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Thomas H. Sanderson Cemetery
Aydlett, NC

Directions: From US 158 southbound make a left onto Aydlett Road [SR 1140].  When the road bends to the right with a feeder road on the left, take the feeder road.  At the stop sign make a left onto Narrow Shore Road [SR 1137], follow the road to Soundside, and make a left into Soundside.  The cemetery is on the second lot before the first street on the right.
GPS:  36o20.129 N - 75o54.511 W
Photographed:  October 23, 2006 by Ben Bateman and Judy Brickhouse

NOTE 1:  The tombstones for John Thomas Hampton II and Ufan Williams Hampton were not originally in this cemetery.  They were about 100 foot east of the Jefferson Franklin Sanderson Cemetery on the corner of the feeder road connecting Aydlett Road [SR 1140] and Narrow Shore Road [SR 1137].
NOTE 2:  The death certificate for Leon Butler shows he was buried in the Parker Cemetery.  The earliest known tombstones in this cemetery are for the children of Thomas H. & Ruth Hampton Sanderson; therefore, it is being called the Thomas H. Sanderson Cemetery.
NOTE 3: The informant on the death certificate for James H. Saunders erred.  James' mother was Ruth (Hampton) Sanderson who died in 1888, not Ruth (aka Ufan) Williams.  Ruth/Ufan (Williams) Hampton was James H. Saunders' grandmother.

Overview Photo
Berry, Alline [1847] Aug. 5, 1880 Daughter of Thos. H. & Ruth Sanderson
[1850 census shows Elenor Sanderson age 3]
[Marriage Register Book B page 33 & 34 shows Ella Sanderson, dau of Thos., married 10 Oct. 1878 Thomas W. Berry]
[Marriage Register Book B page 47 & 48 shows Thomas Berry later married Elenor's sister, Caroline Sarah, on 13 Dec. 1881]
[see the will of Barbara Berry 1876 and the estate of Thomas Berry 1889]
Butler, Fannie L. Jan. 14, 1891 Dec. 10, 1978 [FH Marker birth year differs from tombstone]
Butler, Leon*2 Nov. 14, 1884 Mar. 29, 1947 [Death Certificate]
Hampton, John Thomas II*1 July 22, 1776 Oct. 27, 1831 MD - Educated in Edinburgh, Scotland - Served in NC General Assembly 1815 - 1820
Hampton, Ufan Williams*1 June 12, 1776 July 28, 1841 Wife of Dr. John T. Hampton II
[Although known as "Ufan", the will of Elizabeth Williams dated 1835, WB 4 pages 21 & 22, gives her name as "Ruth".]
Jones, Jennie Aug. 15, 1873 Mar. 17, 1901 Wonderful Mother
Mercer, J. W. May 24, 1847 Oct. 12, 1911  
Mercer, Wm. Jan. 18, 1877 Oct. 31, 1902 [Photo 2]
Parker, Guy A. June 6, 1909 Dec. 25, 1976  
Sanderson, Latimore June 28, 1842 Sep. 29, 1871  
Sanderson, Lewia Mar. 18, 1832 Jan. 21, 1895 [Cemetery Book shows died Jan. 24]
Sanderson, Ruth   Aug. 11, 1888 Age 79 yrs.
Sanderson, Thos. H. Sep. 9, 1808 July 23, 1887 [Photo 2]
Saunders, Daniel July 25, 1837 Mar. 16, 1916 [Death Certificate states death as Mar. 15 with burial on the 18th]]
Saunders, Delia M. Sep. 24, 1867 Feb. 2, 1948  
Saunders, James H.*3 Mar. 10, 1849 Nov. 18, 1924 [1860 census shows James as age 3]
[Death Certificate shows entirely different birth date but same death date as the tombstone.]
Saunders, John J. Oct. 10, 1865 July 8, 1942  

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