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Parker-Payne Cemetery
Point Harbor, NC

Photographed: In December 2011 by Judy Brickhouse and her daughter, Lisa Boswood.  Google Maps for this cemetery.
[See also the Parker Family Bibles]

Crank, Mamie Doris 1917 [Nov. 4] 1917 [Funeral home marker]
Evans, R.F. Oct. 19, 1877 Dec. 16, 1904 My Husband - Gone, but not forgotten. - L.E. Luke, E. City (probably the stone mason)
Gallop, Annie S. Parker Feb. 11, 1874 Jan. 28, 1915 Wife of E.M. Gallop  [see death certificate states death on Jan. 27, 1915]

[Marriage records indicate that Ann Susan Parker, d/o Johnathan & Ann Susan Parker, married E.M. Gallop on Jan. 3, 1897.]

Gallop, Pollie Oct. 28, 1902 March 1, 1907 In Memory Of - Rest in Peace
Gallop, Polly M. July 8, 1872 Oct. 2, 1895 Why do we mourn departing friends, Or shake at death's alarms, Tis but the voice that Jesus sends, To call them to his armes.

[Marriage records indicate that Polly M. Parker, d/o Johnathan & Susan Parker, married E.M. Gallop, s/o L.M. & Martha Gallop, on Oct. 29, 1893.  See photo of Edgar Merrill Gallop]

Gallop, Ruby Sept. 10, 1906 Aug. 11, 1907 In Memory Of - The little babe sleeps in peace.
infant (no name) no date no date  
Parker, Annsuan no date
no date [Marriage records indicate that Ann Susan Murrill married Jonathan T. Parker on July 28, 1859]
[see 1860 Currituck census]
Parker, Johnathan no date
no date [Marriage records indicate that Jonathan T. Parker married Ann Susan Murrill on July 28, 1859]
[see 1860 Currituck census]
Parker, Levie no date no date [Marriage records indicate that Levi M. Parker, s/o Jonathan & Susan Parker, married Bettie P. Sowers, d/o Edward L. & Bettie Sowers, on Dec. 24, 1893]
Payne, Ebenezer M. Sept. 22, 1881 Oct. 13, 1899 In Memory Of - Son of S.J. & Malisa A. Payne
Payne, infant son Oct. 23, 1896 Nov. 1, 1896 Son of S.J. & Malisa A. Payne - Age 8 days.
Payne, John W. February 18, 1888 December 25, 1956 North Carolina,  Pvt., 117 Ambulance Co. - World War I [death certificate states birth as Mar. 1, 1890]
Payne, Malisa A. & Babe June 22, 1862 June 23, 1898 In memory of my beloved wife and babe - Aged 36 y'rs. - "No taint of earth, no thought of sin, E're dwelt thy stainless breast within.  And God hath laid thee down to sleep Like a pure pearl below the deep."

[Marriage records indicate that Malisa A, Parker, d/o Johnathan & Susan A. Parker, married S.J. Payne on June 15, 1879]

Payne, Mormia? M. July 7, 1904 Sept. 22, 1904 In Memory Of - Daughter of S.J. & V.L. Payne
Payne, Capt. S.J. [Samuel] April 4, 1856 Sept. 3, 1927 US Life Saving Service - Faithful to his trust, Even unto death.  [see death certificate]

[Marriage records indicate that S.J. Payne married Malisa A. Parker, d/o Johnathan & Susan A. Parker, on June 15, 1879.  S.J. Payne also married Virginia L. (Stone) Crank on May 29, 1899.  ]

Payne, Virginia L. May 1, 1866 May 6, 1918 In Memoriam -  Woodmen Circle emblem
Sowers, Bettie Oct. 28, 1858 Dec. 6, 1935 Mother - Asleep in Jesus [Husband, Rev. E.L. Sowers, listed on same stone]
[death certificate states death on Dec. 5, 1935]
Sowers, Rev. E.L. [Edward] Dec. 25, 1842 Feb. 14, 1916 Father - Asleep in Jesus  [Wife, Bettie Sowers, listed on same stone]  [see death certificate]




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