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Dudley-O'Neal Cemetery
Barco, NC

This small cemetery sits on the east side of Hwy 168 about 1.5 miles south of Maple Rd. located in a field.  It's located across the hwy from Morris Farm Market.  Photographs were taken by Sallie Abraham in November 2013.

Basnight, John Jefferson Feb. 27, 1862 June 5, 1944 [Son of John Basnight & Penny Dudley of Camden Co., NC]
[see the Mildred Dudley photo album]
Dudley, Agnes Simmons Nov. 11, 1880 Apr. 15, 1958 [Daughter of Henry Simmons & Hettie Cason; married Samuel Dudley, Sr. in 1903]
Dudley, Eva Laurence Nov. 24, 1908 Apr. 29, 1909 [Daughter of Sam & Agnes Simmons Dudley]
Dudley, Roxanna O'Neal Feb. 8, 1870 July 25, 1900 Wife of Sam Dudley

[Roxanna O'Neal, daughter of Simmons & Sarah O'Neal, married Samuel Dudley [Sr.] on Dec. 26, 1889.]

Dudley, Sam June 10, 1862 Mar. 24, 1944 [Son of Jesse & Susan Dudley]

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