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 Joseph B. Grandy Cemetery
Shawboro, NC

Directions:  From the intersection of US 158 and N. Indiantown Road [SR 1147] go north on N. Indiantown Road [SR 1147] 1.1 miles.  The cemetery is on the west side and about 200 foot from the road.
Photographed:  March 31, 2005 by Ben Bateman and Judy Brickhouse

Overview Photo
Dough, E. [Erastus] L. [Apr. 6] 1857 [Dec. 17] 1929 [death certificate]
Dough, Elizabeth H. [July 13, 1867 [Apr. 12] 1925 [death certificate]
Grandy, Joseph B. Sept. 2, 1840 Mar. 17, 1921 My Beloved Husband
Grandy, Occa Feb. 29, 1846 June 9, 1911 Beloved Wife of J. B. Grandy

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