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J. W. Forbes Cemetery
Powells Point, NC

Directions: From US 158 southbound at Fox Knoll Commerce Park make a left onto "Pvt. Fox Knoll Dr.", go to the end of the road and make a left onto "Chase Dr." [dirt road].  On the left appears to be the backside of a nursery and you will see a chain linked fence.  At the beginning of the chain linked fence, make a right onto the dirt field road.  At the "Y" when the road goes off to the left or right, the cemetery is dead ahead in the clump of woods and brush.  At the "Y" take the path to the right until the clump of woods and brush are on your left and proceed directly to it.  Although the cemetery is on the south side, mostly the southwest side, the easiest way to gain access is from the east side about mid way of the woods and brush.
West Side GPS:  36o09.171 N - 75o50.379 W
East Side GPS:  36o09.184 N - 75o50.372 W
Photographed:  October 22, 2006 by Ben Bateman and Judy Brickhouse

Overview Photo 1 & 2
unknown-1     [The base of a tombstone was found but not the top.] [Photo 2 & 3]
unknown-2     [A grave cover, broken into 3 pieces, about 3 foot long appeared to be the grave of a child.] [Photo 2]
unknown-3     [Initially this piece was found near "unknown-4" and could be part of the same grave.] [Photo 2, 3, & 4]
unknown-4     [Only pieces of this grave cover were found but the grave was about 3 foot long and appeared to be the grave of a child.] [Photo 2]
unknown-5     [These pieces were found a short distance from the foot of "unknown-4 and could be part of the same grave.]
unknown-6     [This was found a good distance from the others and appeared to be marking a grave.  The brush was too thick to investigate further.] [Photo 2]
unknown-7     [A ballast rock, not common to the area, appeared to be marking a grave.] [Photo 2]
Forbs, Persilla Etheridge Jan. 28, 1877 Aug. 21, 1896 Daughter of E & M Etheridge - Wife of J. W. Forbs  [Photo 2]

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