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 Simmons Cemetery (African-American)
Coinjock, NC

Location: On East side of US 158 about 1.5 miles south of Swain's Lane (SR 1146) in a thicket that juts out into the field approximately 100 feet from the road.  In 1969 was between Ina Midgett Hampton's property and Carrie McHorney Boswood's property.

The old farm house is completely overgrown with vines and thorn bushes.  I couldn't tell it was there until I started crawling around back.  I also found a burial ground to the east and rear of the old farm house.  It is also completely overgrown with thorn bushes and small trees. After looking up the church history, this church has always been an African-American church. One of its first ministers was a Rev. Robert Simmons (hence the Simmons' church). The building next to the church is an old African-American schoolhouse. The house across the street must have been the pastor's home. The area in the back of the house was probably the cemetery for the church.   There are an unknown number of graves there.  It will require  someone going in there with a small probe to find all the graves and clear out the undergrowth to find the rest.  This area is across the road from the Old Simmons Church.  I suspect the farmhouse also belonged to the Simmons family some time ago.  I don't know who owns the property at this time, but it is being actively farmed.   Photographs and comments by Patrick Patterson & Sallie & David Abraham - October 2013.

Photo from Google Maps Street View

A book entitled Currituck As It Used To Be by Travis Morris ( 2011) shows a photo of the "Simmons Church" as Center Chapel AME Zion Church.  He mentions that he lived diagonally across the road from the church so he must have lived in what we are calling "the old farm house".  There are photos of Simmons' and there is mention of some of the people who are buried in this cemetery.  Only certain pages of this book can be read online but can be purchased from Amazon or other bookstores.

Bailey?, Albert?     At Rest
Baum, Lola Marie May 13, 1942 June 8, 2008 [see obituary]
Bryant, Mary E. Jan. 6, 1929 Apr. 12, 2011 Longshot with Walson (Funeral Home) on it.  Obituary is shown as Mary Elizabeth Bryant-Shannon and SS Deaths show her as Mary E. Bryant.  NC Births show that she was black, born in Poplar Branch Twp. on Jan. 6, 1929 as Mary Elizabeth Simmons, daughter of May Simmons.  Mary Elizabeth Simmons married James Edward Bryant in Pasquotank Co., NC in 1948.
Burton, Chloe April 11, 1843 Nov.? 19, 1918 [Wife of Dennis Burton]
Burton, Dennis April 20, 1843 [Nov. 16, 1916] [see death certificate]  Masonic emblem; 3 interlocking rings sometimes stands for the Holy Trinity and also can denote Order of Oddfellows
Burton, Lovie Susie Jan. 18, 1912 Dec. 23, 1955 Wife of Josephus Burton
Mackey, Albert 1904 1942 Just [last word unreadable]
Mercer, Lena Mar. 17, 1867 Mar. 13, 1933 In my Father's house are many mansions - Wife of Wm Mercer - Her toils are past, her work is done.  She fought the fight the victory won.  [see death certificate]

[Lena Burton, daughter of March & Hanna Burton, married William Mercer, son of Jacob Dozier & Jane Mercer, in Coinjock on June 7, 1893.]

Owens, Dorothy S. May 13, [1917] June 22, [1986] Death years are from SS Deaths which states her last residence was Brooklyn, Kings Co., New York.
Simmons, Flossie G. Aug. 28, 1912 Feb. 2, 1929 Daughter of N.D. & Mary Simmons - Gone but not forgotten.  [see death certificate]
Simmons, Guy Sept. 12, 1908 May 11, 1983 NC Deaths and 1920-1940 census records show this as an unmarried, black male.
Simmons, Lydia [Ann] 1880 [Mar. 25] 1942 Rest in peace.  [see death certificate that states birth date as Sept. 15, 1883]
Simmons, Mary D. August 26, 1877 July 14, 1958 Mother - Servant of God well done. [Wife of Nicodemus Simmons]
Simmons, Maryland April 17, 1895 May 26, 1942 Husband - Gone, but not forgotten.  [Listed in the 1900 Currituck census as age 5, son of James & Rosa Simmons; Lived in Brooklyn, NY in 1930 & 1940]
Simmons, Nicodemus September 8, 1877 August 14, 1968 Father - Servant of God well done.  [see death certificate]
[Married Mary Ann Woodhouse, d/o Smith & Annie Woodhouse, on May 17, 1899]
Simmons, Smith S.R. November 11, 1900 February 10, 1961 Gone, but not forgotten.
Starks, Olive B. Aug. 10, 1905 May 12, 1978 [NC Death Index states "Olive Burton Starks" - Listed in the 1910 Currituck census as Ollie Burton, age 4, daughter of St. Clair & Mary Burton]
Winslow, Catherine Jun. 7, 1939 Dec. 31, 1971  

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