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Garrenton Cemetery
Jarvisburg, NC

Directions:  This cemetery is on the east side of Grandy Rd. .3 of a mile south of Garrenton Rd. or take US Hwy. 158 to Jarvisburg and turn right on Fisher Landing Rd. and then turn right on Grandy Rd.  The cemetery will be 1 mile on the right. 
Photographed: by Lisa Boswood and her mother, Judy Brickhouse, in June 2012.

Photos by Elizabeth Aydlett Lewis
Aydlette, Allie no date
no date
Garrenton, Charlie Cecil Dec. 10, 1896 Feb. 26, 1984 US Coast Guard - World War - In God We Trust  [military marker]
[Double with Minnie Harris Garrenton]
Garrenton, J. [John] Harley May 5, 1911 Feb. 4, 1933 Son  [Death certificate states birth as May 6, 1911]
Garrenton, John Q.A. Oct. 14, 1886 Dec. 9, 1951 Father  [Double with Linda Morrisette Garrenton]
Garrenton, Kenneth no date no date Baby
Garrenton, Linda Morrisette Feb. 18, 1888 Apr. 5, 1963 Mother   [Double with John Q.A. Garrenton
[Death certificate states date of birth as Feb. 4, 1888]
Garrenton, Lydia A. no date
no date
[Sept. 28. 1899]
Mother  [Daughter of John Aydlett, Sr. and his wife Allie]
Garrenton, Lydia A. no date no date Baby
Garrenton, Lynn Annette Jan. 19, 1957 July 21, 1965 Darling, we miss you.  [Death certificate states birth date as Jan. 9, 1957]
Garrenton, Mabel no date no date Baby
Garrenton, Mathias Jan. 21, 1883 Mar. 5, 1920 God's finger touched him and he slept.
Garrenton, Minnie Harris Mar. 14 1905 Jan. 20. 1991 In God We Trust  [Double with Charlie Cecil Garrenton]  [see obituary]
Garrenton, Nora no date no date Sister
Garrenton, Pierce Griggs May 24, 1917 Apr. 11, 1978 Pfc. US Army - World War II  [Double with Ruby Parker Garrenton]
Garrenton, Ruby Parker Aug. 12, 1926 Mar. 11, 2010 [Double with Pierce Griggs Garrenton]  [see obituary]
Garrenton, Sallie Morrisette Mar. 10, 1894 Feb. 26, 1974 Mother  [Double with William Henry Garrenton]  [Death certificate states birth year as 1895.]
Garrenton, Thomas L. no date
[Dec. 25, 1871]
no date
[July 30, 1952]
Brother  [see death certificate]
Garrenton, William B. no date
[Oct. 13, 1851]
no date
[Nov. 28, 1926]
Father  [see death certificate]
Garrenton, William F. Jan. 25, 1930 Feb. 6, 1973 North Carolina Pfc. US Air Force
Garrenton, William Henry Sept. 26, 1893 Jan. 22, 1964 Father  [double with Sallie Morrisette Garrenton]  [see obituary]
Garrenton, William Thurlo Jr. "Billy" May 26, 1955 Nov. 5, 1992 [see obituary]
Hayman, Alice Rodgers Nov. 6, 1896 Nov. 16, 1953 Mother  [Double with M. Mathias Hayman]
Hayman, M. Mathias Aug. 23, 1876 Oct. 28, 1957 Father  [Double with Alice Rodgers Hayman]
Jones, Dodless G. Oct. 12, 1916 May 29, 1917 Son of W.B. & Pearl M. Jones - I'll be no blind child there.
Jones, Eller Dec. 23, 1871 Dec. 25, 1906 Another link is broken in our household bond; But a chain is forming in a better land.
Jones, Pearl M. 1891 1945 [Double with William B. Jones]
Jones, William B. 1869 1934 [Double with Pearl M. Jones]
Morrisette, Charles Richard Nov. 12, 1906 Dec. 18, 1973  
Parker, Claude B. July 10, 1919 Oct. 21, 1995  
Parker, Claude M. no date no date Baby
Parker, Dorcas E. 1890 1981 Mother  [Double with James E. Parker]
Parker, James E. [Oct. 16] 1886 [Jan. 4] 1959 Father  [Double with Dorcas E. Parker]
Wilson, Alma G. [Garrenton] May 11, 1915 Aug. 25, 1981  

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