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Lloyd Linwood Bateman Cemetery
Aydlett, NC

Directions: From US 158 southbound make a left onto Aydlett Road [SR 1140] and follow Aydlett Rd. to Poplar Branch Road [SR 1137].  The cemetery is south of Scaff's Lane [SR 1162] on the east side of the road.
GPS:  36o18.828 N - 75o54.135 W
Photographed:  October 23, 2006 by Ben Bateman and Judy Brickhouse

Overview Photo
Bateman, Bobby 1956 1956 Son of Lloyd [&] Olive [Death Certificate]
Bateman, Elsie [Dec. 29] 1914 [May 10] 1915 Dau. of Lloyd [&] Meddie
[Death Certificate] [different copy of death certificate]
Bateman, Lloyd L. Sr. April [9] 1881 Nov. [18] 1969 [Double with Meddie C. Bateman] [Death Certificate]
Bateman, Meddie C. Oct. [15] 1891 Mar. [21] 1969 [Double with Lloyd L. Bateman Sr.] [Death Certificate]
Bateman, Melvin 1916 1916 Son of Lloyd [&] Meddie
Bateman, Willard [July 22] 1918 [Mar. 24] 1926 Son of Lloyd [&] Meddie - [Enhanced] [Death Certificate]

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