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 Edmond Wilson Baum Cemetery
Aydlett, NC

Directions: From US 158 southbound make a left onto Aydlett Road [SR 1140].  When the road bends to the right with a feeder road on the left, take the feeder road.  At the stop sign make a left onto Narrow Shore Road [SR 1137] and go to the very end.  The cemetery is located beside the last home on Narrow Shore Road.  Note:  At times the road to this home is chained off and/or has a sign stating "Private - Keep Out".
GPS:  36o21.043 N - 75o54.915 W ---- Google Maps for this cemetery
Photographed:  January 23, 2006 by Ben Bateman & Judy Brickhouse

Overview Photo
Baum, Alma Wellington [May 15] 1892 [Feb. 19] 1946 [see his death certificate]
Baum, Carrie J. Apr. 5, 1871 Mar. 8, 1937 Mother
Baum, E. W. Oct. 17, 1849 Jan. 26, 1922 Father
Baum, Harriet Eliza Jan. 8, 1856 Mar. 29, 1887 Wife of E. W. Baum
Baum, Infant son May 18, 1889 May 18, 1889 Infant son of E. W. & Carrie Baum

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