec. 2013. Eighth photo by Sallie Abraham taken in April 2014.

Simmons, A.M. [Albert] c1863 Mar. 15, 1926

Age 63 years - His record is on high.  [see Death Certificate]  [Longshot]

Simmons, B.T. [Benjamin] 1801 Aug. 1871 Son of Joseph & Annie - Not dead but sleepeth  [1850 census]  [1860 census]  [1871 will]  [Longshot]
Simmons, Dallas ____ 1852 August 1881 Son of B.T. & Susan Simmons - Child of Dallas & Mollie on same stone but partially buried
Simmons, J _____?
[believed to be Jefferson Simmons]
April 17, 1861 Feb. 1887 Son of B.T. & Susan Simmons  [Longshot]
Simmons, Jerome 1825 1874 [Closeup]
Simmons, Julia &
Simmons, Martha
Daughters of B.T. & Mary Simmons   No stone found in 2013 but is perhaps one of the unknowns listed below
Simmons, Julia Anne 1844 1865? Daughter of B.T. & Mary Simmons  [Longshot]
Simmons, Martha 1831 1849 Daughter of B.T. & Mary Simmons
Simmons, Mary 1806 1846? First wife of B.T. Simmons
Simmons, Susan 1810? March 18?? Wife of B.T. Simmons
Simmons, William 1855 1872 Son of B.T. & Susan Simmons
unknown above ground vault      
unknown     [There is writing on the broken stone but it could not be read.]
[Walker, B.V. (Benjamin)] [Dec. 17, 1882] [March 30, 1912] [Benjamin was the son of Elmer M. Walker and his 1st wife, Virginia Simmons whom he married on Feb. 20, 1881.  Virginia died the same day she gave birth to Benjamin.  Elmer married Alice C. Wiley on Oct. 3, 1884.]  No stone found in 2013 but is perhaps one of the unknowns listed above
Walker, Virginia Jan. 29, 1861 Dec. 17, 1882 Consort of E.M. Walker - Age 21 Years 10 Months & 17 Days  [Longshot]

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