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 Luther W. Scaff Cemetery
Coinjock, NC

Directions: From US 158 southbound just past Coinjock Village Drive [SR 1416] bear left onto old US 158 south of Coinjock Canal Road.  The cemetery is on the second lot from the Coinjock Canal about 300 foot from the road.
GPS:  36o20.629 N - 75o57.260 W
Photographed:  April 1, 2005 by Ben Bateman and Judy Brickhouse

Overview Photo
[Unknown], "Hannah" [no dates] [no dates] [appears to be a pet]
[Unknown], Scamp June 7, 1960 May 14, 1973 [appears to be a pet]
Griggs, Florence S. June 23, 1910 May 5, 1990 Mother
Scaff, Juanita O. 1892 1941 [Double: Luther W. Scaff] - Mother
Scaff, Luther W. [July 8] 1883 [May 8] 1938 [Double: Juanita O. Scaff] - Father  [Death Certificate]

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