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 Josephus Baum Cemetery
Grandy, NC

Directions: From US 158 southbound about .06 mile south of Uncle Graham Road [SR 1128] on the east side of the road.
GPS:  36o13.369 N - 75o52.187 W ---- Google Maps for this cemetery.
Photographed:  April 18, 2006 by Ben Bateman & Judy Brickhouse

Overview Photo
Baum, Ann E. Mar. 25, 1832 Sep. 19, 1867 Wife of Josephus Baum  [close-up]
Baum, Carrie Apr. 2, 1845 Aug. 14, 1914 [Double with Josephus Baum] - Mother
Baum, Elizabeth Aug. 8, 1793 Nov. 6, 1858 Wife of Joseph Baum
Note: Elizabeth Baum, Joseph Baum, and Samuel Boum were buried in a cemetery south of Caffey's Inlet near Duck.  A migrating dune was threatening to bury the cemetery.  In June 1909 Josephus had his brother, Samuel, and his parents exhumed and reinterred in the Josephus Baum family cemetery on the Whitehall farm near Grandy.
Baum, Joseph Oct. 1, 1780 July 22, 1854 [see above note]
Baum, Josephus Sept. 9, 1829 Oct. 2, 1913 [Double with Carrie Baum] - Father
Boum, Samuel  

December 21, 1829

Aged 17 years and 10 months
[see above note]
Everton, Elizabeth Feb. 11, 1804 Feb. 24, 1850 In memory of my beloved Mother  [Photo - 2]
Note: Elizabeth Everton and Capt. M. [Mager] Everton were buried on the west side of US 158 between Aydlett Road [SR1140] and NC 3.  The bodies were never disinterred from this location.  The foot markers for these two tombstones did exist but have sunken below ground.  After the tombstones were broken, they were moved to Milford Josepheus Baum's home at 180 Tabernacle Lane, Aydlett, NC.  After Milford's death [February 15, 2006], the tombstones were moved to the Josephus Baum family cemetery on the Whitehall farm near Grandy.
Everton, Capt. M. Oct. 17, 1806 Feb. 27 1885 Sacred to the memory of my beloved Father
[Photo - 2]  [Photo - 3] [see above note]
Walker, Alice C.   Jan. 26, 1887 Aged 31 years.
Walker, Bessie Dec. 28, 1877   Daughter of Geo. W. & Alice Walker - Aged 5 mo.
White, L. R. Mar. 16, 1854 Sept. 6, 1913 Masonic Emblem [close-up]

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